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    I Think He Has Dirt.

    Thursday, February 28 2013
    Abby and Chloe get into a fight, Sami lays a shocker on Nick, and Nicole goes to confession.

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    Posted by Jamgirl1 at Friday, March 01 2013 06:43 AM

    I will be going off shortly to pick up my READING GLASSES.

    I will now be able to read & finally see what i have been writing.

    'JAM LADIES' you made me so hungry, i made {stew peas} with saltfish yesterday ; complete with spinners & Grace soupmix to help thinken & season it up.

    Someone waits in prison counting down the days to March 15th...

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, March 01 2013 07:58 AM

    Jamgirl1, I am hungry again too now...stew peas sounds awesome!!!!

    I have no idea what the bleep is wrong with Daniel! He and Jenn could barely pull away from each other and then he shows up on the scene and holds Chloe tight?! I am so glad Jenn gave him that look like 'are you mental?' I pray that Jenn breaks up with him, he is a FOOL!!!

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 01 2013 09:01 AM

    I am in agreement Engineer Mom. This whole storyline is driving me crazy and I just cannot wrap my head around the drastic change in Chloe's character. Why in the world are all the women in Salem becoming so freakin obsessive and the guys are becoming weaklings that believes anything they hear. Wouldn't you think after the talks Daniel has had with Chloe he would be on to her. It's not like she didn't lie to him before and hid that lie for how long. Jennifer and Daniel are such a cute couple IMO, but I would be writing that off about right now, cause she deserves better than being tormented. Gosh a repeat of Nicole and Daniel.

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, March 01 2013 09:20 AM

    Hello ladies, A busy weekend, tommorow come to visit us , i cleaning up the house and preparing everything, then Sunday is my son who will be celebrating his 6 th birthday.and this sunday is also Grandmother's day as well. yes they celebrate Grandmother's Day here in France. Thank you for the recipe Engineermom for the oxtail , I printed it out , I m going try to fix it one day.

    I still cant believe that Will thinks that is Sami 's fault that Nick want to give up his parental right. and He is willing to give up all his daughter just like that without a fight. I think Will blame everything on Sami and yes she might be implusive ,something say or do things without consider others feeling. Will use to be so strong and smart. I know he blame his screw up life of Sami but he become this weak guy

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Friday, March 01 2013 09:56 AM

    I just have to say: Not only is Greg Vaughan (Eric) very handsome but I sure do like his voice! Sound weird? Sorry if it does but I just like to listen to him!!

    Posted by Jamgirl1 at Friday, March 01 2013 09:58 AM

    Sleepcat: I agree - Will should stop blaming Sammi. He must see that 'NIT' is pure EVIL.

    25yrsOD: Do hope you get better soon. We get four seasons per day in London. I use Bay-Rum from Jamaica excellent.
    For cough, lime & honey; add a little w-rum to yours. wrks really well. 4 wks to long to be suffering.
    I will definitely keep writing. Thanks

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Friday, March 01 2013 10:21 AM

    Just being nit-picky here but -- it is bugging me the way Nick comes out of Gabi’s room, slamming the door, and then he says she’s sleeping! H-E-L-L-O, I don’t think anyone could sleep through you slamming the dang door! Sheesh!!!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, March 01 2013 10:40 AM

    OMG ChiSox1, I thought the SAME thing!!!!!

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, March 01 2013 11:16 AM

    Jamgirl1 - talking about food, I long to have some sweet potatoes pudding.... (my hubby hate sweet potatoes) , and coconuts drops.... France have lots of tasty pastries but I miss our Jamaica's cake. I love the homemade christmas rum cake... I dont like the commercial ones I find it's too dry and tough... When my cousin make her rum cake , is so moist and tasty... also Bulla cakes and pear... with Carrot juice !!! yummm yumm

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, March 01 2013 11:24 AM

    Too funny ChiSox1, but the ol boy does make a lot of noise for someone that wants to take such good care of Gabi. I am sure springisnear would say he sucks snot too loud too. By the way spring did you hear him sucking snot I believe it was yesterdays, when he came out of the same hospital room that everyone is in that goes to that hospital and really funny how it has a side door too. Never seen that around here, but oh well. Nick is a jerk wad, IMO. I know you love him ceelo and that is ok.

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