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    A Line In The Sand.

    Thursday, February 21 2013
    Daniel hears Jennifer out, Gabi suffers a crisis, and Eric hugs Nicole.

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    Posted by breathtaking at Friday, February 22 2013 02:33 AM

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, February 20 2013 08:45 AM

    And oh, I'm sorry, did my eyes play tricks on me yesterday? Was that a random Rate back in bed scene? Did I miss what led up to that, or was that a flashback? Didn't look much like a flashback to me now JESUS!

    That was what I was thinking it might be a flashback, these two do not need to get back together.

    Posted by breathtaking at Friday, February 22 2013 02:35 AM

    I am hoping that the guy they showed the other day puts Nick in his place and he leaves the show. Have never really been a fan of him and defintiely not this time around, conniving JERK

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, February 22 2013 02:40 AM

    Abby said I cant believe how far Chloe will go to Get Daniel. She forgot about what she did to Carrie, She lied about Austin slept with her and try to break up to Carrie and Austin. Making Austin think he cheated on Carried and follow them to their Ski lodgement because she thought Austin is the man for her even though Carrie and Austin are soulmates and gone hell to be husband and wife after what Sami put them through. she was determine to do what she had to , she had her girly Crush believing Austin love her , Austin only think of her as a little Sister and she refuse to listen , So yes Abby , you should understand Chloe .

    Posted by breathtaking at Friday, February 22 2013 02:49 AM

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Thursday, February 21 2013 02:34 PM

    Hi to all, ok I have a question or two..the other day I saw Nicole hugging a little girl, was the little girl Sydney the same one that's been playing the part or what?
    Ok, now, why is Nick always referring Will's baby as 'our baby' when he's not the father at all, he didn't even know Gabi was prego til a while after he'd known her

    This is the current Sydney, she was cute when she told nicole you are squeezing me to tight.

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, February 22 2013 02:53 AM

    Jenn should know Even her sweet Abby did the same thing to Carrie and Austin. so even a perfect sweet perfect girl will become a manipulative biich to get what she think is hers. Until is too late, Until everyone get hurts in the pocesse. Chloe will not take no for answer until either Daniel or Parker got hurt to wake up realise she is in dreamland. She believe everyone is wrong. She is not listening to what Daniel saying to her. She just want to her man and being the perfect little family and most of time when she finally get it and she will be happy for a little while and she dont want it, she will throw it away again. She will continue to be that insecure person that she is now and believe Daniel will cheat on her and be paranoid . Parker will be the one who will suffer .

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, February 22 2013 03:50 AM

    Jenn can be a little too pushy sometime. Like when she was being Abe's Campagne manager for Mayor. she was thinking Abe's should play dirty and lied to Lexi and finally she got Abe's in deep trouble . she is now doing it with Daniel. is not her place to tell to Daniel that he should cut all contacts with Chloe. She let Daniel know how Chloe is playing and being manipulative already. Then is up to Daniel to til with Chloe. She think Daniel is too naive when it comes to Chloe and Nicole. and is telling what Daniel what he need to do. Jenn sound like a protective Mother Daniel. she is overstepping. if Daniel want to be like that, let him clean up his mess and make is choice and his mistake. Jenn need to walk away from Daniel if she cant deal with it. so Daniel want to be naive , let him make his mistake, you dont need to hold his hand like a little boy.

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, February 22 2013 04:04 AM

    Daniel is right, Jenn What if I tell that you should cut all contact with Jack . Jenn is putting Daniel on the spot." oh it not the same thing. " Yes is the same thing. you are doing what you said Chloe is doing. you only want to hear what you want. Jenn should have tell Daniel She cant be with him because Chloe is always going to in the middle to come between us by using Parker . Chloe is always in the picture. yes Daniel will always need to deal with Daniel because she is the mother of his Child but is up to Daniel if he will let Chloe manipulate him or not . too put Chloe on her place. When jenn said Daniel should have no contact with Chloe. That is being "controlling" , that make you no better than Chloe... Jenn!

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, February 22 2013 04:14 AM

    Good Morning everyone,

    Oh where to start. First off I want to say I am so loving all the different opinions regarding the characters on our show. We have those that love Sami, and we have those that hate Sami or maybe hate is a harsh word, so despises and that goes for Gabi, Chloe, Daniel, Lucas, Jenn, Abigail, EJ, Nicole, Rafe and everyone else remaining in Salem right now. There are times I laugh at the comments for and against. With that being said, I will start with the paternity test, I have a funny feeling this is more than just that Nick and Gabi may get married and his name goes on the birth certificate. We all know there can never be a baby conceived in Salem that they know 100 percent who the father is so I am thinking they are going to pull something out of the hat that we would not be expecting , like the baby is not really Will’s but maybe Nick’s or who knows Chad, Andrew. Remember Gabi was at one time staying in Chad’s apartment, then there was Andrew sooooooooooo IMO anything could come from this. Now as far as Sami is concerned I am not sure her intentions have anything to do with protecting anyone but just throwing her weight around and running her mouth as she does so well. Sami is one of those people that likes to be controlling and she does not consider anyone else’s feelings. I was so so happy to see Will stand up to her again. This is the stronger Will that has been missing in action. I understand Will is Sami’s son, but sometimes you have to let your children spread their wings and they will fall and get their bumps and bruises, but after they will stand again usually stronger, unless it is Brady. LOL.

    I am glad that Maggie has got Chloe pinned and I am not sure if Chloe can handle the wrath of Maggie when pushed in a corner. I just despise the lying, conniving Chloe. Her acting abilities really seem to lack when she tries portraying a wicked person. Chloe may want to watch her back when scheming with Anne. I think she will throw Chloe under the bus because I think she too has a thing for Daniel. Jenn was out of line to demand Daniel never see Chloe, but IMO she was not out of line to tell him what she is up to. JorJayMom said it good, they should have send Chloe back as a stronger, more stable woman that you could say was a good mom hanging on the arms of a gorgeous man, not acting like a teenaged lost little girl. I really had to laugh at her last night or the night before because I thought to myself, how old are you and why are you acting like a 14 year old trying to get the football player to pay attention to you. Personally I think we could see a good love story with Daniel and Jenn and IMO there is chemistry there, but as usual it probably won’t happen. Plus I don’t have a problem with Jennifer being boring, which I don’t think she is, at least she is not showing her a#$ all the time with skimpy clothes and personally I think she dresses for her age.

    Loved the scenes between Rafe and Nicole and I would so rather see them together than Nicole and Eric, I just don’t see any chemistry at all there. Now when they were younger and first started dating I totally pulled for them, but those days are past. I too wish the writers would stay away from the Rate thing, still trying to figure out where the heck that came from and have a Ricole storyline. Anyone that has the pleasure of acting in scenes with Nicole will become awesome usually. She seems to bring things out in people.

    I guess that is about it for now since we really only had those storylines for the better part of this week. Let’s shout out a big yay for Days, it seems to be at least worth tuning in for now. I know I was pretty upset because in the last two weeks my recording devices have failed me and I missed quite a few episodes, was not a happy camper. Oh, before I forget I also wanted to say I was glad Jenn wasn’t such a goody two shoes and did not back down from Chloe and now has Chloe a little bit afraid. Jenn should listen to Nicole this time, she has been around the block a few times and rode the bulls.

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, February 22 2013 05:27 AM

    lol Anne is so transparent. " Chloe you trade the big Mansion with Servants for This little cozy place..." bearigan, you are right like you said " she will definetly throw chloe under the bus if she need to save he

    Posted by sleecats at Friday, February 22 2013 05:32 AM

    the site jumps , I not finish what i m writing. Anne definitely throw Chloe under the bus if she need to save herself when Jenn expose Anne as the accomplice to break up Daniel and Jenn because Anne hate and Jealous of Jenn. I dont think she like Daniel, she like his Status and all Anne want is the High Authorite around the hospital , she is just like Nancy. That is why Anne is such good Friend with Nancy .

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