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    Delusional Fog.

    Wednesday, February 20 2013
    Chloe and Jenn face-off, Julie confronts Sami, and Eric's in danger.

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    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, February 20 2013 06:15 PM

    Cityhunter...I'm glad you set the record straight....
    I've always said Dr. Nightmare was full of crapola
    and thought he was all that...but...the women of
    Salem are pretty dense when it comes to guys...take
    a look at nick and gabi...after you peek at the dr..
    Any of those women could do so much better!!

    And what is Julia going to do...switch the blood that game still being played here....
    and now we see this baby will survive...but Nicole
    cannot have one!! DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!

    And when did it get to be WRONG for an ex to hug
    a child that knew them as mom/dad??? WHAT!! When
    did that law come into play??? And why when one
    gets a parent has to throw the other
    one under the bus to the children!!! Why can't there
    be harmony in a divorce and let the children still
    enjoy both parents...All of that other crapola doesn't
    mix with water!!! Of course Nicole and Rafe can hug
    those children....what is the big deal!!

    Thank God I knew how to be nice when things went south!!
    At the end of the feel so much better and find is good!!! Why does anyone feel they need to
    destroy when things don't work out!! Its beyond me and
    my vivid imagination!!

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, February 20 2013 09:11 PM

    I am really hating Sami now.She needs to butt out of Will's life.I hope Nick doesn't hurt Will or Sonny.I hope the baby is okay when she gets to the hospital.As what is going on between Daniel,Jenn and Chloe may the best gal win.

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 10:56 PM

    Cityhunter Poor Chloe, Daniel didnt understand his insecure wife, so I m going to get drunk and slept with "PHILIP his son in law who you said he FORGAVE ...... lol . Oh Melanie , my daughter , I cant have a relationship with my own daughter that i just found out after 20 years lool because Chloe is so insecure, already his son in law PHILIP was Chloe was upon a time her great love ....... lol I know that chloe was a victim to Vivian and Kate try to kill her and her chance of not her baby make her need to cheat on Daniel. lol Daniel make want to cheat ... so he is guilty, is so justify lol

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 10:59 PM

    Cityhunter, Then Chloe should stay away from Daniel then, why does she want him when is so horrible to her... leave Daniel alone.... lol

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:20 PM

    Cityhunter.... yes Chloe was a victim to Kate who couldnt stand her being in of her sons lives "PHILIP & LUCAS and try to kill her and do all these terrible things on . Then she so HAPPEN to cheated on LUCAS OOPS DANIEL WHO HAPPEN TO BE Kate ex-lover who was her granddaughters boyfriend at one time. I can see why Kate take out her claws. no that is no excuse of Kate to be so evil to Chloe. but what I dont get why Daniel get blame for what the others did to Chloe.....

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 11:29 PM

    Chloe is a Good Mother to Parker , Parker seems to be well care for and a happy child , she just need to stop dress so slutty and being so Manipilative biichy and talking to Parker a 2 year old who dont need to hear from mommy how she is to scheme and get Daddy to get daddy back. Chloe can be the sweet kind girl she was. only if she stop feeling sorry for herself and felt that is owe to . Be the strong and Independent Chloe we once known when just came to Salem.

    Posted by cityhunter at Thursday, February 21 2013 03:46 AM


    Get your facts straight

    1)Chloe was his fiancé not his wife when the drunken ons happened

    2)Chloe’s insecurities didn’t come out from nowhere,weren’t just in her head.Daniel created them and increased them.His behavior destroyed the trust Chloe had in him.Daniel fialed her when she most neede him.You seem to dismiss the fact that Chloe was going through a hysterical pregnancy and just had the news that she would never get pregnant again.She should have been his priority yet his ex,Carly was.

    Chloe didn’t decide to get drunk and have revence/comfort sex.Chloe went home, alone, heartbroken and devastated thinking that her fiancé dumped her for his ex.She drank,home alone.It was Philip who showed up ,drunk,and hit on her.

    4)Melanie was cheating on her husband, Daniel was emotionally cheating on Chloe.Their behavior created that mess yet both put all the blame on Chloe and acted like poor blameless innocent victims

    5)The real Chloe wouldn’t have given a 2nd thought to someone like Daniel.But just like every single character on this show,they dismiss Daniel’s unacceptable behavior and try to make us believe that it was all Chloe’s fault,that he was the perfect fiancé who got unfairly hurt.When the facts shown onscreen showed quit the opposite.He’s the one who almost destroyed Chloe.

    6) Kate hates Chloe because the men In her life went after Chloe? Philip is the one who treated Chloe like crap in HS until she revealed her beauty, who used her as friend with benefits yet Chhloe is the one who broke his heart? Lucas used her as rebound after seeing EJ and Sami in bed together but Chloe broke his heart? Daniel lies to her,fails her emotionally cheats on her but Chloe broke his heart? None of these so called men loved her.They all used her and played victim when it backfired because their huge ego couldn’t take it.

    7)Daniel gets blamed for the way he treated Chloe since her hysterical pregnancy.I don’t think that anyone blamed him for Kate trying to kill her.But I sure blame him for Vivian setting Chloe up.His behavior allowed Vivian to set her up.Chloe came to him with her insecurities,confronted him.He got angry,defended his ex and walked out on Chloe RIGHT IN FRONT OF VIVIAN.

    The only man Chloe cheated on is Lucas.Daniel? Given that she was actually convinced that it was over between them and had every reason to think so, she sure didn’t cheat and didn’t owe him any loyalty.His was with his ex while Chloe was going through hell, by herself,with no one by her side.

    9)Chloe had no problem with Daniel bonding with Melanie.But I guess you missed the Part where she offered him to bring Melanie home so that they bond.But he didn’t.Her problem was his behavior with his ex.And any normal woman would have a problem with such behavior.

    9)Philip was never Chloe’s great love.Pjilip was he highscool crush.Bradyu was her first love,first man,first hisband and great love.

    10)Chloe thinks that she should give her kid the family she never had,But hopefully she will see soon that Daniel is a poison,will finally see his true colors and realize that her kid and her are better off without him.She’s too good for him.But I WANT TO SEE HIM PAY, SUFFER, GET A TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDECINE,B ROUGHT DOWN FROM HIS PEDESTAL AND I’m hoping that Chloe will be the one to do it.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, February 21 2013 05:41 AM

    I remember Carly finding out about Chloe and Phillip and asking Chloe to be truthful with Daniel and she wanted Carly to keep the secret as well. Carly did keep the secret from Daniel and was thrown under the bus. I certainly don't agree with everything Daniel does or does not do or Chloe either for that matter but I think they are equally guilty of wrong doing. It still does not make it right for either to scheme and manipulate. Most generally it backfires sooner or later for anyone on the show that schemes and manipulates, but they do not seem to learn. These are just my opinions and still respect the opinions of all our posters. In all honesty, I am so excited reading the different opinions and debates on here. That tells me we are enjoying the show for some reason or another and we all have our favorites. Sometimes we bash our favorites and sometimes we love them, but no matter what we keep watching.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, February 21 2013 05:49 AM

    The thing that bothers me most about Chloe is they have changed her character so much. I think we all were in love with Chloe and Brady and the writers actually wrote a true love story for them. They were so beautiful together and so in love, probably the only time either of them were really in love. They wanted only one thing and that was to be together and got through many struggles and rode off in the sunset towards what we all thought would be a lasting relationship. So what the writers did when they brought her back and shortly after Brady, to their characters stink. I find it really odd that Brady went so far as becoming an addict in any way or Chloe feeling the need to take any blame for that. If we could have the Chloe\Brady back that we had then, I would say a big yipppeee. Who wouldn't love a love story like they had a few years back. Now they write Brady as a weak guy that falls for any woman that looks at him, and Chloe that feels the need to scheme and manipulate and really why would she want Daniel back. I just want our original Chloe and Brady back, true to the characters they once were.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, February 21 2013 05:51 AM

    Plus there was so much chemistry between Chloe and Brady, but that was Kyle Lowder and probably why Nicole wanted him on the show, maybe because he is her husband and father of her child. But I still think this Brady and Chloe could have chemistry too.

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