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    Delusional Fog.

    Wednesday, February 20 2013
    Chloe and Jenn face-off, Julie confronts Sami, and Eric's in danger.

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    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:22 PM

    you know I can understand a little a bit why Lucas hate Daniel so much, Daniel slepted with almost all the female members of his family Kate, chelsea, Jenn, ( Billie was attracted to Daniel) his ex ,chloe. Well, when Allie become a teenager, i m sure he will have a restraining order for Daniel to protect Allie lool.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:23 PM

    ChiSox1...Golly..Thanks...I was thinking jennifer and
    that maybe that was why she was looking not so good
    lately!! Yep..I remember now...guess I had one of
    those brain fogs:))....................thanks again!!:)

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:31 PM

    you know we also hear about kayla's little boy but we never get to see him on. and what is the story with Kayla & Abe. I Know kayla is very supportive with Abe after Lexi die , and we know that she is getting a divorce with Steve. I wonder if they will put abe and kayla together romance a little , then have Steve come back to reclaim Kayla he want her back he contracted a disease and he is dying and kayla will fall in love back with steve leaving Abe heartborken . the writer always like to do that.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:34 PM

    But anyway...I don't see what the attraction is with
    the doctor.............he has bedded down all of his
    patients.............of course...I don't think there
    has been a male patient in the hospital under his

    And they always seem to make Lucas look dumb...when
    he is not....and Brady...just made him a horney frog
    jumping from lily to lily pad!!!! That boy has
    to be tired!!! Unless he too takes his two horses
    out of their trailer to pull him out of the mud!!
    HA! And then the lights come on in the house!!!

    Posted by ChiSox1 at Wednesday, February 20 2013 02:39 PM

    sleecats: Way too funny about Lucas having a restraining order against Daniel when Allie becomes a teenager! She’ll have to first be a patient of Dr. Dan the Party Man! LOLOLOL!!!!

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 03:00 PM

    ChiSox1, Thanks, glad you think that is funny. Brady was really hang up on Nicole long time even though he knows she hurts him. he was just having sex with her like he is doing with Kristen and that that time he was also thinking he was so in love with Nicole. Brady is talking about how he love kristen and he know her more than anybody in this town, I think Brady is confused lust with love . wow, Kristen is really good in bed to brady head like this lol

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 03:05 PM

    typos ... " Kristen must be really good in bed to turn Brady's head like that. the real love I see Brady had was Maddison. Well also when he and Chloe was teenager, and he was there for her when she had cancer . Chloe was Brady first love.

    Posted by condesabays at Wednesday, February 20 2013 03:12 PM

    What a response! As I said before we get whipped around by the writers. Remember, we had the old writers taking characters in one direction and the new writers came in and changed course and THEN, the old writers were back. Geeeesh would it be so bad to ask for smoooooooth course. Of course, this is a soap............ Duh

    Posted by sleecats at Wednesday, February 20 2013 03:18 PM

    do you notice the men love to be with the damsel in distress women. here to the rescue. so maybe the only way Chloe will change her ways if she has Cancer again and that she might die to become the Sweet Chloe she was and that will bring Daniel close to Chloe who is fighting for life. we saw how he was when chloe was beat up in the hospital fighting for her life . so many possiblities.... I can't wait to see Nancy. I love Nancy, she was very hilarious .

    Posted by cityhunter at Wednesday, February 20 2013 05:21 PM


    What did Daniel do to Chloe ? Let’s see;

    -Daniel lied to Chloe about Melanie being his daughter

    -Chloe offered him to bring Melanie home and bond together.It wasn't enough for him

    -Wasn't there for her when she needed him, when she had to deal with the hysterical pregnancy and the news she had only 2% of chances of ever getting pregnant because he was all about Carly

    -Refused to listen to her when she came to him with her insecurities and tried to work things out with him,always defended Carly to Chloe and put Carly before Chloe.

    -Had the nerve to ask Chloe to accept Carly in their home or he'll have to move out with her

    -Lied to her about what he was doing the night of the ons.

    -Didn't believe her when she told him the very next day about the set up

    -Shut her up everytime she tried to tell him about the ons, putting litteraly his finger on her lips to shut her up

    -Made great empty promises he didn't keep.

    Her insecurities weren't unrealistic at all.They were very very justified.And his reaction to the reveal proved Chloe was right all along.He NEVER loved her ,got over her and moved on faster than he can blink.
    Chloe showed signs of PPD long before the reveal, right after she gave birth: The way she was hodling her baby distantly and coldly, how she couldn’t stand his crying, was relying on Daniel to handle him,..among other things but he, as usually, failed to see it because he was too busy with his ex.he caused her to lose her baby when he called CPS.He didn’t have to because Chloe’s PPD wasn’t diagnosed yet.It’s not like Chloe was diagnosed,given the medecine and refused the help.
    Love is not just in bed and words:You can have sex with anyone.All you need is to be attracted to someone.It means nothing.You can make all kind of wonderfull promises.But if you don't keep them they mean nothing.Daniel can "love" only in bed.Out of bed he sucks.And in order to get you in his bed,he makes all kind of wonderful promises,that, of course, he never keeps once he's out of bed.

    You need to prove your love and Daniel failed at proving his love for Chloe.Chloe proved her love for him.It was only when she thought she lost him,it's over between them that,devastated, she had a drunken ons.Since Daniel there was no other man for Chloe.She didn't sleep with Philip because she had feelings for him but because she was DRUNK and devastated.And when she was with Quinn she said Daniel's name.

    .He proved he NEVER loved her and coudn't care less if she lived or died.If he had loved her 1/4 of the 1/8 he claimed to love her,he would have forgiven her in a heartbeat given the circumstances.But he couldn't get rid fast enough rid of her and Parker to move, onto his next love of his life.That's how heartless ,cruel and hypocrite he is.

    I wonder how Daniel would have reacted if it was Chloe wanting to help one of her exes,asking him to accept him in their home or she’ll have to move out with him? He wouldn’t have taken it at all. He’s such a hypocrite. He’s a heartless jerk.

    You don't lie to the woman you claim is your soulmate about your new found child.You don't turn your back to the woman you claim is your soulmate when she most needs you.You don't put your ex before the woman you claim is your soulmate.You don't get angry and walk out onthe woman you claim is your soulmate when she comes to you with her insecurities,when she's honest with you about the way she feels about your ex.....and that was before the ons...

    Now, you don't be all over your ex when the woman you claim is your soulmate is going through a VERY SEVERE PPD.You don't react as cold as ice when the woman you claim is your soulmate tries to kill herself.You don't call CPS when the woman you claim to be your soulmate goes through a very severe PPD that you failed to diagnose because you couldn't care less and cause her to lose her child You don't get over the woman you claim is your soulmate in less than a week and move onto someone else without looking back,...

    And finally, Daniel cheated on and with every single woman he's been with, forgave Carly for waiting 20 years to tell him that they have a kid together, Kate for trying to murder Chloe and framing him for it, for trying to murder him, Philip for cheating on Melanie, Melanie for cheating on Philip, Caroline for switching the results, Stephanie for trying to switch them,......but can't get over his huge ego getting hurt by the druken ons the so called love of his life was manipulated and set up to,knowing that he lied to her,failed her,emotionally chearted on her.that his behavior backfired and that he's no victim, could have avoided all that of he had been there for his fiance when she needed him instead of being all over his ex?
    Daniel wasn’t devastated. Daniel was releaved. I’ll never forget when Chloe tried to talk to him the next day of the revealed and he told her:” We’re over since a very long time”..That’s the truth. Chloe and Daniel were still together since the hysterical pregnancy only by name. Daniel was all about his new found family, Chloe was left alone to deal with her hysterical pregnancy and the news that she will probably never get pregnant again.

    In less than 3 years,from november 2007 till she left in 2011,Chloe was:
    Framed for murder and blamed for Brady's addiction by Victor
    Used as friend with benefits by Philip who also pplayed right into his mother's hands and took her baby from her
    Uased as rebound by Lucas
    Groped and told it was all in her head,harrassed ,lied to,failed,cheated on and dumped by Daniel
    Kate tried to kill her twice,to get her kill herself and paid Quinn to set her up and blackmail her into prostituion
    Harassed and blackmailed by Carly
    Manipulated and set up by Vivian
    KIcked while down by everyone

    But she’s the bad guy? BS

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