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    Can You Spell Delusional?

    Tuesday, February 05 2013
    Brady and Sami go at it, Kristen's turned down a second time, and Abby and Cam start over.

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    Posted by everlena1973 at Tuesday, February 05 2013 01:31 PM

    I'm at work too.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Tuesday, February 05 2013 01:38 PM

    We are a bunch of little sneakers and she lives in the polar ice caps somewhere...JK

    Posted by makesmehappy at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:11 PM

    Hey there!
    I’m still here too! Just under great work stress and a hectic schedule like I’ve not been through in years!!
    Fortunately, last week I came home to those beautiful shows every night and more particularly to Sami’s confession. I was in tears because it was so nicely scripted and so brilliantly played by miss Alison and mr James...

    It would be absolutely ridiculous to let slip how many times I watched those two episodes this past week-end You all know how «EJaminized» I am: I could write a whole book on the subject!!

    I’ll just say that I was completely overwhelmed with Samantha's honesty and vulnerability. This was even better than I had imagined. Samantha doing the talking was exactly what needed to be done. EJ had done enough of that.

    So why was I crying?

    First, because that day Samantha came THIS close to losing EJ for good. After his conversation with Rafe and after what Chad admitted to him about the wedding day, EJ seemed truly finished with her. For the last year, he has been there for her, showing support, friendship, comfort and a listening ear. And more than ever, she was taking everything for granted. I would have understood if he had decided to not even go meet her at her place that night...

    Then I cried because Samantha admitted to so many things: the yoyo game she was playing, the pressure of family approval, the need to make the right choice (for who?), her knowing from Day one they belonged together, her fear of how he made her feel, the fact that whatever they said or did to each other, it always came back to him. Most of all, hearing her say with such intensity that she was going to be patient and not go anywhere did it for me...

    I cried that EJ was speechless... Like he couldn't wrap his head around those words... «Was it for real?» he must have thought... James Scott was at his best and he hadn’t even spoken a word yet!! Thank God for those eyes, and all the body language that did the talking for him. There is no one like him on this show.

    When after what seemed like the longest silence, EJ came closer, leaned his forehead to hers and forgave her with a smile, it was Niagara Falls in my living room!!

    I enjoyed all this awkwardness that was mostly coming from EJ, after Rafe left. It was perfect to portray EJ as being unsure and even frightened still... If he had been arrogant about it or too sure of himself, it would not have made any sense, IMO. Showing Samantha as being understanding of his nervousness, apologizing for being stupid and yet acknowledging the fact that if they hadn’t taken all this time, maybe EJ would not have become the man he was meant to be, etc., all that was nicely done.

    I could go on and on... but I’ll spare you, my dear friends!!

    THANK YOU DAYS for this wonderful script, the beautiful directing and most of all, the incredible talent of two actors you’d almost swear were living this story for real!!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:20 PM

    makesmehappy, we are always on the same page. My schedule in life is stressing me out so much right now I barely sleep!

    AND I cried like a weeping willow at those scenes! I don't care if it's real or not, I want that kind of undeniable passion and romance in my's the kind of stuff that takes you to the edge, but makes sure you don't drop off! Feel me?!

    I don't care what their past or future is, I am enjoying the present of the present!

    Posted by condesabays at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:29 PM

    Kate will soon be able add COUGAR to her resume......

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:30 PM

    Kate already had cougar on the resume with Daniel Remember he drove her cuckoo for cocoa puffs too! Daniel has something I need to know about...LOLOLOL!

    Posted by condesabays at Tuesday, February 05 2013 02:53 PM

    Wasn't watching then. So sad......

    Posted by Rosieroserson at Tuesday, February 05 2013 05:00 PM

    I truly understand how 'Ejaminized' you are, because I have the same condition!!
    I didn't cry but Was very moved by the way they connected.
    Sami has loved him forever and for once she'd the chance to be on the giving side. EJ both deserved Samantha's love and affection and really needed it. I love when he gives her the chance to florish, and hope they stay together 4 ever!

    Posted by Sunshine1381 at Tuesday, February 05 2013 05:54 PM

    Kate was also with EJ at one time. Can't wait until Nick is exposed for the crazy, homophobic, control freak that he is.

    Posted by kayhan at Tuesday, February 05 2013 06:01 PM

    Not very exciting today. Hopefully. Better tomorrow since Will and Sonny on but going to be sad when Will gives the key back. Wish they would just get this over with and make up already. This is torture for me. Nick is sure being a creep. Wish he would do something to get thrown back into the Slammer and leave Will alone! Not really interested in Dannifer. Abby and Cameron look cute together.

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