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    You And Sami Deserve Each Other.

    Friday, February 01 2013
    EJ and Sami get closer, Jenn and Daniel's romantic night is interrupted, and Will is devastated.

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    Posted by bearigan at Monday, February 04 2013 06:44 AM

    Bashfungirl, you are so right about being entitled to your opinion and I love reading the different opinions because there is always someone that makes me go hmmmmmmmmm. They have a very good point. I did not start out being an Ejami fan at all as most on this board can testify, but anymore I am like just get with one and stay for awhile, plus I do see the chemistry, but I still have times that I wonder do they really love each other, or does one or the other have a motive or both, is it more passion than love because that does not make for a long-lasting relationship, but then again not sure if that is in the stars for Sami or as she has mentioned a few times Karma. I used to so enjoy Safe but when Sami had her grief sex with EJ and Rafe was making eyes at Carrie, Carrie make eyes at Rafe, Carrie and Rafe trying to decide how they felt about one another, Austin being pushed aside I was so over all four of them. See what I don’t understand, Sami tried to do everything in her power to keep EJ from knowing he was Sydney’s father and did not feel like he was a good parent then, then EJ kidnapped Sydney and even went so far as to make it look like she had been killed, so I just think I would have a very hard time if I was either to forgive and move on. They both have been hateful to each other from time to time, so I think that is why I am not sure what they have is love because that is not the kind of things you do to those you love unless you have some major psychological problem. But with all that being said I do enjoy watching them together and scheming.

    I echo your thoughts spring is near, when it comes to the women being independent in Salem. Sometimes I find myself thinking reeeeaaaalllyyy. Chloe IMO needs to be gone already. It seems to me any way every time they bring her back her acting is worse, she becomes less independent, very weak minded and I still don’t understand Daniel telling her she is a good Mom. How in the hell does he know, she just got Parker back, and every time she wants to scheme to try to keep Jen and Dan apart she uses Parker and finds someone to take care of him. That does not qualify as being a good Mom in my mind at all. Plus I wish she would change out of that awful black dress that is way too tight and too short and put something on that would be flattering to her, but I can also say that about Jennifer. I used to really like Chloe but yeah, the writers have totally ruined her character.

    Nick and Gabi a whole nother story and again not really into that story line. Then we have Sami who acts like a child herself when she goes yelling at Gabi for doing the exact same thing she did. IMO they too have ruined any chance of the Gabi character taking hold and as far as Sami always in Gabi face maybe it is because of her feeling some guilt because she has done the same thing with Gabi’s brother no less and knows it will backfire.

    I was sort of glad not to see Kristen and Brady on Friday. Glad to see Maggie put Miss Priss in her place. I tell you what these people have so much nerve that they think it is ok to dog people’s loved ones to their face and think if they get upset that is just wrong.

    OT: Holding hope all is ok with you and yours.

    Have a fantabulous day.

    Posted by iluvdays4ever at Monday, February 04 2013 09:17 AM

    I can understand why some people would not want to see Sami and EJ together, but as an EJami fanatic, I have never in all the years of this back and forth with each other see Sami be that open with EJ about how she feels about him. She has never said that she knew he was the one. I have witness her struggle with her feelings, then push them aside to make the "SAFE" choice. Hopefully this is a new day for EJami. I can also understand EJ being cautious because of the past between those two. Rafe has always been the one to rescue Sami and even cover for her. He did not side with Ari when she had the goods on Sami, so I think he's making up for what he didn't do with his deceased sister. The difference is Gabi is a manipulative liar and Ari just wanted to get to the truth about the matter.

    As an EJami fanatic, I hope it last, but if not, we are so use to that. It wouldn't be the first time EJami's fans hopes were high and then they dropped us like a bad sitcom.

    Laters for now!

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