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    You And Sami Deserve Each Other.

    Friday, February 01 2013
    EJ and Sami get closer, Jenn and Daniel's romantic night is interrupted, and Will is devastated.

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    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Friday, February 01 2013 07:40 PM

    Hi to all, ok, some of you really like Sami and Ej together but not me! I just cna't stand him at all, never could but he seems to be a good actor. I'd rather see her with Rafe any day of the week, or even with Lucas. For me, Sami and Lucas belong more together or her and Rafe but not EJ!

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Friday, February 01 2013 07:45 PM

    Those kissing scenes of sami and EJ almost made me gag, no kidding! I dunno why but that's how I feel. Also didn't feel at all bad now with how they are making Will look so much like some kid, trying to make his mind up, he is getting just a little dull for me.
    Then there's Hope..just too bossy or even secretive when it comes to what's going on with Bo..maybe he has left the show for better things but for me, she is too evasive as to his where-abouts. And no, I can't see her and Rafe together, they are good friends and that's it, just good friends, same as him and Nicole, just good friends.
    If they DO bring in someone new, hope it'll be for Sami coz I am tired of her running between EJ and Rafe and her "choice" for EJ was just....well, imo, she knows he has money and CAN help Will so for that reason i think that's why she had her little speech with him coz I think she knows she needs him for that reason so in her way she's doing that to insure he DOES and WILL help her kid get custody!

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Friday, February 01 2013 07:48 PM

    Didn't really like this Brian guy either, seems too smug to me...don't even like seeing him and Sonny kissing but that's just me, too...never have liked seeing Will and Sonny do that anyway, just don't seem right!
    Was glad today i didn't see Gabi or i could've missed that part but she needs to find a spind and use it on Nick! he is being such a bully and putting a lot of strain on her but blaming it on Sami, again, jmo here.

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Friday, February 01 2013 07:51 PM

    And Chloe needs to find another man for herself, not even try so hard to go after someone that has little to no interest in her...don't like her now but did before even tho she was being picked on by just bout all of em there in town...she has changed too much.
    Enjoy Kate more and more now, she seems to have more heart and hope she does put Nick down!
    I also think if Sami would come around and to her senses, she and Gabi could share so much, being as she is about to become a grammy and Gabi the mom...there is so much potential for the two of them (Sami and Gabi).

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Friday, February 01 2013 07:55 PM

    And yeah, I know, it's only a soap , but sometimes I do get into it have these different opinions but that's what this little comment section is about...we all have our own opinions..just glad we CAN express how we feel bout these different actors and actresses.
    And yes I did see Sonny on the commercial, recognized him right off!

    Posted by bashfungirl_1 at Friday, February 01 2013 08:01 PM

    Also wonder why EJ had that kind of scared look on his face? Like no matter how much he "cares" for Sami, it's usually her that seems not that into him, just someone to have sex with, that's how I'm seeing it...i think Rafe does love her but in a different way. He also loves her kids, too so wonder why that subject hasn't come up in their conversations...we haven't seen much of thse kids lately, just hope's little girl, hmm. heard somewhere where they are replaceing the little girl that always seems so sad alla time, never smiles, so they give most of the talking scenes to the kid that plays the little boy...I kind of forgot how many kids there are on there. Haven't seen much of the guy that was the mayor either, too tired tonite to remember the names, sorry.
    Ok, guess I'm done "ranting".
    Hope all of ya have a good weekend !
    Just remember, this is just my opinion and that's all it is.

    Posted by dedee at Saturday, February 02 2013 07:46 AM

    Wow does Nick realize what he is doing? if he exposes the past about Lucas and Will, he is also exposing EJ. not to mention the whole Brady family and Horton family, What will Julie think of her getting the uglyman out of prison? Nick is so messed up, as he did with Melanie, he is obsessed with Gabi, and just as crazy, he should be in prison, what will Maggie think of that, So Glad Billie left, she was just holding Kate down from doing what she does so good! it is time Kate started poking around watched Nick. she finds out what Nick is up to, she will, destroy him, her and Sami together, would love to see that, not to mention what Ej will do to him, can't wait to see it. Rafe is such a stupid cop, he knows what Nick went to prison for, but yet he is to dumb to see what Nick is up to, and the way he is treating Sami,Ej is the only one standing up for her, love Sami/Ej together, they are awsome together, I lover her devious ways Her and Ej are a great match, and they heat up the screen with their romance, better than a romance novel! how stupid is Brady? I thought he had it there was going to take Marlena's side but kristen once again fooled him, he is like a little teenage school boy, blinded by a sexy body in front of him. Rafe should team up with Hope now that Bo is out of the picture, they make a great pair, Cloe should buzz off and let Danial and jen have their life, want to see Danial and jen together, Dool is getting so hot, LOVE THE SAMI EJ THING, Maybe Chad should expose what Gabi did to Melanie, then her and Nick can do the rest of Nicks time together, why is evryone babing Gabi? Will is the one suffering,again, hope Sami/Ej and kate stick it to Nick and Gabi, Sami is right she has right to her grandchild as well as kate. ohh DOOL IS GETTING SO HOT! CAN'T MISS A DAY OF IT. HATE NICK HE IS SO UGLY, THEY COULD HAGE GOTTEN A MORE HANDSOME GUY FOR GABI, SHE IS SO PRETTY, IT LOOKS LIKE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.LOL.

    Posted by Ariddle1526 at Saturday, February 02 2013 09:52 AM

    Not trying to be mean but i have the hardest time watching the scenes that have Nic in them. He is not very easy on the eyes.

    Posted by condesabays at Saturday, February 02 2013 10:43 AM

    Agree, Ariddle. However, having a pretty face play a creep probably would not work......

    Posted by Rosieroserson at Sunday, February 03 2013 07:52 AM

    I strongly disagree with you, bashfulgirl_1!
    Sami has never in her life and will never choose a man for his money. Just remember what happened after the break up with Rafe. She and the kids didn't have anywhere to live. She was prepared to live out of the back of her car, when EJ saved her. He gave her a full furnished apartment, and she was very grateful. Almost immediately after moving in, she jumped into Lucas' arms. If she was a golddigger, she'd go after Elvis Dimera. I think Sami has shown over and over again that she wants to take care of herself and her kids financially. She knows it and Elvis knows it!

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