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    You And Sami Deserve Each Other.

    Friday, February 01 2013
    EJ and Sami get closer, Jenn and Daniel's romantic night is interrupted, and Will is devastated.

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    At her place, Sami begs for a chance with EJ. He goes to her with a kiss. They grab at each other and the kiss deepens... just as Rafe pounds on the door. Eventually, they answer and Rafe warns Sami to stay away from his sister. Sami was defending her son's rights but agrees to be more respectful. EJ follows Rafe out and Rafe congratulates him on coming in second. EJ taunts Rafe but Rafe doesn't care. "You and Sami deserve each other." EJ heads in and Sami expresses worry for her son. EJ starts discussing Will's case and Sami worries he doesn't want her. He has for the last six years but is waiting for the other shoe to drop... someone to interrupt. They realize there's nothing in their way now and are petrified. They kiss. She's sorry she wasted so much time and calls him the man he was meant to be. Maybe he couldn't have done that if he had been with her? He counters that he may have done that "in hopes of you." She asks him to stay. They snuggle on the sofa and kiss.

    Hope goes to Jennifer's for sleeping bags for Ciara. She spots luggage and Jenn gushes that she and Daniel are going away together. Hope's glad to hear Chloe's tricks are not working. Jenn says she has learned not to take time for granted. Hope unzips her dress a little, thinking she needs to loosen up. Hope leaves, Jenn zips up and Daniel picks her up.

    At Victor's, Chloe's not happy to hear that Daniel and Jenn are slipping away overnight. He hands her an emergency phone number. Chloe buys time by dredging up the prostitution and the suicide attempt. He tells her to leave it in the past. All that matters is Parker. Chloe tries to plant doubt in his mind about moving too fast with Jenn but he reassures Chloe that they've known each other a long time. He goes and bumps into Maggie on the way out and he hopes he's not such a stranger to Parker soon. He leaves and Chloe picks on Jenn until Maggie puts a stop to it.

    Will arrives at the locked cafe just in time to see Brian making out with Sonny. Will hides but Brian sees him as he and Sonny set out for someplace more private.

    Will wanders through the square glum and Justin spots him. He's off to see Sonny but Will says he's not there and he doesn't know where he is. Justin asks how he's holding up. Will reminisces about how great Christmas was and gets into keeping the secret about the baby. Justin thinks back to Nick wanting to prove Will unfit as a father and asks if he has a good custody lawyer. Will says EJ has someone on retainer for him, which makes Justin happy.

    Sonny and Brian drink wine at Brian's. He finds it sexy that Sonny's always known who he is. Sonny compliments that Brian's always been confident. Brian puts on some music. He has waited a very long time for Sonny. They start to kiss and end up on the bed but Sonny can't follow through. It'd just be sex and he needs more time. They kiss and Brian walks Sonny out.

    Jenn and Daniel arrive at their hotel and start making out.

    Justin finds Sonny at the cafe. Sonny says everything in his life is perfect yet everything feels screwed up. "Because you don't have Will," Justin adds. He talks about the reasons people lie and talks up how Will was willing to give up rights for the child - does Sonny know the reason?

    After watching Will inside the pub, Brian walks in. He knows Will saw him with Sonny and insinuates that he and Sonny had sex.

    Rafe and Hope sit in her office discussing his visit with Sami. He tells her it's over. They're done. Hope doubts EJ and Sami can last but Rafe thinks they're perfect for each other. Hope muses that before the wedding, Sami said her heart belonged to Rafe. Rafe doesn't think she has one.

    Back at the mansion, Chloe gets an idea on how to interrupt Daniel's evening.

    In their hotel room, Daniel and Jenn are close to making love when Chloe calls in hysterics.

    Sneak peek!

    Kristen proposes to Brady.

    Nick plots.

    EJ and Sami make love.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by huntah at Friday, February 01 2013 11:18 AM

    Buh-bye Rafe

    Another awesome episode today. Flawless.

    Posted by tariro at Friday, February 01 2013 11:32 AM

    Rafe gets worse with each episode going on like a kid in the playground about EJ coming in 2nd,dude go ask Lucas ,EJ isn't 2nd place because it wasn't a competition ,EJ is just the last man standing when it comes to Sami cause he is the only guy man enough to deal with Sami Brady and no matter whats gone before the hance to bulid a life with the woman you love and your kids can't be taken lightly, it may have been about coming first for Rafe but for Ej it was always about family and being with Sami-guess Rafe can go soothe his ego with this!

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Friday, February 01 2013 11:33 AM

    YAY!!! Finally Sami & EJ are back where they belong! And PLEASE end this Chloe going after Daniel thing. It is WAY too soon to keep messing with Jenn & Daniel.
    Chloe needs to remember where she started and how people treated her. So really hate what they have done to her.

    Anyhow, Happy Super Bowl everyone!!! Stay safe!!!

    Posted by sharon n nick 4eva at Friday, February 01 2013 11:57 AM

    It's time for rafe to move on!

    and get a life!

    Posted by kayhan at Friday, February 01 2013 12:02 PM

    Glad Sonny did not sleep with Brian but of course Will thinks he did thanks to Brian's lie. Hope Sonny and Will can work through this soon. Good riddance Brian - get lost. Sami chose EJ. Daniel and Jennifer together too. Will Chloe get her way and cause Daniel to cut the night short? Hmmm.

    Posted by Trini gal at Friday, February 01 2013 12:17 PM

    Yes finally, EJ and Sammy are back together where they belong and I hope the writers make them the next power couple on the show. I am looking forward to some delicious plots with sammy and EJ working together, what fun that will be!

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, February 01 2013 12:27 PM

    bring back Carrie for Rafe and he will be saying Samantha, who?!

    Ejami so magic!!!!

    Posted by smugrobin at Friday, February 01 2013 12:27 PM

    I hope they keep Sami & EJ together - they belong together!!

    Posted by Spring is near at Friday, February 01 2013 12:44 PM

    Happy day all! I really don't think Sami and EJ will last, they never do, although I think EJ is best for her. Can't wait for Sonny to find out Brian lied about having sex with him to Will. Do you ever notice how Chloe is ALWAYS bringing up her past and the "victim" role and everyone including Daniel is telling her to leave it in the past? She is always seeking sympathy, or playing everyone, except Maggie. Go Maggie! I like Rafe and can see him with Nicole but not Sami so much. Can't see Nicole with Eric AT ALL! Hope not. And Kristen yesterday playing Brady, which is not difficult, LOL, anyone can play a rock, more molecules in a rock than Brady, anyways, Kristen said she didn't tell Brady the truth about the torn note because it would make Marlena look bad. Amazing how she can twist the truth. And NO woman on this show works except Jenn and Kate, from what I can see. The rest are all sooooooooooo needy. Frontierswomen were more independent than the ones on soaps. All they do is wear way too tight dresses, show too much up front and bat their eyelashes and moan and groan about the past and all the bad that's happened to them. Are there no independent women left on soaps? More later.

    Posted by condesabays at Friday, February 01 2013 02:17 PM

    I thought the writers did a great job with Ej and Sami on Thursday. Today, not so much. EJ flashed a couple of strange facial expressions when dealing with Rafe and Sami, too. Makes me go "hmmmmm".
    I can live with the fact of EJAMI again. But, realistically how long can it last? It has been rumored that Stefano is returning. Could that throw a monkey wrench in this on again relationship. I am having an uneasy feeling about all of this; i.e. just as a leopard cannot change his spots.......

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