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    We See All. We Know All.

    Thursday, January 17 2013
    Jenn and Kate have it out, Brady finds something puzzling, and John hears something shocking.

    While at the square, Chloe yells that Kate Roberts is evil and Daniel doesn't know the half of it. He'd like to hear what Kate did to her but she clams up. Daniel points out that Parker loves her and needs stability. Chloe's about to tell him the truth about Kate when Daniel spots Maggie and strolls over with Parker. Chloe starts thinking it's not such a bad idea to let Kate in Parker's life. She has to think of a better way to play this. Daniel returns without Parker. Chloe hands over Parker's 'choo choo'. She agrees to allow Kate in her son's life on a limited basis because she trusts Daniel who was always her better half. They touch hands when she hands the choo choo over.

    Jenn drags Kate into her office. How does she know Chloe was a prostitute? Kate reminds her she was married into the DiMera clan. "We see all. We know all." Jenn thinks Parker looks very happy. Kate just wants to help Parker and asks Jenn to help protect both him and Daniel. It's not her place to say anything to Daniel about what happened two years ago Jenn tells her - it's old news. Kate assures her that Chloe's after Daniel. Kate makes disparaging remarks about Jenn and then Chloe and thinks Daniel will choose the one who knows how to push his buttons - Chloe. Jenn throws her out and then runs off.

    Nicole finds Brady at the pub and comments on his appearance. She should see the other guy! John walks in, turns around and walks back out. Brady changes the subject to Chloe and they discuss Parker being Daniel's son. Brady assumes this was hard on Nicole. She's down on herself for hoping for something with Daniel but he'll be a great father.

    Marlena heads into Kristen's room to get everything in the open and on record. Kristen picks off lint from Marlena's bug. Before they can get into it, Roman arrives and Marlena gets rid of him. He takes the hint and will return to talk to Kristen later. Once he's gone, Kristen surprises Marlena by talking about fighting the pull she and Brady had for each other. Marlena accuses her of getting back at John by dating Brady but Kristen denies it and taunts Marlena about being happy she was in Brady's bed and not John's. Marlena knows she's getting nowhere. Kristen writes a note: "I know what you're doing," and holds it up. Marlena gapes and leaves. Kristen tears the note up.

    Brady bumps into Daniel at the square. Daniel doesn't judge Brady for dating Kristen but is surprised Jenn knew. Jenn runs over and interrupts as Brady leaves. They discuss the secret and Daniel understands Jenn was keeping a friend's confidence. She starts to tell him about her talk with Kate.

    Chloe meets Nicole at the rectory. Nicole's trying on a nun's headpiece wondering how they do it. Chloe mentions being with Daniel and Parker but Nicole doesn't like it and reminds her of the last time they fell for the same guy. Chloe recalls Nicole giving her the flesh eating virus. Nicole admits she slept with Daniel. "You bitch," Chloe mutters. Daniel was hers! Nicole thought Chloe was over him and won't apologize for loving Daniel. Nicole thinks Daniel's too good for Chloe. They argue more and get emotional. Nicole knows Jenn's the winner. The girls sling more insults at each other and Chloe stalks out.

    John comes across Brady at the park. John knows how his son's feeling. Kristen's beautiful, smart and funny but she also brainwashes people. Brady's not a sucker. John's not either. Brady says goodbye, since John can't accept him with Kristen.

    Brady drops by Kristen's with flowers. They kiss. A piece of the note is still on the floor. Kristen goes to change and Brady finds the rest of the note and fishes in the bin for the rest of it. Puzzled, he pieces it together.

    Marlena shows up at the cafe and takes off the bug. She calls Hope with an update and John walks in. While she's getting coffee, he listens to her conversation with Kristen.

    At the pub, Nicole overhears Kate talking about seeing Jenn and Daniel talking. She assumes Chloe's sordid secret is out. Nicole takes off.

    Chloe goes to the hospital for her lunch date with Anne, but Anne has to cancel and blames Jenn. They gossip about Jenn but Chloe has a plan.

    Chloe returns to the rectory to apologize to Nicole. Nicole tells her Kate's the reason she'll never have a chance with Daniel again.

    Sneak peek!

    Marlena admits her mistrust of John.

    John leaves Salem to think things through.

    Sami's past comes back to haunt her.

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    Posted by daysofourlivessamisfan at Thursday, January 17 2013 11:40 AM

    It has been awhile since I have posted on the website, I am really getting tire of Kristen's games and Brady really needs to wake up! He did not used to be this dense. I was very sad to not see Will and Sonny today... I love this storyline with Gabi and the baby and crazy Nick. I however would love to see what they are planning to do with Nancy when she gets back to Salem and reunites with Chloe? Are they by any chance bringing back Joy? the little sister and is there any update as to if Max will be returning or not? I know he posted on his Twitter account awhile ago? I am loving Days right now though!! I Can not WAIT to see what is going to happen when Sami gets ahold of Will and lays into him even though she did something similar to Lucas and Austin. Ok that is all for now....

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Thursday, January 17 2013 11:49 AM

    I guess it has been SO long when Kate sold herself no one cares anymore. Stefano was her boss way back then and then she ended marrying him and actually falling in love with him. Weird!
    Chloe on the other hand will never have Daniel cuz she sold herself and it will be fresh news. So the war begins between Chole and Kate.
    Now wait till Mama Nancy comes back....I bet she will try to out fox Kate. Plus also mess with Jennifer at the hospital too.
    John and Brady are both SO dumb. I wonder what Marlena will do when Kristen's plan is revealed that she was using brady and trying to get to John. Will she stand by John and make excuses that is was OK fo rhim not beleive her when she said Kristen is up to her old tricks....?????
    And what is up with Roman going to see Kristen anyway?
    Hope needs a S/L. Besides being there for pyscho Nick.

    Posted by condesabays at Thursday, January 17 2013 11:54 AM

    Wonderful dialogue between Kate & Jenn and Nicole and Chloe. Both conversations reminded us of things that happened in the past and I really appreciated that. It would also serve to explain the intensity of these situations to new-comers. Good writing for a change and boy, do we deserve it.......

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Thursday, January 17 2013 11:55 AM

    I forgot all about Joy! That is right Craig and Nancy had her to give Chole bone marrow!I bet Joy will be at some boarding school or away at college or something.

    Posted by tariro at Thursday, January 17 2013 11:56 AM

    Its funny how little I care about everyone who appears in this episode,I just cant wait for them to get back to the real story of Will,Sonny,Gabitch,Nick,Chad ,EJ and Sami,everyone else can go hang! That said Brady needs to open his eyes or the writers need to at least create a proper storyline for why he is the way he is. Kate is getting wickedly interesting again though why she still wants to obssess over this fake granchild instead of the real ones is beyond me.Jenn is still too bleh, Nicole and Chloe are crazy and Daniel is the most overrated man in Salem,seriously whats with all these women wanting to end up with him!Wish I still cared about John and Marlena the way I did when I was a kid but they are not so hot and passionate anymore,that said Kristen is wicked clever,I'm enjoying all her scenes!

    Posted by daysofourlivessamisfan at Thursday, January 17 2013 12:00 PM

    feelingfrisky: She is probably at that same boarding school with J.J. With any luck she will come back SORASed and Prego with his baby...

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Thursday, January 17 2013 12:08 PM

    LMAO!!!!! Good one!

    Posted by Angels3Tina at Thursday, January 17 2013 02:33 PM

    I feel sorry for Brady, he's soo yaya to love Kristen. I need anyone can rid of Kristen.....
    My mind still for Will/Gabi/Nick. I feel very strong Nick may be blackmail to Will if Will agree to give up the child cherry or Nick tell everyone Will may be shoooter... I can't wait to watch that but not today, its too boring drama Chloe/Dan/Kate....

    Posted by Angels3Tina at Thursday, January 17 2013 02:35 PM

    Me too!!! I can not wait for Will/Gabi/Nick drama show

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, January 17 2013 03:26 PM

    Victor with his one liners................he had Kate...
    went after and got Nicole while she was with someone else...
    tried to eliminate Kate...left her with nothing...Now he
    likes Kate and hates Nicole.....Stephano tried to get
    Marlena...did everything in his power to get her...Kate
    has made more tracks in Salem than a hill of ants!!

    Yet...these three people want to make it rough on others..
    cause they think they are so above water!!! I hope
    Maggie has the strength and desire to keep Victor straight..
    Don't know if anyone can help the Demeris gang!!!

    And then we have Ms. Brady....she's been around the
    block a few times...yet...she is still there...making out
    like she is so above all others!!! Or it was always
    someone elses fault that she turned out the way she has!! is so much easier to pass the buck and not take she will jump down
    her son's throat because he didn't tell her!!! YEP!! I
    hope Lucas comes in and reminds her!!!

    And we don't even want to look at NICK...he has this
    terrible...hateful..."I gottya" expression on his face....
    Don't know why Rafe thought it was ok for his sister to
    be involved with a felon!!!! Because he is somehow
    connected with the Hortons?????????????? I can't stand
    to look at him.................nor Gabi.............!!
    Charlottes web is still flying high in Salem!!!!

    And where does Roman come from....every once in awhile..
    POOF...there he is...and just as quickly....he's in the
    wind again!!!!

    Speaking of "in the wind"....good seeing you again
    girlinthewind!!! Been wondering about ya!!!

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