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    An Ethnic Stereotype.

    Wednesday, January 09 2013
    The wedding rehearsal begins, Chloe tells Nicole her intentions concerning Daniel, and Jennifer learns that Parker is Daniel's son.

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    Father Eric's praying at church is interrupted by Nicole who pressures him to tell her what's upsetting him. Since it's none of her business, she becomes offended and takes off to see a 'real friend' of hers.

    Rafe drops by Sami's place to take her to the rehearsal dinner. She shows him a heart shaped pinata she got Gabi which has "reduced his sister's wedding to an ethnic stereotype." Rafe dances with the heart and tells her he needs to be more careful with her heart. They kiss. He wants to start their own happily ever after once Gabi and Nick are married off. She likes that idea.

    Gabi finds Nick outside the pub. She fills him in on what Cameron knows. Inside, Abby and Will prepare the tables. He'll be happy once this is over. Abby takes a call and when Gabi and Nick enter, Gabi tells Will everything is fine. Nick accuses Will of shooting off his mouth but Will sets the record straight about how Cameron guessed about Nick not being the baby's dad. Nick apologizes and blames wedding jitters. Sami and Rafe arrive and Sami recites a poem in Spanish and Gabi tears up. Sami wants Gabi to think of her as a substitute mom. Will cringes. Rafe tells Gabi that someone will tell their mother the news in the morning but she shouldn't worry. Abby gets advice from Will. Should she give Nick and Gabi Chad's best as he requested? Sami interrupts and they leave for the church.

    Jenn finds Kayla at Daniel's place. Daniel stepped out but she can take Jenn to him.

    At Victor's, Daniel is overcome with emotion while hugging his son. Chloe tells him they're finally what they always should have been. "A family." Everyone gawks at Chloe. Victor tells Daniel that Philip isn't doing well with the news and went to see Kate. On her way out, Chloe bumps into Jennifer. Chloe tells her to go on in. Once she does she finds Parker and Daniel tells her the news. She's happy for him. Kayla apologizes on behalf of Stephanie for the lies but Daniel points out that Ian's to blame. Victor and Maggie take Parker to bed and later, he gets out of bed. Daniel comforts him and takes him to find a needle and thread to repair his bunny. He returns and introduces Parker while he stitches up the bunny. Maggie and Victor rush in, relieved to find Parker who snuck out of bed. Jenn feels bad for Victor and Philip. Victor tells her not to let these developments change anything for her. Jenn won't worry about what this means to her. She's happy for Daniel. They both declare they still want to be in each other's lives. They start kissing.

    Chloe runs into the cafe to see Nicole. They embrace and catch up. Chloe feels like her life's about to turn around now that she learned Daniel's Parker's father. Nicole's happy for her. Chloe never stopped loving Daniel and wants him back. Nicole points out that he's in love with Jenn but that doesn't bother Chloe.

    Everyone arrives at the church. Sami is miffed to hear Nick took a job with Kate. She had an offer ready and asks what he settled on with Kate. They leave the room to discuss things and Sami learns Kate offered him more. He asks her not to hold it against him. She won't but she'll hold it against Kate. She rips up her offer. As Eric rehearses with Gabi and Nick, Sami daydreams about marrying Rafe. Meanwhile, someone watches the proceedings.

    Sneak peek!

    Chad arrives with a surprise for Gabi.

    Rafe tells Sami he wants to be with her after the wedding.

    Kate vows revenge against Chloe.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by tariro at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:16 AM

    Finally the wedding of truth is about to begin -please let all the pathetic relationships being played out here end forever!

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:19 AM

    Remember when everyone was taunting and bullying Chloe? Well now she is the bully. That is too bad the writers are doing this to her. She used to be nice and sang very well. Then poor Jenn, another one she has to deal with. first it was loosing Jack, then crazy Nicole and now lonney Chloe. Parker doesn't seem to have a chance.
    Then there is pyscho Nick. The guy can't act either plus he is a big ass! Will stand up and take responsibilty of yor child. Hoping Gabi doesn't loose the baby like what I read somewhere.

    Posted by Spring is near at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:21 AM

    Great show today. Can't wait for it to hit the fan with Will and Sonny and Gabi, and Gabi thanking Sami for her support and Will cannot even look at Sami and won't stand up to Nick. Wonder who was evesdropping with Gabi talking to Cameron yesterday figuring out that Nick can't be the "daddy". Can't stand Nick, kind of glad Chloe is back, Jen handled it well. More later!

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:27 AM

    tariro - My Sentiments Exactly!!!!!

    feelingfrisky & bearigan - ITA about Chloe!!!! I REALLY miss the girl who was so sweet and who fell madly in love with the old Brady (who sang such beautiful duets with her that made me feel like I was watching a romance from a musical

    Spring is near - I think it was EJ!!! Not sure "why" exactly EJ would have been at the hospital, but I feel like he'll be the one to break up the wedding with this secret. Or . . . maybe Kristen ;-)

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:31 AM

    I am sooooooooo incredibly frustrated with Sami Brady right now!!! She's making EJ her 2nd choice, and I HATE that!!! On the one side, she tells everyone how conflicted she is about this big "decision" (that shouldn't even exist in the first place based on 1) rafe falling in love with carrie, and 2) rafe lying to her about nicole's baby - whilst telling carrie the truth!!!) It is RIDICULOUS that the writers had her give this BIG "ADIOS" speech, and the next thing you know, he's kissing her, she's kissing him (they're both clearly enjoying it), and she's choosing him FIRST (over EJ) as if, "Oh, okay, now that I know Rafe wants to be with me, there's no decision even to make! It's just so obvious that we belong together!" HA!!! Rafe only wants Sami when he can't have her. She's soooooo BLINDED by him. And what makes Rafe think she's gonna change and that it would actually work??? He doesn't even care! He just doesn't want EJ to have her. Sooooo totally sickening!! :-(

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:37 AM

    Sami also has had some incredibly dumb lines that past few days. I don't know what these writers are doing to her. First, the line about the pinata came out sounding so ridiculous. It didn't even cross my mind that there was anything racial or ethnic about having a pinata cuz I'm not hispanic (nor have I had many hispanic friends over the years), but we've ALWAYS had pinatas at parties and on special occasions. When did a pinata become an ethnic stereotype?? It took me a while to even figure out what she was talking about!

    Her entire conversation with Rafe was just completely non-sensical. When did she forgive him for the whole lie with Nicole and for falling in love with her sister??? When did she even state that she ever wanted to be back with him??? He treats her sooooo crappy!!! This writing is just soooooo poor. Even if only for the sake of having a big blow-up at the wedding (when the secret comes out), I just find this writing so weak and terrible :-(

    Posted by kayhan at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:38 AM

    I will be glad when Will finally admits he is the baby's father instead of Nick. I am just worried about how Sonny will take the news since Will hid this from him. I understand why Will did not tell him at first but felt he should have confided in him before now. I hope Sonny will forgive him and stand by his man and help fight for custody.

    Posted by kayhan at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:38 AM

    I will be glad when Will finally admits he is the baby's father instead of Nick. I am just worried about how Sonny will take the news since Will hid this from him. I understand why Will did not tell him at first but felt he should have confided in him before now. I hope Sonny will forgive him and stand by his man and help fight for custody.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:44 AM

    Oh, and then there was Sami's line to Gabi . . . "let me be your substitute MOM!!!" WHAT????? Ohhhh, that sounded so awful the way it came out :-(

    Now, let me vent for a minute about Sami the hypocrite at the hospital with Brady!!!! If ANYONE should understand Brady's feelings for Kristen, it should be Sami! AGREE that Brady is being too blind and should at least have his eyes a bit more open (given everything his family has told him AND knowing Kristen's past), but who on earth is SAMI to tell him he can't trust that a DiMera would change???? Ummmmmm HELLO Sami!!!! Isn't this why you're currently stringing EJ along??? Because you're so totally convinced that he's completely changed and wants to do only good now???? This conversation was just sooooooo unbelievable to watch!

    Also, when she went to John & Marlena with this whole "we have to protect Brady" and "we have to stick together as a family and present a united front if we want to save him from Kristen" . .. . . NONSENSE!!!! Since when did you SAMI BRADY ever care about being united with your family? In the past, when you've been "in love" you've gone for it, no matter WHAT your family had to say, or to do about it!!!

    Ok, for NOW, I'm done hating on Sami Brady ;-)

    Next up . . . Chloe!!!

    Posted by Rita H. at Wednesday, January 09 2013 11:46 AM

    The writers need to kill Daniel and Jennifer, bring back Jack, and turn Chloe back into Chloe and put her and Brady back together.

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