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    Lipstick On A Pig.

    Monday, December 03 2012
    Daniel gets bad news, Brady visits Kristen, and Sami works with EJ.

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    Posted by mayzo51184 at Monday, December 03 2012 08:30 PM

    Wow! Helllo Everyone!

    Nick's really pressuring Gabi into passing him off as the father of the baby. Will and Gabi need to make up their own minds, and Nikc needs to butt out!

    What's wrong with Eric?

    Brady and Kristen did it huh? Hmmmm I wonder if this was all part of whatever this plan is she's working on with EJ?

    Little Bear, thanks for the little backstory on Gabi and Melanie. Didn't get a chance to comment over the weekend, but think Jen and Daniel are pretty boring! I feel bad that Maggie was acting so rude to Jen and understand where Jen may have this complex about saving him because she couldn't save Jack, but come on! I don't think she's actually in love with Daniel; I do think she cares a lot about him though.

    Posted by JadeLola at Monday, December 03 2012 08:51 PM

    Brady and Kristen so stupid.Storyline are not interest come writers.

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 09:26 PM

    Greeting everyone!

    mayzo51184 - you're welcome!!

    This is my take on Daniel and Jennifer . . .

    1. I do not believe that Jennifer was ever in love with Daniel, i think she was on her way there, and back before Jack returned i was definitely routing for them and really wanted to see their relationship develop and even to see them have a child. But then Jack came back . . . and that changed EVERYTHING for Jennifer!! The feelings that she had for Daniel were real and important to her, but they had not yet developed to the point of her being really in love with him. At times Jennifer has had real and strong feelings for other men, but she will NEVER love another man the way she loves Jack. I think the hesitation that she felt before recommitting to Jack when he returned was not because she no longer really loved him, or because her feelings for Daniel were stronger than her feelings for Jack, i think it was because she had already been through this same scenario with Jack so many times before! I think it was hard for her to allow herself her love for Jack wash back over her because she was terrified of losing him again . . . which she did!! Now that Jack has gone she is desperate to convince herself that Daniel can replace Jack in her life and in her heart, so she is going all out to try and help him and do things for him like that will make her fall in love with him. Now given enough time i am sure the writers will end up putting these two together, and maybe they will have some years of happiness, but Jack is always going to be number one in Jennifer's heart and if the writers ever bring him back again she will dump whomever she is with at the time to reunite with her one true love! Having said all of that i still just do not find these two interesting anymore i just don't care about whether they get together or not, or how they get together or anything to do with them, if the writers want to grab me and draw me into this storyline they will have to do something really big and exciting!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 09:34 PM

    2. Lucky i am so used to being all alone in my likes and dislikes of characters cos i am not at all minding seeing Maggie behave like the neurotic busybody mommy she has been lately!! Like i was saying the other day i actually think it is believable for her to be throwing herself headlong into Daniel's personal business because she never got to be a mommy to him!! Now even though i think that is the reason for Maggie's nosy business of late it is not the reason why i don't mind seeing her behave this way . . . i think Maggie has always had this tendency to act like a bit of a goody-two-shoes, so seeing her behave in such a Kate like manner and get WAY too over-involved in her grown child's life is a little fun for me!! How much fun would it be to see the formerly think she's so perfect Maggie get down to the bad-girl level of manipulating and controlling Daniel's life!! All we need is for her to decide that that a particular woman is the love of Daniel's life and just perfect for him and then go about setting it up so that she falls in love with Daniel and he with her and then working on getting her niece Jennifer out of the way! I am trying to think which woman could be used as a pawn in her games but i am not thinking of anyone right now, maybe we need a nice doctor lady to enter the scene and fall for Dr Daniel! Anyway i am totally getting ahead of myself here, as i do not think the writers will really take Maggie to that level, but i am enjoying seeing her all neurotic and snarky and making a bit of a fool of herself! Especially since she was more supportive of Nicole and Daniel as a couple, knowing everything Nicole has done to the citizens of Salem including her own husband, than she is of Jennifer and Daniel's as a couple even though Jennifer is her niece who she loves!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 09:43 PM

    3. I also actually TOTALLY get what Gabi sees in Nick!! Nick is a guy who did horrible things and made a whole ton of mistakes and was prepared for others to get hurt so long as he got what he wanted . . . and Gabi is a girl who has done some horrible things and made a whole ton of mistakes and was prepared for others to get hurt so long as she got what she wanted!! They are similar characters right now, and while i don't think Gabi is quite in the same class as Nick, she knows she has done the wrong thing lately and she knows she could be punished for it, she sees Nick who has been punished and still has the support of his family and friends and that gives her hope that she can overcome and make up for the whole Andrew mess that she created. Plus Nick has totally been there for her throughout this whole mess, being a friend, listening to her, encouraging her, supporting her . . . who else has been there for her?! The only family member she has on the show is Rafe but he has been way too busy trying to steal another baby to pretend it's his, and then chasing after Sami, and just generally obsessing over his own life to pay any attention to his little sister even though he actually knows just what she's done and instead of offering her any support he just ignores her and once again focuses on what he wants no matter what anyone else may need!! So sorry for my rambling, all i really wanted to say was i get what Gabi sees in Nick and i get why Nick has gotten himself all obsessed with Gabi, who else other than someone who is not perfect and is trying to hide her actions would want to date him?! Plus i think this storyline has such wonderful potential for some great storytelling!! Nick is going to flip out and do something crazy, Gabi is too scared at the moment to stand up for herself so she's going to lead Nick on, Sami and Kate are going to find out Will is the baby's daddy and involve themselves, Will is going to want to be a daddy to his baby, Chad and his craziness i am sure will end up fitting in . . . and all in all i just can't wait to see where the writers take this and i hope i won't be disappointed!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 09:57 PM

    4. Sami is Roman's daughter who is Shawn Brady's son who was Colleen Brady's brother who was in love with Stefano's father Santo and John Black was their child so there is no blood relation at all between EJ and Sami. I am glad i am not the only one who sees Sami and EJ are well and truly on the path to finding their way to each other and to the happiness they both seek! I actually like that Sami is comfortable enough with EJ to act any way she feels, so although she may act a little teenagerish at times, i love that she lets EJ see that side of her. When she was with Austin, Brandon, Lucas and Rafe she was always spending all her time trying so hard to be what they wanted to be so they would love her and so she could make her family proud of her, and it is great to see Sami just be Sami! She's a bad girl and she knows it! There is no reason she should try and hide it! Her parents, siblings and the rest of her family are not perfect either and have made many of the same mistakes she has, so they should just love her because she is their daughter/sister/etc and not because she lives her life the way they think she should!! I also clapped my hands and jumped for joy when Sami did not buy into Rafe's silliness when he was whining that she hadn't told him who her new boss was!! Why on earth would Rafe think Sami had to tell him that?! They aren't a couple, they aren't friends, they have no children together that could be affected by anyone else in Sami's life, there was absolutely ZERO reason for Sami to say anything at all to Rafe about her work life!! I was also pleased because it shows just how petty and controlling a guy Rafe really is! He can pretend all he wants that he is this wonderful upstanding superhero, but in reality everyone knows that he is just a big a liar as Sami so for him to have a little sulk that she didn't tell him EJ is her new boss is ultra hypocritical after the lies he had been telling her for months about Nicole's child! Sami and EJ are at their best as a couple when they are spending time with their children, Johnny and Sydney (and Allie to some degree) bring out the best in EJ and Sami and if they can just focus on those sweet little children who obviously adore them, and how being together with each other and their children fills their hearts with the happiness they have spent their entire lives seeking, then it will not be long at all until these two finally get their happily ever after . . . at least their soapy happily ever after!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 10:15 PM

    5. The age difference with Brady and Kristen doesn't really bother me at all, especially since even though Brady was a small child when Kristen was with John, we all know that soaps are full of SORASed kids who then fit into things in a completely non-believable real world way!! To me it is quite yucky that Brady would want to sleep with someone who was once pregnant with his father's child, and that Kristen would want to sleep with someone who would have been her son's big brother, but since ED is such a marvellous actress and since i just adore watching her with any and every one, and since there seems to be some chemistry between Kristen and Brady i am willing to get on board with this pairing, at least for now, until i see how the writers intend to write this storyline and where they intend it to go! I would like to see Kristen revert at least a little to the sweet woman she used to be, but not all the way back as i always think the characters that have a darker side are SO much more multi-dimensional and therefore SO much more interesting and fun to watch!! Now i know that Kristen is not really as sweet and innocent as she is pretending to be, she has some angle, i am just not sure what it really is!! I don't know if she's making a play for John, or for Brady, or if she is there to fulfil some plan of Stefano's, or if she's there to make Marlena's life miserable, i just don't know!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 10:25 PM

    6. My sweet makesmehappy i have to disagree with you on Daniel and Nicole!! I would never ever want to see Nicole change into anything other than what she has always been, that is why i enjoy her! To see her pretend to change for Daniel would to me be like seeing Sami pretend to change for Rafe . . . it wouldn't be real and it would take away so much of who the character is and why we love them!! I also do not think Nicole was even one teeny tiny little bit really and truly in love with Daniel just as i don't think she was ever one teeny tiny little bit really in love with EJ, Nicole was once again in love with the idea of having a real family and people who loved her and would stand by her no matter what!! Daniel was nice to her, and as Nicole has done many times in the past, she took hold of that and began to spin her own little fairytale!! All of this dreaming that she and Daniel would raise the baby together, and wanting to name him after Daniel, and all this manipulating and game playing to try and get Jennifer out of her way, this is what Nicole does when she has a knight in white shining armour come into her life, she goes crazy!! I believe that the only two men that Nicole has ever really loved are Eric and Brady, as these are the only two men that Nicole has ever pushed away even though they wanted to be with her, with the other men she went all out to try and keep ahold of. I think that in Nicole's warped little head, although she desperately wants that happy family dream, she pushes away the men she truly loves because then they can never leave her and shatter her dreams, whereas when she's with a man who she knows does not really love her, Daniel or EJ for example, she just reverts into her manipulate and scheme mode because she knows that things won't really last because that man doesn't truly love her. Although i think Nicole really did love Brady i believe it is Eric who is her one true love and if Nicole who is going to have a baby of her own and a soapy happily ever after then i want it to be with Eric!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 10:27 PM

    Okay i think i have rambled MORE than enough for today and it is almost dinner time so i will stop there and come back another day to write some more about my favourite soap!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, December 03 2012 10:31 PM

    Oh i knew there was one more thing i wanted to say, someone was asking about Chloe's dad Craig Wesley, i don't remember him dying, i think he and Nancy and Joy just left, but as i adored Craig and Nancy i have been wanting (and i think 25YRSOFDAYS has too) them to return for years!! I think it would have been great to have them back while Chloe was going through all her drama after Parker was born, and they could so easily be fitted into so many other stories, especially with Joy involved as she could definitely be a teenager by now and if Theo, Ciara, Johnny, Allie and Sydney were SORASed she could fit right into that group!! They were hilarious, and bad, and one of things i loved most about them was that they always had interesting storylines and yet they didn't focus on marriage problems, Craig and Nancy were happily married and a dynamic team!!

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