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    Acting Like A Complete Idiot.

    Friday, November 30 2012
    Caroline has an apology, Kristen confesses, and Nick proposes.

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    Posted by makesmehappy at Sunday, December 02 2012 08:29 AM

    As for Jennifer & Daniel: I was of the ones who passionately rooted for them last year. I would again if they stopped making Jennifer so insistent on trying to make Daniel’s life-changing decisions for him.

    I’ve said it before: Jennifer was devastated that her life was turned upside down when Jack came back. She was completely in love with Daniel and he was in love with her. They respected each other, they were for real. The main reason she reunited with Jack was for family motivations. Many couple stay together for similar reasons and it’s hardly ever a good decision, believe me.

    As other posters have said, what makes all of this worse is Maggie!! I was so happy to hear Daniel tell his mother he was man enough to decide for himself. I believe her intensity in interfering in his life will disconnect him from her in the long-run. She needs to wake up and keep some healthy distance from her son.

    I need to say that every time Nicole and Daniel are together, I see more potential in them than in Dannifer. Call me a helpless romantic but I think Nicole could have changed if Daniel had loved her... Physically, the two actors blend well together!

    Although there is also this handsome priest not too far away...

    Posted by condesabays at Sunday, December 02 2012 09:08 AM

    The Will/Gabi s/l had a lot of potential in the beginning. I would have preferred that it played out a bit longer. The possibilities could have been endless. Instead, just because Stefano is MIA, we have Nick tryng to reprise his role as being controlling and nasty. What a farce. And, Gabi, are you aware this is 21st century? Get a backbone, girl. DOOL, take a hint from major league baseball and football; realise you made a mistake and cut Nick and Gabi even though you have to continue paying under the terms of their contracts
    Months ago, some of us were commenting on Will's smirk. Must have gotten Botox injections as the smirk is gone only to be replaced by wrinkling of the brow. LOL
    And, get rid of the psycho barber who has been running amok on the set.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Sunday, December 02 2012 03:54 PM

    Off Topic: So sorry to hear and read about the loss
    of two lives today and the sorrow they bring to a lot of
    people that loved and cared for them. Kansas City Chiefs...............our thoughts are with you this day!
    May God give all of you the strength you need in
    handling this situation! May the little baby grow
    to be a great person in the absence of his parents!!

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, December 03 2012 04:38 AM

    Oh where to start, so many storylines to talk about. I think I will get my negative out of the way first. Chad, is really annoying right now and Ceelo may be right, he is jealous that he cannot have Gabi. There was a time he was willing to sacrifice what he and Melanie were starting to have to let her live in his apartment and went running every time she called. I still say he is just as guilty as Gabi is and at least she did finally come forward but have we seen Chad tell anyone that he kept the sordid truth from Melanie oh no, we haven’t. He needs to come clean and realize he was just as much at fault as Gabi, first for allowing Gabi to spend time in his one-bedroom apartment, then when finding out the truth the only one in the end that knew was Melanie, only because Gabi told her. I am not sure Melanie left because of Gabi or what Chad was doing, I tend to think it was Chad that was the one that drove her away more so than Melanie.

    Maggie, I am really getting tired of her running her mouth and looking for trouble. I believe there was a time Maggie would have pushed for something like this and she has if she thought it would be helpful. She needs to come down off her righteous high horse and get back to being the humble Maggie that loved helping others. Oh my goodness Daniel is a grown man and she is up in his and Jennifer’s face telling them he should not try this procedure. I think we all know it will eventually work, that is soapland.

    Ok, got that off my chest. Glad to see Caroline back, but was a little confused when she brought up the baby switch. First of all I could not believe she went so far to do something like that but that is ancient history now. Almost leads me to believe there will be another crazy paternity switch. So confusing that Bo supposedly returned with Caroline, so he is not completely out of the picture but I don’t think we will be seeing him anytime soon. Maybe they are looking for a replacement or in talks with Peter and he will return after an extended vacation. Wishful thinking on my part I guess. If he is brought back I am hoping for some exciting storylines for him and Hope. They were getting rather boring to me.

    Marlena is going off the deep end and quick. Her actions tell me she is not secure in her marriage to John and she is allowing Kristen to know this, knowing full well Kristen is going to run to the ends of the earth with it. I am liking Kristen being back on the show, since it seems there are so many different avenues she can take with so many different lives. I think she was actually playing the priest during her confession. I have a feeling she knew Brady would be at the church and he would listen in. I don’t think she has real interest in Brady, but he is a way to John. She pretty much has John back in her good graces and will probably gain more when he finds out what Marlena did. Right now Marlena is her own worst enemy and being a shrink you would think she would realize that wouldn’t you.

    I am not a big Sonny fan, and not sure what his intentions for Will are but I am with Lucas on this, hoping Will will protect his heart some. He is young and naïve where Sonny is a little more wordly and not sure Will is convinced he is totally gay yet. For some reason to me, Sonny seems fake too. At first I thought he was doing a great job, but it almost seems like his heart is not in this storyline anymore or something.

    I am loving the Dan and Jennifer scenes right now. I guess I would do the same thing as Jennifer if I thought there was a way I could help someone I cared about. I think Jennifer really loved Daniel when Jack came back but Jack being who is had her confused again and she wanted to try and keep her family together. I do remember when she finally decided on Jack, he told her they would not get married again but they would see where things went slowly but the next thing we knew they had tied the knot again. I am still one the fans still pushing for them. But we all know there will be intrusions somewhere along the way whether it will be Nicole or Chloe when she returns. I am thinking there is more to the baby Parker’s paternity switch getting ready to come out since it has been brought up again.

    Nicole living in a convent. Wow, that is going to be something. I guess we will see how this all plays out. I do believe she will wear Eric down and the priest collar will come off, unless of course the Nuns get her to change some, but then that would not be the Nicole we all either love or hate or love to hate.

    Have a fantabulous day

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, December 03 2012 04:46 AM

    Oh, forgot to talk about Nick, well what can we say but again a relationship moving way too fast. They have been fasinated with each other for what now a month maybe. Nick would have to prove to me longer than just a few days or weeks that he had rehabed. There are times he just seems real creepy to me and though Gabi can be sneaky and conniving I don't wish to see her getting involved with some that could be even crazier than what she pulled. She needs to think about this long and hard.

    Posted by makesmehappy at Monday, December 03 2012 06:47 AM

    I agree that Gabi and Nick are moving way too fast but maybe that’s what love is in your 20’s nowadays!

    The strange thing about Nick is that when he was on before, he was quite sweet and balanced. Except for the period he was addicted to medication that had him do what he did to Melanie… For the rest he was a good and a smart guy.

    So they need to explain to the audience what happened to him when he was in jail that got him to act so possessive and become such a control freak… Was he traumatized?

    Posted by makesmehappy at Monday, December 03 2012 07:01 AM

    I also meant to add that Rafe is not doing anything lately to make me like him more!! The way he barged in the clinic for his sister and yelled at the nurse (in front of patients) was so aggressive!! He clearly behaves like a spoiled child sometimes… Plus, he has no right to tell Gabi what to do or not do. Gabi is not a child; she did the right thing by talking with the one person that needed to know: the baby’s father. The rest should only be for him to be a good listener and give his advice IF she asks for it.

    If his sister means so much to him, why isn't he helping her financially? Why is she still living in a mini-bedroom over the pub while he has his apartment empty since Sami and the kids moved out? If I recall correctly, there was enough room over there for a couple with 3 young children, a grown teenager and visitors every now and then…

    I also can’t digest how he makes everything in Sami’s life, his business. He’s mad she didn’t tell him she has a new boss… so what? Has he been hanging with Maggie to start having a say in everyone’s business??

    I’m happy Sami put him off and told him she was a grown woman who could choose for herself. They are not together anymore. And even if they were, he should let her go on with her career as so pleases her.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, December 03 2012 09:02 AM

    I so agree with you Makesmehappy on both Nick and Rafe. I thought for sure they were moving forward with a good storyline for Rafe for awhile when he and Nicole started becoming friends and I thought would be lovers as well, but no they wrote Dan in there and now Rafe and Nicole, I don't know do they even talk to each other. Yes, I was glad Sami stood up for what she believes is the right thing for her right now. Our power went out on Wednesday, so missed quite a bit of the show but what I did see was pretty darn good. It went out when Sami and Rafe were talking.

    Nick, is a totally different person than the first time being on the show and I am a little disappointed that they changed his character to be so obsessive\possessive. What the heck, don't we have enough of the kind already. I wouldn't mind him and Gabi if only it were not an older guy taking advantage of a much younger girl that is not really worldly at all. What is with all the rooms over the pub, gosh so many have lived there and everything else.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, December 03 2012 09:53 AM

    I can't remember, but it seems like Craig Wesley (Chloe's dad died on the show) or am I just imagining that. I have to think something happened if Nancy is coming back but not Craig. Also what about the little baby they had so that Chloe could have bone marrow. I wish for the Chloe of that time, who kept people at a distance but yet allowed her heart to love especially Brady. I truly wished they would not have ruined her character by turning her into a loose woman.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, December 03 2012 10:03 AM

    Could it be true that Max is coming back. It sounds like a possibility, maybe Chelsea, Shawn and Belle will also return and along with them Chloe and Phillip would be good.

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