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    Acting Like A Complete Idiot.

    Friday, November 30 2012
    Caroline has an apology, Kristen confesses, and Nick proposes.

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    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Saturday, December 01 2012 07:58 PM

    I HATE Nick Fallon with a PASSION!!!! I hated him the dirat time he was on DAYS, and i hate him even more now!!!! i hope Gabi runs FAST and FAR and never looks back at this crazy psycho of a man!!! He needs to leave this s/l (and Salem, for all I care) and let Gabi, Will, and Nick work things out. I'm DYING for Rafe and Sami to learn the truth about the baby's paternity. And, while I'm not a fan of the gay lovin', I like both Will and Sonny and think they'd be great fathers. There was a movie that came out a while back with Jennifer Aniston, where she was initially in love with this gay guy and got pregnant (not by the gay guy) and fantasized about raising the baby with the gay guy she loved until he got a gay lover, and she realized her dream could never become a reality. She finally found a decent straight guy to marry, and in the end, they showed all four "parents" lovingly raising the child. It was a pretty cute movie; and although I'm not at all a fan of the gay storylines, I'd MUCH rather see DAYS take this route with Will, Sonny, Gabi, and someone new, than have to endure crazy, creepy Nick Fallon for one more second on my tv screen!!!

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Saturday, December 01 2012 08:03 PM

    Still liking Dannifer (despite the minor annoyances with writing from time to time). Someone asked about Caroline switching the paternity .... It is assumed that she switched it from Philip to Daniel so the test would make it seem as though Daniel was the father and not Philip. However, a second paternity test to confirm all this was never done, so we really don't know if Caroline was the "only" person who tampered with the results or if some one else may have also had their hands in it so that the results could have been switched more than once!!! ;-) I hope that's not too confusing

    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 02 2012 06:19 AM

    So next week will be good ! please nicole you donot own maggie jackass.... i am not like her now .
    so sami not wanting eric to give nicole a job .well sami this one is your brother you cannot have him.
    so let it go..

    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 02 2012 06:28 AM

    25YRSOFDAYS ! Nick is a good match for gabi .
    i am not a sonny fan i belive he could just go the show can do without him..
    so now brady gone back to hell .i think he just get clean up from madsick .now right back to nasty stepmother.uuuuuuummmmm ..and three time a week .WOW but i still love brady..

    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 02 2012 06:35 AM

    Nicole stay away from the bad dr please let him and his two mothers alone i cannot stand them maggie is like a bird pepepepe
    i hate she is his mother .and she is still breastfeeding him .he cannot do nothing without ma dear..please .

    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 02 2012 06:40 AM

    I think it will be good to see Abby go behind ejax and the loser chad is on the side line .
    my dream..
    i hope this boy lost everything
    i an sick of him.

    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 02 2012 06:52 AM

    I for one is very happy that the treatment for dr death is NOT now jen will have a cabage for a man .
    all them fighting will nicole for what .... umm
    and he is still kicking her out, and she coming back for more.

    Posted by ceelo at Sunday, December 02 2012 06:57 AM

    Marlena see them in bed what do know ...
    Now ejax want kristen to help him . so how this one is going to work ?
    she will make sami belive she is going after rafe and still playin bed with brady me there little ...

    Posted by makesmehappy at Sunday, December 02 2012 08:09 AM

    Dear 25YRSOFDAYS- I’m happy that all EJami fans will have a nice Monday! It’s a show, from the scenes I’ve seen, you don’t want to miss. You might even want to DVR it so you can watch again when you get depressed!!
    Without revealing any secret, I can say that there’s the EJ and Sami I love: fun, light-hearted, easy going, teasing each other, completing each other’s sentences, sharing fun moments!

    Maybe Kristen was right! The pleasure they seem to have working together might finally be a promise for their future. EJami and EJamily could spend Christmas together... at last!! We've been good and patient little fans... Can Santa make this happen please?

    Here’s my latest thought to explain the power of EJami: everything, even the smallest things, is intense and powerful between those two: the laughter as much as the tears, the complicity as much as the tensions, the similarities as much as the differences. I love it ALL! The EJami enthusiasm is genuine, their drama is as well. That’s why I like to pretend Alison and James have this secret crush for each other (Ha Ha!!). Because most of all, absolutely NOTHING seems forced between those two actors.

    The smile EJ has on his face all through the DayAhead is so real. I think neither Rafe nor Lucas have ever smiled so truthfully around Sami. Come to think of it, neither has she! Only with EJ does she always show her true colors, whether she's joyful or upset...

    Posted by makesmehappy at Sunday, December 02 2012 08:17 AM

    Many have showed some concern over Brady and Kristen pairing up. Personally, I’m fine with it. The age difference doesn’t bother me. And the fact she was his step-mom for a while either. It’s only a question of chemistry for me. And to this day, Kristen even has chemistry with a teapot!! So why not with a great and attractive man like Brady??

    I understand that maybe this could mean Brady ends up in another bad relationship if Kristen is using him to get to John and mess with Marlena. But what if Brady DOESN'T fall in love with Kristen? I mean, he might be in this for sex only. Stranger things have happened in Salem! Brady’s been alone since Madison died, he might not be over her at all, just trying to numb his pain...
    On the other hand, Kristen might have a motive for playing Brady; but the story could have a different issue than the one she planned. She could actually be the one falling for him. And end up being the one who hurts the most.....

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