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    With The Candlestick In The Conservatory.

    Thursday, October 11 2012
    Nicole and Jenn get into it, Caroline gets worse, and Daniel faces Maggie and Victor.

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    Posted by little bear at Thursday, October 11 2012 07:08 PM

    makesmehappy - I did not say Nicole did anything to harm her baby, I don't believe she did, but she's certainly happy to use the death of this innocent child that she says she loves and is so important to her to get what she wants

    Anyway I'm not saying anything more on the topic because I seem to be upsetting people with my opinions

    Posted by JorJayMom17 at Thursday, October 11 2012 07:37 PM

    Hey littlebear I agree with you and engineer mom, I think it might water down her character, but I can't stand to keep watching her lose these babies, it's heart wrenching. But littlebear you know I am on the same wave length with you when it comes to most things, except the Jen vs Nicole thing. But that's what makes this blog cool, could you imagine if we all had the same exact opinion? It would be a snore fest, lol. So keep on voicing your opinion, we will agree to disagree😊

    Posted by makesmehappy at Thursday, October 11 2012 07:39 PM

    little Bear- I commented based on this sentence you wrote earlier: «Maybe she never would have lost the baby had she not spent her ENTIRE pregnancy scheming and manipulating to keep the baby away from its father who she once thought was such a wonderful daddy she stole another woman's baby!!»

    My mistake, probably! You don't need to apologize for writing your opinions...

    Posted by JorJayMom17 at Thursday, October 11 2012 07:43 PM

    Ceelo I have been saying the same thing! Grieve your husband and stop chasing after Dan! Hey girlinthewind thanks for the warm welcome, yea I've been away, I got 3 kids and 3 dogs and a hubby to tend too. So I try to keep up to date with the stories, but then I fall behind. Makesmehappy you are so right, Rafe and Sami was so sickening today, he was acting like he was going to score after the prom, it was definetly creepy and not romantic! He annoys me with his family speeches to EJ, that's EJ family too whether he likes it or not. Peggy McKay is knocking it out of the park. Just some really great material right now, I'm happy with days these days, lol.

    Posted by mayzo51184 at Thursday, October 11 2012 08:48 PM

    Little bear, I agree with you on Nicole, although, I do feel sorry for her because of her losing the baby. nobody should ever have to go through that pain. I do think though if they were to give her a baby, it would probably water her character. the actress is doing an amazing job with these scenes though! I don't think she fell on purpose though, but I do think like others have said that she'll use this to her advantage, and blame Jennifer for it.

    Posted by breathtaking at Friday, October 12 2012 12:28 AM

    just got done watching an old episode of THE NANNY and Kate was on there.

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, October 12 2012 03:41 AM

    Oh my the comment when Rafe told Sami I want to stay the night with you and she replied if you didn't I would have spent way too much money on this dress. So she purchased a screw me dress huh. LOL.

    With what is going on between Jennifer and Nicole, loving it. We all know tha Nicole trys to manipulate things to get her way, (that is when she is at her best) it almost always backfires and she totally snaps, which is what she has done now. Yes, the fall was probably more her fault than Jennifers since Jen tried getting away and she would not let go, but it goes along with the storyline and she will have Jennifer to blame the babies death on. Sad as it is, she needs to have someone to blame her mess ups on.

    Wow, powerful powerful scenes with Bo and Caroline. I think this is going to be an amazing storyline and maybe that is why she was so quick to forgive Nick, because he forgot what he had done.

    Well Ej, just rudely strolled right on in Jennifer's house looking for Nicole so we know this storyline is fixin to bust wide open. He is talking about the baby way too much, so I do believe there is a chance the baby is alive and we all know the Dimera's can fool people all the time about death.

    Posted by moma at Friday, October 12 2012 04:00 AM

    The one person ya'll forgot to mention on Nicole's list of men...Philip..... Didn't she start with a toss up between him and Brady when they were first on canvas as teenagers...
    Robert Kelker Kelly: Bo past replacement...LOVED him ...but doen't he work as a flight instructor in St.Louis??
    Ms.McCay: FANTASTIC job!!!
    Lil red dress... yeah we know where this one is going...
    Jenn godd storyline coming..hope it doesn't play out through Christmas. (probably through Nov. sweeps though..:(...)
    Ms.Davidson...WELCOME ... hope she has other things than messing with Jarlena on the agenda...would love her be like Stephano's character in a dress!!..LOL!!....

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, October 12 2012 04:21 AM

    Good morning Moma, I totally forgot about Nicole trying to mess with Phillip. She doesn't care the age at all does she or if it is brothers. LOL. Also there was Colin, who was murdered. He was somewhere in the time of Victor. Who knows maybe it will be Stefano she goes after next. Wouldn't that be a hoot. Nicole ususally doesn't back down from Stefano as much as she does EJ. Someone mentioned the other day how she thought at the time she was talking to a dead Stefano and telling him the baby was EJ's, so still thinking there will be something more to this story.

    Loving it that there are more posts this morning. Lets keep em coming.

    Posted by moma at Friday, October 12 2012 05:18 AM

    Wasn't it a body double in the coffin?? Always a possiblity there was a tape recorder on the body to get the confessions though.... I hope Stephano gets back with Kate..awesome pairing there!...LOL!!!
    Don't remember the Colin guy although the name is familiar (sp??). What was his story??

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