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    Lord Help That Man.

    Thursday, October 04 2012
    Nicole gets frightening news, Chad finds EJ is just like their father, and Sami puts two and two together.

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    Posted by little bear at Thursday, October 04 2012 09:03 PM

    5. I actually have to say that i am actually SUPER glad that Sami found out the truth about what EJ was up to, and that she figured it out all on her own and did not need Rafe to tattle on EJ!! When EJ and Sami do finally reunite . . . and i am absolutely and completely 100% confident that they will indeed reunite in the near future . . . i do not want it to tainted by silly games on either EJ or Sami's side!! I actually do not think that Sami is going to be upset with Rafe for pretending to be Nicole's baby's father, i actually think she is going to think that he was being really sweet and kind and heroic to want to protect Nicole's innocent baby just the way he wanted to help her protect Grace!! I think the reason that Rafe and Sami will break up is because once they are together Rafe is going to realise that Sami will always be Sami . . . she just can't help herself . . . and he only wanted to get back together with her because he wanted once again to beat EJ! And Sami is going to realise that Rafe can never ever truly love her and is ALWAYS going to be putting her down and that the one and only man who will ever love her for exactly who she is EJ!! Never fear fellow EJ and Sami fans i see a very bright future in store for these two!!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, October 04 2012 09:08 PM

    6. Hmmmm . . . i wonder what Chad's next step is going to be?! Now that he will be feeling totally alone . . . Stefano is gone, EJ betrayed him, Melanie left him, he really doesn't have any friends . . . and he has signed this really silly document that means he can no longer bring Gabi down legally . . . is he going to come up with some well thought out and outrageous plan to get his revenge on her and Nick?! Is he going to go completely crazy and do something completely reckless and insane?! What oh what is he going to get himself up to?! And once he finally finishes up with his revenge plans, whatever they may be, what will his purpose be on the show?! He doesn't really have job prospects, and who is going to be his next love?! Will Melanie return and he will work on patching things up?! Maybe he and Abby could hook up?! Or maybe we will get a new female character to be his new love interest?!

    Posted by sugarcookies at Thursday, October 04 2012 09:09 PM

    Hi! Little bear, what Jen is going to do to Nicole hasn't happened yet, it's in the spoilers, and I won't say more in case you don't want to know.

    SOOO Happy for Sami and Rafe today!! It was odd though, that must be the shortest blackmail scheme ever, it usually takes much longer for those to come out! 25years, you do have a good point, maybe part of our choice for Sami's man has to do with what we want to see in Sami. I also think it is just a matter of which man has made us love him, and since we all have different tastes of course we don't all agree. I think it shows what good actors the men are that play both EJ and Rafe, that they can bring out such a strong response in so many of us!!

    Not liking the way things are looking for Nicole. I will not be happy if there is not something more to the story than the spoilers are saying.

    Glad to see Chad stand up to EJ, he looked alittle stronger today, less crazy.....

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, October 04 2012 09:13 PM

    7. Love, love, love, love, loved the scenes with Nicole and Maxine!! Both are great actresses and i totally enjoyed watching their totally hilarious little interaction at the hospital about Nicole and Daniel and their living arrangements and relationship!! Anyway as fun as that was when i was watching the scenes with Nicole and the new doctor i did not really get the feeling that the doctor was actually hiding anything or up to anything!! I think the writers were just trying to through us viewers off course with the fact that Nicole's regular doctor was dealing with an emergency, and the new doctor is about to leave the country, and the computer system was down, i don't really think that there is going to be any funny business going on i just think that the writers have decided that when Nicole does have her miracle baby it will be with someone she actually loves and not one born in the midst of all this silly three baby daddy nonsense!! And as much as i do not like to see the writers do horrible things to baby's and small children, i have to say i would not be too sad if poor baby "Eli" doesn't survive, because i too want to see Nicole's eventual miracle baby come as a result of a relationship with someone she truly loves and wants to share her life with!! And i always chuckle when Nicole says something about her baby's daddy!! I'm always thinking, which daddy?! The real one, the pretend one, or the one Nicole wishes was the real one?!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, October 04 2012 09:15 PM

    sugarcookies - thanks i thought i was going crazy!! And thanks for not saying anything about spoilers because i have totally moved from spoiler addict to a non-spoiler girly!!

    Alright i think i have said all i wish to say for the moment!! Back tomorrow or whenever i end up watching friday's episode!!

    Have a great day great people!!

    Posted by NLuvwithEJ at Thursday, October 04 2012 11:30 PM

    I didn't realize until reading peoples comments this Dr. was one of Stephano's but I had already thot no way would they let Nichole lose a 2nd baby. I had already thot prob EJ hired a dr to tell this to Nichole so when it was born or taken he can take the baby without her knowing to get her back for lying & for what she put him thru the first time around!

    Posted by NLuvwithEJ at Thursday, October 04 2012 11:34 PM

    I think Sami and EJ have always had such great chemistry!! LOL if she wasn't Married in real life I think they would be together. I love them together and want them together sooo badly. EJ and Sami are the only reason I watch this show! I can't stand goody two shoes Rafe! Find him another girlfriend and move on!!!!

    Posted by NLuvwithEJ at Thursday, October 04 2012 11:37 PM

    I think all the crap that's happened to Chad is about to make the true Dimera come out in him!! He's about to make his daddy proud!!! LOL!

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, October 05 2012 03:23 AM

    First of all, too many suspicious things about the doctor that was examining Nicole, I am guessing she was hired by Stefano. And yes when it gets close to time of birth sometimes baby moves around and it is hard to find the heartbeat. What I don't understand is how can any of this be Jennifer's fault. All I saw was the two arguing which Nicole does with a lot of people, I did not see her fall and even if she did as far along as she is it would probably not hurt the baby anyway. So someone please help me, when did I miss a fall. I am not going to get too excited about this just yet, cause I think it is another kidnapping storyline, much to many of us dismay. Enough of that already, but we will get to see Nicole in full force action again and boy is she great when she has a good storyline and is used for her great acting abilities.

    Posted by margecan at Friday, October 05 2012 05:48 AM

    little bear - when I talk about how many kids sami has I know that many others on the show have the same or more, but the reason why I single her out is because she has the most out of the current young children and I would like to see someone else also have children. I guess I feel this way because we see her children the most and hear about them the most when all the other children are left behind or they move away with they're parents. I would love to see daniel have a kid with someone and rafe have an acutal kid with someone but not sami. It would be really nice for Shawn and Belle to come back with a kid, I'm not sure if they already have one? Anyways I'm just saying that we hear so much about jonny, sydney and allie, that they need some others. I know there is theo and ciara but they are only around once in awhile. I think they should start a little kid couple that would be so cute! but that they actually stay together, It would be so cute I love it when little kids find love!

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