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    Tuesday, October 02 2012
    Jenn and Daniel get into it, Caroline has another memory issue, and Chad vows to make Gabi pay.

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    Posted by ChiSox1 at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:20 PM


    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:26 PM

    The Engineer Mom - i see you got out of your work hole long enough to write some good comments!! I have not forgotten i need to reply to your email, i'll do it as soon as i finish my Days comments!

    2. Just postponing what i was about to say because i'm just watching Jennifer and Abby and have to comment on them! First off i was just looking at Abby's hair and the brown roots growing through and it would be really nice to see her with brown hair! I loved the pictures of her as a brunette that i've seen, and i guess they are making her a blonde because of Jennifer, but i would really love to see her with her natural colour! And although it could be fun seeing Jennifer play detective, if she is really concerned about the games Nicole, Daniel and Rafe are playing with "baby Eli" then why is she not going to EJ and talking to him about it?! I guess she wants to have all her facts straight before she says anything, but i think it would be really interested to see her turn Nicole in, then in the ensuing fireworks when Daniel invariably dumps Nicole, if he tries to take get back with Jennifer and she shoots him down and tells him if he was stupid enough to get mixed up in Nicole's drama's then she wants no part of him!! Oh and writers i miss my crazy Abby . . . please make her interesting again!!

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:29 PM

    3. Now i was going to say before my Jennifer/Abby comment that i also don't get this Sami can't be without a man thing that the other characters keep claiming at the moment!! That is not the Sami i remember!! She never just randomly jumped from one guy to another, in fact usually she decided she wanted guys who didn't want her back and she had to spend ages scheming and manipulating in order to try and get her hands on him!! She was never flippant with men in fact to me she was the EXACT opposite, crazy obsessed with a guy and willing to do any number of stupid things to try to get him!! I will agree that lately the writers have had her moving from guy to guy, but that is not really something that Sami usually does!! Oh and did i mention enough that Rafe is so hypocritical . . . i just had to hear him again whine about how Sami hurt him so badly, i wouldn't mind him saying it so much if either he or Sami mentioned that he hurt her just as badly!!!!!

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:35 PM

    4. 25YRSOFDAYS i have to disagree with you my sweet friend . . . for me the time of Nicole and Rafe making a potentially delightful couple if over and done with!! I just think after everything Nicole has done to Sami, Johnny and Sydney it would seem SO stupid of Rafe to get involved with her long term . . . i think it's stupid enough that he would claim to be her daddy's daddy!! But then again you all know that i think Rafe is OBSESSED with babies and pregnant women!! Besides as much as i would like to see Sami have some man free time i would also like to see Nicole have the same!! All her silly baby daddy nonsense she needs to take a break and actually choose a man that she really loves and then work on that relationship!! Seeing her all slimy and fake and pretending to be there for Daniel, and calling her baby after the two fake baby daddy's she has in the picture, she is just frustrating me at the moment!! Oh i suppose though since Rafe is Mr Hypocrite and Nicole is Mrs Hypocrite (with all her oh poor me the Dimera's were so mean to me but i won't mention everything i did to them) so i guess that could make them somewhat compatible!!

    Posted by PattiRay at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:39 PM

    Eng Mom - so glad to hear that your cousin is doing so well. She has been in my thoughts alot lately, along with you.

    I know people fall in and out of love easily sometimes but poor Sami is in love with someone new (or someone she has been in love with before) every other month it seems like. Why can't she figure it out and find someone that treats her the way she should be treated. If she ever really found that, we may even see a new Sami!

    Jenn if beginning to pick up her newspaper/detective skills again. Guess the question will be what will she do with the info once she figues it all out.

    Nicole, don't be hiding the baby from everyone! We have already seen that happen and it was no fun then either. But keep up the great acting; you are a wonderful actress.

    Late Happy BD to one of the guys that I really like - Drake/John! Miss seeing you just like I am really going to miss seeing Bo. They both are hunks and so romantic in my book.


    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:40 PM

    5. Now i have ALWAYS known that Dr Daniel was an idiot!! And a slimy one at that!! The way he jumped from Chelsea to her mom Billie to her mom Kate was icky enough . . . then getting involved with every patient who crossed his examination room . . . but really this getting involved with Nicole thing is just taking his level of stupidity to a whole other dimension!!!!! I cannot wait to see it all blow up in his face . . . hopefully he loses his job for tampering with DNA tests after what he went through with Chloe, Phillip and Parker . . . he loses his chance at having another go at a relationship with Jennifer the woman he really loves . . . and hopefully he gets stuck having to deal with crazy Nicole for a while longer as punishment!! Maybe she could go crazy and try to get herself pregnant with his baby!! She could lock him up in a cage like Jan Spears did to Shawn!! Anyway i hope he is made to pay for his almost indescribable level of stupidity!!

    Posted by PattiRay at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:44 PM

    hey little bear! Good to see you on here again.

    has anyone heard what is going on with Caroline? I know we are jumping to the conclusion that she has Alzheimer's but has that been comfirmed on the show or not?

    I don't get to watch the show so I sometimes miss things in the update.


    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:44 PM

    6. For all of those who don't get EJ/Sami and prefer Rafe/Sami for me it is very simple . . . Rafe (and Lucas and pretty much every other guy Sami has been with) have always treated her like she is beneath them, like she is not good enough for them, and like if she wants them to keep loving her then she needs to live up to their expectations . . . and when she does it they are so insulting to her!! And NONE of the guys Sami has been with are innocent!! Lucas was her old partner in crime, Brandon Walker was involved with his step-mom, Rafe loves to cover up crimes and is a cheater too, so really what right do they have to put her down?! That is the reason for me that i don't want to see things work out with her and Rafe, he is ALWAYS going to be putting her down and i just don't want to see that!! That being said i do NOT like what EJ is doing at the moment . . . he truly loves Sami and he knows for a fact that she still has strong and deep feelings for him . . . he should just sit back and let the Rafe/Sami thing implode all on it's own and then swoop in to be Sami's hero!!

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:50 PM

    Hiya Patti-Ray . . . not sure on the Caroline thing . . . but i would LOVE to see them do a story about her having Alzheimer's!!

    7. When i think about EJ punishing Nicole for her games i get all bouncy and excited!! I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to see him cause her untold misery for trying to keep his child from him . . . especially after everything she did to his daughter Sydney!! Yay i am just dying to see how all of this plays out!! I really hope that the *****SPOILER***** i unfortunately happened to stumble upon on here about Nicole losing her baby, i hope that is not true, and i hope EJ rips that newborn out of her arms and gives it to Sami and Nicole has to watch that baby bond with Sami as his mother and call her mommy . . . and then since i really don't want EJ and Nicole to share a child the baby could get sick and they find out that in fact it really is Brady's child (doesn't matter we never saw him and Nicole sleep together, they can do a Hope/Bo/Zach thing) and Nicole can nurse her baby back to health with Brady at her side, and they can live happily ever soap after raising their little boy together!!

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 02 2012 02:57 PM

    Okay just a few finishing off comments . . .

    8. Daniel saying to Jennifer that EJ would be mad that she was ringing DNA labs on his behalf was ludicrous . . . why would EJ be unhappy that Jennifer was trying to prove Daniel, Rafe and Nicole are lying about his baby?!

    9. Nicole insulting Sami always makes me laugh and vice versa!! Nicole and Sami are alike in so many ways that it is stupid when they insult each other for things they themselves do!!

    10. Seems Daniel is still feeling rejected that Jennifer chose Jack over him!! Too bad it is written all over his face that he is still very much in love with her . . . guess that's why he's willing to settle for crazy Nicole and her warped version of love!!

    11. I really adored the acting from everyone involved in the Melanie/Chad/Nick/Gabi thing!! Everyone was superb and while i'm sorry Melanie won't be around for the rest of the fallout of this story i am dying to see what Chad is going to do to Gabi and Nick!!

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