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    What Color Is The Apple Now?

    Wednesday, September 26 2012
    EJ has a meeting with one of his operatives, Gabi goes to Rafe with her crimes, and Melanie comes to a decision.

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    Posted by ChiSox1 at Thursday, September 27 2012 08:36 AM

    I know you all are worried that EJ will lose Sami if he continues to go back to the DiMera way but I really don’t think so. I think that’s what attracts Sami to him – the excitement of being with a bad boy. I commented yesterday to feelingfrisky that if all his many actions to and against her haven’t stopped her from wanting to be with him how could one more thing break it?
    As strange as this may sound, I am beginning to like Nick. When he first came on I thought he was a mope but just in the last week he seems to have life breathed into him. I think he and Gabi would be great paired together. The next devious supercouple?
    Regarding Gabi and Rafe, would we really expect Rafe to throw her under the bus? If he did he would probably be berated for being a mean, horrible b*s*a*d to his family! Without naming names, I think that other Salem residents would do the same for their family member.
    Bearigan, I think you might be onto something with Stefano coming back/Nicole’s baby. And, who better to scheme with him on this than Kristen. Afterall, she tried to pass off Elvis as her baby with John.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, September 27 2012 09:42 AM

    ChiSox1 do we have the same blood running through our veins, or just great minds thinking alike LOL. As for Sami, I think she likes the rouge in EJ and the fact that he is a little bit gray and sometimes dark, and then she likes Rafe because he is safe, he is a homebody with an honest job when he works. I can certainly understand the attraction for both the guys, but I can't with Lucas other than they have children together. Lucas is just too far out there for me to understand him anymore and I became so disappointed when he came back cause I was thinking he would be a big support factor for Will and a little more understanding and he is not that that I can tell. As for Rafe trying to protect Gabi, he made some good points. She wasn't aware in the beginning that Andrew had taken Melanie and then she did try to get him to release her. The thing she did not do was go to the authorities, but we are talking about SPD and what were they focusing on at the time, Ej and his capture. Rafe was not in town. He went somewhere mysteriously and we still don't know where that was. You are so right others would do the very same thing and it would have to be Melanie I think pressing charges.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Thursday, September 27 2012 10:37 AM

    Rafe made some of the smartest comments I've ever heard him say in his convo with Sami!! Honestly, it was perfectly written and very much in line with his character. I'm hoping this is step one towards closure for these two. But then, Sami walks off muttering, "I KNOW it meant something!" lol!!! There goes Sami just being Sami!!!

    Everlena - woohoo!!!! So happy your having fun watching at work on your phone loved the passion in your post!!! Doesn't the way EJ talks to Sami just melt your screen??? Sooo much heat .... And that parting kiss .... Woooeeeee!!! How she can resist that man is truly beyond me! ;-)

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Thursday, September 27 2012 10:45 AM

    I'm really enjoying the LUMI convo today. I think they're writing Lucas in a very real way. I think it's important they show this side of the issue as well . . . That no matter how much a parent loves their child, this is never easy (especially in the beginning).

    Chad and EJ are awesome today!!!! Chad has gone completely DiMera! It's gonna be fun watching him interact with stefano in the coming weeks. He's acting like a spoiled little boy who just wants daddy (or in this case "big brother") to take care of his problems, and he doesn't care how it gets done. Very interesting!!!

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