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    Dirty Little Secret.

    Tuesday, September 18 2012
    Jenn and Nicole have it out, Sami turns EJ down, and Will overhears some damaging words.

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    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:07 AM

    And I guess he was all too happy to spite Sami with it too in the beginning.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:15 AM

    margecan, I am with you, I call all my half siblings just brothers and sisters. No sense in putting distinguishing words in there that would make any of them feel less loved or accepted.

    Posted by abell137 at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:15 AM

    Just read the comment about potential pairings and personally I like the idea of John and Kristen (just to shake up things a litle). However, if they are going to play Marlena and Roman again, we need Wayne Northrop. Deidre Hall and Josh Taylor have NO CHEMISTRY WHATSOEVER. It didn't really matter before, but if they are going to be paired romantically, it will definitely be a problem. I have never bought Mr. Taylor as Roman - he just doesn't get with anyone in the Brady family. He looks out of place.
    Am I the only long-timer who has noticed this?

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:22 AM

    Engineer Mom- Glad to read your vision about the impact on Sami of Rafe’s lie . At first, I was questioning if she wouldn’t be indulgent of him covering for Nicole as he sort of did the same thing for her before.

    Now, if there’s something Sami is SURE of and totally assertive about is EJ’s ability to be a good father. I don’t think she can accept the fact that a child can be kept from a man who is doing a perfect fathering job. Even if she decides NOT to be with this man (which totally freaks me out… but what can I do…), she still has sympathy for him; she maintains the ultimate conviction he is stepping up as a good daddy. At least, that will be the case until he decides to scheme so much that he ends up hurting someone she loves more than she loves him. So I’m crossing fingers that EJ’s plan doesn’t involve anything else than exposing Rafe-Nicole and Daniel. Ultimately he wants to reconquer Samantha and he's smart enough to know what can compromise that goal!!

    Posted by breathtaking at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:26 AM

    rafe and hope have no chemistry whatsoever, i just don't see the two of them hooking up. With all of the characters on the show, i can't see anyone being perfect for her once bo leaves.

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:28 AM

    The other day, I made a comment about not being unhappy Melanie is leaving… I must admit that finally yesterday, Molly Burnett’s acting made me like her character a little bit more. Strangely, it’s when she interacts with her real-life boyfriend that it feels unnatural to me…

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:29 AM

    Well, let's all cross our fingers on that one makesmehappy I don't think that EJ being a good father is what will weigh on her, especially since she herself thought she had good reason for previously keeping EJ's kid from him. I think it will be that Sami will see that Rafe is motivated by SPITE and that used to be EJ's and her motivation, not goody goody hopefully that will weigh heavily on her and she will see he is not the man that she originally fell in love with!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:30 AM

    Breathtaking – Please remind me again of who Rafe has chemistry with…
    I think the best chemistry was with Carrie… but we can’t count on that anymore!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:36 AM

    @Engineer Mom- I was thinking more on terms of her sense of justice (did I just say that about Sami???): she recently stepped up for EJ because she felt he was wrongly accused of murder. If it turns out this kid is EJ’s, I have a feeling she will step up again and try to “look after his and the baby’s best interest”. It will make EJ love her even more!
    Hopefully, Sami will remember all the things she said and did when they were on the run together… especially acknowledging her feelings for him!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, September 19 2012 09:43 AM

    again makesmehappy, I am crossing fingers and toes!!!! But I think good old selfish Sami will make it about how Rafe has injusticed HER!!!! I am hoping for that more

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