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    Gets A Lot Of Sequels.

    Friday, September 07 2012
    Nicole fantasizes, Chad gets bad news, and Daniel struggles with his feelings.

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    Posted by Spring is near at Saturday, September 08 2012 12:34 PM

    Hello all! Yes, very!!!!!!!!!!!! slow Saturday, comments have been relatively slow all week, compared with previous 2 weeks. Just a guess, but I was thinking Abby is gay also. Just watched Friday's episode and watched her talking to Sonny and she couldn't finish a sentence. Just confirmed my suspicious. That would explain her reluctance with Cameron and her being a virgin. Like Marlena without John whom I have always considered booooooring, but especially lately. Rafe, get on with your life and forget Sami. She is always so made up, does she ever just kick back without hours and hair and makeup to be done? Wish she was a little more "regular". ZUZU, don't worry about anyone bashing you for your comments. Mature posters don't do that and we all seem like a pretty friendly lot here. I enjoy the posts usually more than the show, so talk away! The HR person really needs to get a crash course on Public relations. She should get fired for attitude alone! Will post more later.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Saturday, September 08 2012 12:58 PM

    Hello Spring is near.. Always love to read your comments.. I must be missing some interesting posts somewhere.. LOL.. Who is the HR person?? ha.. Or just tell me where to read what you are r/t.. Love your honesty..

    Posted by Spring is near at Saturday, September 08 2012 01:12 PM

    Zuzu, I thought the person was H.R., maybe just a new nurse. Here is the quote from the recap: "Anne, a co-worker of Daniel's, bitches about Jennifer. If she wasn't a Horton, she wouldn't even be a candy striper! Nicole watches as Daniel defends Jenn."

    Posted by zuzu61 at Saturday, September 08 2012 01:31 PM

    yes!! your right.. my bad.. It's been raining here so I just made myself a strong cup of coffee. Maybe I can wake up a bit. ha.. I was soo proud of Daniel!! I guess because I want Nicole to appreciate someone trying to be nice and help her. IMO, If I felt the way she does, I would just get the heck back to my hotel room. NOTHING urks my butt more than for someone to make fun of someone else. (I'll bet she feels the same way, in "real" life) ha.. Behind the scenes, I wonder if she tells Jenn, "If I were you, I'd b!tchslap me!" LOL

    Posted by Tishbear at Saturday, September 08 2012 05:46 PM

    I understand that this is a Soap Opera, but how many prisons do you know of that allow anyone to come see a prisoner? I thought you either had to be a lawyer or a family member. I understand why Chad went to see Nick, but just do not understand how he was able to get in.
    Friday's show was ok, nothing too exciting happening. Did other things while watching the show. Wish they would move the Will and Sonny relationship - it is moving so slow!
    Abigail is so confused and not sure how her relationship with Cameron is going to develop! I understand she lost her father, I think she needs some counseling or something to deal with her loss.
    Sami and

    Posted by Tishbear at Saturday, September 08 2012 05:48 PM

    Sorry posted my comment automatically. As I was saying - I do not care too much about the Sami and Rafe relationship - they were boring and they do not excite the screen like Sami and EJ's relationship (or lack there of).
    Really would like to see Sami and EJ's passion light up the screen. Many of us would like to see that. Sami and EJ together can get into alot of trouble and make watching Days that much more exciting.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Sunday, September 09 2012 07:12 AM

    Arggghhhh, just lost an entire paragraph :-(

    So, was saying to "Spring is near" - I agree that it's weird seeing Sami so dressed up all the time (although she looks amazing!!!) Just as I'd love to see EJ wearing something other than a suit from time to time, I'd like to Sami just looking like her normal self. Although, since her time at Countess W, I do think her wardrobe has improved tenfold. She used to look so frumpy compared to all the other leading ladies, but there must be some middle ground between frumpy and "night on the town" clothes, hair & make-up ;-)

    I'm still holding out hope that all of these "moments" with SAFE are just setting us up for a BIG fall when the truth comes out about Nicole's baby. Although, at this point, Sami and EJ seem to feel that it's a foregone conclusion that the baby is EJ's, so it wouldn't be much of a surprise. I just HOPE they're not going to put SAFE back together for good . . . Sami forgiving him for lying (since he did it for her when she was carrying EJ's baby) and just being happy that he's NOT having a baby with Nicole - and never even slept with her. At this point, I think it would be such a terrible writing mistake. Back when Sami had to choose between EJ and Rafe, the SAFE fans were so vocal and adamant, and when the couple was finally together, you never heard another thing about SAFE other than how boring they were. When you look at every poll, SAFE gets the lowest number of votes compared to LUMI and EJAMI. I don't mind having them share these little "moments" for the purpose of closure or some dramatic storyline that will eventually tear them apart: for good. But if they get back together . . . ughhh, it will be soooo frustrating :-(

    btw - did anyone else LOL when Jennifer was talking to Nicole about how wonderful Daniel is with his patients??? I literally fell out of my chair!!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, September 09 2012 08:20 AM

    Jenn should have worried and recalled that not only does Dr Daniel takes his care of his patients too FAR

    Sami seemed less made up when she arrived at the pub to take the kids to the waterpark. She looked so cute and carefree. I have to admit I love her style right now so much more than seeing her as 'the little woman at home'

    That HR person was on target if you ask me but she should have said those comments to her friend aside and not in the open. Jenn is like mentioned from a legend family and you do not trash them so publicly.

    Two scoops is up at He is singing it to the choir. We all have said his comments more than once. I loved his disingenuous comment about Marlena even the hmmmm since Carrie is away now she can be nice to Sami-my comments exactly!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, September 09 2012 08:22 AM

    Spring I don't know. I can't see the show going that route with Abigail. Who would they fix her up with????

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, September 09 2012 08:33 AM

    zuzu you mentioned Abigail keeping an eye on Nick. I hope that is the case because right now everyone of his relatives other than Maggie are so sure he is reformed. Maggie only hesitated because he victimized Melanie and so she had to make sure through 'the great Marlena Evans-Black' psychoanalysis of one hour visit she now feels that he is safe and will not come back to stalk anyone. Well that was before she found out that he was staying in town. I need to see her reaction and have her go hug Melanie and go tell Nick I am keeping my eye on you.

    OT: Speaking of which. The local news yesterday talked about the ultimate fan for Kansas City Chiefs and they said he is a socialmedia sensation. He has a glass eye with an arrowhead emblem. article with picture only and the the video is the other url address

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