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    Helicopter Dad.

    Wednesday, August 29 2012
    Marlena counsels Nick and Melanie, Nicole's run-in with EJ has her flustered, and Rafe gets a promotion.

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    Posted by Spring is near at Wednesday, August 29 2012 02:25 PM

    meant to say let your little hearts bleed for the victim, not the criminal! Moving on, At least Rafe stood up to EJ for Nicole. But I too wish she would be strong, but if I was hiding her secret, I'd be scared too! There's going to be He!@#!@#@ to pay when EJ finds out the truth. And Daniel belongs with no one. Maybe Nicole with Brady. Sami with EJ, I hope Lucas does move on. Seems like Sami has a multiple choice test for which man to keep. LOL! I like Maggie with Victor and would like to see Stefano. Enjoying Will struggling and at least being honest with his feelings. The "gay" bashing is heart wrenching and true to life. Good punch for T!!!! Yay!!!! I hope does not get pregnant by Will, yet another mess. And the "scarf" in Horton Square, please!!!!!!!!!! not another scarf story. Who are the writers now? Where are the good ones? John showing compassion to Kate was nice, like Kate with Stefano, guess Ian is gone now. More later!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, August 29 2012 03:09 PM

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, August 29 2012 01:16 PM
    I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree!!!!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, August 29 2012 03:15 PM

    Posted by wash_08, EXACTLY.. Silly writing..

    Spring is near , That's the way I felt about Melanie's kidnapping s/l.

    Sorry, I sound all negative today.. I LOOOVE Days!!
    I did Love seeing EJ interacting with the kids today, but I feel a little like Johnny.. It would have been nice if "Mommie" and "Daddy" would have come with us!!

    Posted by ceelo at Wednesday, August 29 2012 03:47 PM

    love love love nick

    Posted by breathtaking at Wednesday, August 29 2012 04:20 PM

    my hubby and i leave for vacation this saturday for a week, probably won't post much while we are gone, apparently where we are going there is no internet access. we are going into the deep woods, further north than where we are at now.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, August 29 2012 04:26 PM

    OT: Breathtaking: My niece sent me this.....

    "I mustache U a ?..but..will shave it for later" has started!!!

    Hope you have been doing well!! And you are not
    in the way of Issac!!

    Posted by wash_08 at Wednesday, August 29 2012 05:37 PM

    What right does Rafe has telling EJ about being honest? Liar. But he can lie about a perso that he use to dislike. And Roman is a bigger jerk than Rafe. Nicole is stupid anyway for wanting to be married to a man that was responsible for killing her mother and having an affair with her sister? Not understanding the writing. The same shameful writing is happening on Y and R. I wonder if the networks want to get rid of all soaps and replaced them with talk shows. Boy Hope and Marlena sure did make it cross town quick. What's the big deal about Nick?

    Posted by moochiemala at Wednesday, August 29 2012 06:58 PM

    Okay...such a EJAMI fan...they should be the next super power couple...Sami finds out Nics baby is EJs and she and EJ fight for custody and win of the baby....Nicole would then know what it feels like to have your baby stolen from you...but thn again there are times I really like I do like her with Dr. Dan or Brady!

    Posted by Julie McDaniel at Wednesday, August 29 2012 07:58 PM

    You know Nichole's going to milk this protect me from EJ bit just to get Daniel to be with her like i said EJ will find out. Everyone trying to get Sami to stay away from EJ i loved how she told her dad that there's something there with EJ and she's denied it but that she wants to follow her heart. I love the bickering between Rafe and EJ and how he was going to see his children and their beautiful mother please step aside. Why must they always have EJ and Sami kiss then go off and we have to wait till the next day. Rafe you still love Sami don't deny it.

    Posted by JorJayMom17 at Wednesday, August 29 2012 09:36 PM

    Hi everyone!!! I'm kinda of disappointed with days, it was on fire during the daysaster and now it's kinda slow. I really don't like this Nick storyline, from what I remember Nick didn't really do anything to actually hurt her. Even in the flashback she had, she hugged and told him to be good to himself. What victim that fears for their life would do that??? It's just stupid. I don't understand how now all of sudden the hortons are visiting him back to back and so concerned. When he went to jail, no one mentioned him again. And Julie is one piece of work, where did she come from? Since when did she care so much? Now she's using Jacks death to get Melanie to not block him from parole? Since when did Jen and Abby care about Nick? I have soooo many questions, this story line is random and stupid and they could have kept it. Nicole is sooo needy it's disgusting! What happened to the fighter she use to be? She was always self sufficient and taking care of herself, now she's so needy it makes no sense when we know the history of her character. Dr. Dan is a slimeball, why did he works so hard to pursue her just to dump her when she let him in? He's such a jerk. And I'm really really mad, everyone is pushing Dr. Dbag to call Jen. I'm sorry has Jack, the love of Jennifer's life been dead for 72hours? It's ridiculous how now they are pushing the two back together. I was relieved to get some ejami, I was going through some serious withdrawal, lol. But I hate how now all of sudden Rafe has feelings for Sami again, why because your first pick doesn't want you, so the runner up will do? I never was a safe fan, I see no chemistry between the two. He has more chemistry with Nicole and Carry than Sami. When those two were married it was like a snooze fest for me. But what really highlighted how non existent the chemistry was the fact that we had ejami sizzling and then it was followed up with safe's boring chemistry. I hope the writers just get it right and let it happen. I also don't care for the gay story line, first of all Will doesn't feel like someone who is struggling with his sexuality. Will and Sonny, doesn't really have chemistry with each other either imo

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