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    King Of The Gays.

    Tuesday, August 21 2012
    EJ gets a massive shock at what's behind the curtain, Sonny faces consequences for kissing Will, and Maggie learns Jack's dead.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, August 21 2012 08:39 PM

    OUCHIE, Ian is pulling EJ's hair and threatening him.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, August 21 2012 09:18 PM


    kcsslk, Sonny & Will's storyline is just about to begin. I am expecting some brilliant writing and excellent acting from Days. I think T's remarks have been heard by all of us at one time or another, and although I didn't want to see this sort of bullying it is too common and I am glad that Days is embarking on showing us how we need to stop the hate, bullying and violence.

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, August 22 2012 04:21 AM

    Allmylovingdays - bravo for that last comment! This show can do more than write aliens, "possession", lies and manipulation of all kind. Life lessons can come from good writing and good play. Let's talk about the real things going on in this world.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, August 22 2012 04:29 AM

    Ok, so I am going back to the explosion for just a couple of minutes here. Wow, fast clean up and really no serious injuries other than the death of Jack and Madison, which by the way did not seem to get too much attention. I can understand not giving a great deal of airtime for Madison since she had only been on for a short time, but Jack has been a part of Day’s (if only recurring) for many years. There has been a history built between Jack and Jennifer, he gets killed in an elevator and family members as well as loved ones are left unaware of the fact. Really. Then there doesn’t seem to be any plans for a memorial service for him. I am really not getting this at all. First of all I think if they wanted to release him once again, they should have sent him searching for a story and maybe there is something like that going on since it is being kept at such a low key. It certainly would not surprise me if someday down the road they brought him back and wrote it as though they played it off as him being dead so he could have a quick get-a-way for a story. Probably chasing after Rafe or something. Then there doesn’t seem to be any real tears for him, and I know people deal with death differently. Then there goes Maggie ringing up Daniel before Jack has even had a chance to get cold. So ok, enough babbling about the Jack S/L. Just think it could have been done with much more class.

    Next on to Gabi, I forgot to mention yesterday the clothes she had on when at the hospital. I don’t know but it looked to me like she had on culottes, the ones like we wore back in the 70’s only baggier and longer. Wow, Sami’s flowered pants, Gabi culottes, what next. Loved it when Chad overheard the conversation between her and Andrew and the look on his face.

    Daniel and Maggie---wow, I lost count on how many times he called her Mom in their brief conversation about him beating himself up for letting Melanie down. What, he went from not really accepting the fact that Maggie was his mother to every other word being Mom this, Mom that. I am still not able to wrap myself around that whole concept. I loved the relationship Maggie and Melanie had, and they had a special bond before any of the crazy egg thing came out.

    Ok, was that not the fastest cleanup ever after such a terrible explosion. I would have thought they would have still been searching for people and bringing them to the hospital. It seems everyone has for the most part got back to normal, which I know you have to keep going but surely one would show much more emotion over something that tragic.

    As for Will and Sonny, I wish Will would just let things happen and not get so worked up all the time. He is constantly on the defensive, but I guess he is his mother’s son. I would have been ok with Sonny being the only gay guy on the show, but the thing I like about Days is they do seem to write reality into their scripts often times. Like what is happening with Will for instance, Theo’s autism, there have stories on rape, etc. These are all things happening in the real world and brings some reality into soapland. It would be great if things were always peachy, but they are not and maybe this is a way for some of us to come around and be more accepting. I don’t care what their gender, color or sexual preferences are, each and every one of us are still God’s children and he does not have favorites, and it is so wonderful that we have a such a loving God.

    Now, to touch on Stefano and EJ. Did yall notice the looks they were giving each other on yesterday’s show. I really felt for Stefano, because for the first time I think or least that I can remember he seemed totally defenseless and that is just not Stefano. He always has a game plan and can change on a dime he need be to stay in control. How in the heck did Ian ever get the upper hand with him, I don’t know. I for one and ready for creepy Ian to be gone. Like a leaf on a tree in the fall, poof leave. I would love to see Stefano and Kate reunite, though I would like to see them work through things and take time to renew their love for one another. I know Kate married Stefano for all the wrong reasons, but I truly think he is her soulmate and she his. They have chemistry when together like Sami and EJ.

    Speaking of Sami, she does indeed have an undeniable chemistry with EJ, but IMO she also has chemistry with Rafe and Lucas. She has so much talent and is one of the very few that could pull it off. I really have been enjoying her time with Rafe even though he acts like Lucas sometimes and tries to control, but Sami lets them know it ain’t happening. She may let them believe for s short period of time they are in control but as soon as they turn their back she scurries. I loved the show during the time she was in witness protection and watching her and Rafe build a relationship, but it seemed they started to dry up after beautiful little Grace passed away. Boy that was sure a couple of very emotional shows. I think Sami cares deeply for Rafe, Lucas and EJ, but with EJ three are the other things she has that helps build a relationship, like being friends, passion, understanding one another and who their person is, companionship, children together and not trying to control every situation. They can just fight as scream about it since that is they way they resolve their problems then fall into each others arms. Rafe was right on one thing, Sami jumps from bed to bed or man to man and doesn’t seem to ever have enough time alone to deal with what is happening during that time and have closure. Both Rafe and Lucas think they can just bark orders at Sami and she will abide, which goes to show us all they really don’t know Sami. But then Sami has that defenseless side to her as well. She has her very vulnerable times, but she is way too proud to let her guard down and allow anyone other than EJ to help. I think with him she doesn’t feel the need to protect her heart she can let it flow. Got to give her credit though when she believes in something she shows she is passionate about it and tries to stay with it till the end.

    Ok my poster friends enough babbling from me, so for this minute I will sign off.

    Have a fantabulous day.

    Please over look the many typos I am sure there is on this posting.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, August 22 2012 05:10 AM

    Morning all.

    I think I heard that there is a memorial coming up for Jack but wasn't Maggie a bit raggedy for telling Daniel "she's free" ...ok so she didn't exactly say that but she was pushing her boy towards a woman who just lost her hubby. And now we know he still has feelings for Jennifer. I wonder how long it will be before she hooks up with him. Nicole then will be one man less so she can have a triangle but now zerohero won't be in her sphere other than faux daddy and I am wondering how much longer he will holdon to that knowing that the writers are going to have him try to win Sami back.

    Can anyone see what this ad is on our side of these two kids crying in the back seat of the car? Is Justin Beiber out of their reach or what? I can't hear this and they are cracking me up over how the crocodile tears are pouring.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, August 22 2012 05:21 AM

    The clothes, with the explosion the budget may have gone out the window? so the clothes budget has been cut short and they are going to garage sales and consignment shops and maybe just maybe raiding Marlena's & Hope's old wardrobe closet. The outfit that Abigail wore, Lucas and his jacket, then Bo and his clothing choices the day of the explosion then Sami's jean and now Gabi's outfit. No more Nieman Marcus :P

    I am going to try and not have my jaundice eyes watching today. I still think it was closure and closure doesn’t necessary take a minute. But I will try and see if Sami is just casual laadeeda as I thought and maybe sadden that she did hurt him. It takes two as the old saying goes, so how he can accuse her for the full breakup. He was lusting after Carrie, he did fall for Carrie, told Carrie he loved her and now that she is unavailable and gone -poof –he is back sniffing around his ex. I know it is a soap and they forgive this type of stuff, heck they forgive grannie for sleeping with their men, me personally it would be the end. I am not a jerry jerry jerry fan.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, August 22 2012 05:25 AM

    The eye communication between Stefano and EJ couldn't be missed. I liked it too that even though EJ feels that Stefano wouldn't save him or loves him, he still wanted to keep Stefano from being tortured by Ian. Ian walked over to Stefano with the knife and EJ called him back over saying hey you come over here if you want to talk. I bet these two are glad they get to work together again.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, August 22 2012 05:39 AM

    I loved the scences with EJ and Stefano, they are father and son and I think there was a point they realized it and would do what they needed to protect each other.

    As for Rafe and Sami's marriage ending or not ending, yes there are two sides to each story and it takes two to tango, but it did seem in the beginning Rafe tried to push any feelings he might be having for Carrie to the back burner IMO, but she seemed a bit pushy for Carrie as well. Another character written out of character IMO anyway. Rafe and Carrie never did the deed out of whatever for their marriages. I really wonder if Rafe even knows what he wants, he seems pretty fickle to me. I think the thing that is so hard for everyone to understand, is the fact that EJ has always been the enemy and he has done some terrible things, but as we have all said time and time again, it is the chemistry between the two of them. However, on the other hand, Rafe is certainly no angel either and he has skeletons in his closet too.

    Too funny raiding the closets of Marlena and Hope. Maybe Maggie's too. Yeah, I too thought Maggie was going way overboard trying to push Daniel into going and comforting Jen. Give me girlinthewind pitchfork.

    Nicole, really can you just get over yourself. I love Nicole for whatever reason and would love to see her with someone that would understand her, but I will say it again she looks for love in all the wrong places and goes after love in all the wrong ways. Rubbing her tummy and telling baby she has a daddy picked out. Too bad for her, it is not going to work and she has burned a lot of bridges, not that she is the only one, but just saying.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, August 22 2012 05:54 AM

    :) Yes, Stefano is back!! I knew the Phoenix was not buried!! I told you all, that I was beginning to like Ejami, and I am, I’m not gonna take it back. But, I did not say that I like EJ, to a certain degree that is. EJ is a sissy, that knife wasn’t even sticking in his throat and EJ was ready to cry like a baby. LOL! Sorry all, just having a little fun this morning. The show has really gotten good lately^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^OFF TOPIC FOR A MINUTE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Monday was my daughter’s first day of second grade, the school bus picked her up almost an hour late on Monday; then instead of dropping my child off at the afterschool center, this crazy bus driver, dropped my daughter off at her “morning” bus stop. My child just turned eight yesterday, anyway, she had to cross a very big and busy intersection to walk the block and a half to my brother’s house. I was ticked, I was so mad, I wanted to cry. I was at work, and my niece called me and told me what happened! Okay, I am not going to bore you with my life’s woes^^^^^^^^^^BACK TO DAYS********************************I don’t like the fact that Rafe, all of a sudden still has Sami “under his skin”. He wasn’t thinking about Sami when he was swooning all over Carrie. Yes, Sami screwed that one up, but Rafe was so into Carrie, that he forgot all about his feelings for his wife. Sami and EJ almost did the do, but got interrupted in the process. Then, Sami told EJ that she would be waiting for him (so cute). I cannot help but feel sorry for Lucas! I hate that the writers decided to rush LUMI back together; it just didn’t work out this time for me this time around. Loving the Ian showoff, totally worth watching, Ian is one FUNNY LOOKING OLD DUDE lol!!!

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, August 22 2012 06:12 AM

    Everlena, if I had been you, I am pretty sure that bus driver would never want to speak to me again. I had a situation like that once, not with my daughter being dropped off at wrong place but the bus driver yelled at her and made threats to slap her because she had not done her homework, in the first grade at that and made her cry. Wrong thing to do. I called school supervisor, bus garage and the driver. I don't know if I had ever been that angry in my life. The bad part was she had grabbed the neck of another student and her Mom has a worse temper than mine and it was the same day. My grandpa always said never put up with any BS from teachers and busdrivers. He did not mean that if they were doing their jobs and doing them well, it was those few that thought they had more authority than they had. If we were disciplined for something we had done and if was justified, then we were also going to get it from our grandfather too, but vice versa then they ahd better hope he was in a good mood.

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