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    King Of The Gays.

    Tuesday, August 21 2012
    EJ gets a massive shock at what's behind the curtain, Sonny faces consequences for kissing Will, and Maggie learns Jack's dead.

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    Posted by condesabays at Tuesday, August 21 2012 05:22 PM

    Okay peeps, there is something going on between Rafe and Sami. I said so last night. There is a tension still between Rafe and Sami--it's not down and so can't we all deal with the tension? While I belive she will ultimately end up with EJ, there is something to be finished with Rafe. You could see it her face. She is still connected to him ................

    I seem to think I created a firestorm re: ejani vs. safe. from the postings,, however, I still think my gut feeling was correct OKAY, DOOL prove me wrong

    Posted by makesmehappy at Tuesday, August 21 2012 05:48 PM

    condesabays - What do you think will happen? Please, not another love triangle in soapland? What is it that Sami and Rafe need to finish?

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, August 21 2012 06:07 PM

    NO. its closure I am watching the Day Ahead right now....she is sad that she is hurting him again HE MAY have feelings for her but she was worried more about protecting EJ....he tried to play on her empathy but right now she is saying Karma payback and it sounds like just two people talking remember the past but thanks...we've been there done that....bye bye OR is this that their chemistry just two regular joes talking?

    Posted by makesmehappy at Tuesday, August 21 2012 06:52 PM

    Closure...this makes perfect sense. And for once let’s allow the characters of this show to end a love story in an appropriate manner.

    When you break up from a relationship, when you decide to put an end to a marriage, whether unilaterally or from a common decision, there is a profound need for both people involved to obtain answers or to explain the rupture. If there was love, there needs to be respect in the break-up.

    It is essential for Rafe and Sami to have THE conversation. Not an endless monologue of blames and «I told you so» but an honest heart-to-heart... Only having done that will they be able to evolve and go on with their lives. Rafe and Sami never took the time to have THE much needed talk as it should have been done.

    As fans, don’t we want the «old» couple to really be over and done with instead of constantly fearing their exes will reappear out of the blue? I want the «new» couple to enter freely in this new blooming love story! Better are its chances for it to last!!!

    Posted by girlinthewind at Tuesday, August 21 2012 07:06 PM

    Okay so none of you who saw the show earlier in the day thought warming me Marlena was on was necessary? LOL, I and (Lord help me) have to admit I really only like her when is with Will so it was okay. I'm serious other than her interaction with Will -- I got nothing for her I try, but I can't.

    Sami and Rafe not so sure what that was aboout, but the writers better not even pretend to get them back together, some of what he said, she should pay attention to but no, no, no do not put them back together -- I will be forced to paint my kitchen.

    Dan, Jen, Abby, Nicole--oh my, reminds of "Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my" from the Wizard of Oz. gag me with the darn pitchfork. It is what it is?

    Posted by makesmehappy at Tuesday, August 21 2012 07:27 PM

    Instead of showing Nicole getting pretty for Daniel all while rubbing her bump again and again or insisting on Maggie’s insensitivity towards Jennifer’s loss, the show should have paid tribute to Jack...
    Where are Bo and Hope? How come no one told Maggie that Jack was dead?? As soon as Lexi died, her and Abe’s house was full of friends and family... Why isn’t it the case for Jack?

    They should not have brought MA back if it was to let him go this way... I’m sad for the guy...

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, August 21 2012 07:32 PM

    girlinthewind so sorry -your dislike of Marlena is mine I know she was there for Will but it kills me to even see that because if he only had talked to Sonny, SONNY instead of running....then we wouldn't have to see her... did she give good advice??? I ony caught the tail end of him getting tea and saying that part about a friend (meaning Sonny) telling him the samething earlier but he wasn't rady to hear it.

    You know I am biased so you I will read your comments tomorrow after you all watch the show. BUT BUT did you see any sexual tension today? I agree they tried to make you think something might go on with yesterdays ending but today I didn't feel much......

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, August 21 2012 07:34 PM

    much of anything while they talked. Was that today even..see now I am going...what happened today, other than Ian's rambling and EJ and Stefano BOTH finding out that they were played. REALLY??!!! We all said take a dna, how was it Stefano that EJ looks just like Santo? How could you have forgotten that and the test for body parts and blood transfusions...

    Most of what I recall is Ian threatening Theo...tsk tsk tsk..badman bad badman

    Posted by Julie McDaniel at Tuesday, August 21 2012 07:41 PM

    It was funny to see Rafe handcuff Sami and how she flashed back to when she tried to run off from him when they first met. What are these writer's doing is Sami going to have a rough time picking between EJ, Rafe,and Lucus poor girl wished i was in that sittuation. That Ian is nuts i couldn't keep up with all he was saying i just wanted EJ to hurry up a get away and run back to Sami before she falls for Rafe again. The scene with Rafe and Sami brought back memories from when they were at the safe house but i don't want her with him.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, August 21 2012 08:37 PM

    I didn't watch the witness protection time. I hated seeing EJ and the fakebelly.

    Will needs to aplogize bigtime to Sonny. No wonder he was looking so down, Will had to have seen that glimmer and Sonny has never hidden how he would do anything for Will. So the kiss to me came at the wrong time, way too soon after being browbeated by T, but it couldn't have been that surprising.

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