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    The Ghost Of Stefano.

    Tuesday, July 24 2012
    Chad learns the truth, Gabi's questioned, and Sami surprises Will.

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    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, July 25 2012 04:35 AM

    I have to find a starting point here since there is so much to talk about our show these days.

    First I need to say BU BYE Carrie and Austin. Really Carrie had to seek Rafe out again to say goodbye when she had already done that at the police station. That girl had lost it somewhere between Switzerland and Salem USA. I used to really like Carrie and Austin until this last time and the writing for them really sucked big time. I have to say I was a little more impressed with Austin when he was telling Kate goodbye and finally realized if Carrie chose to stay behind he knew there was nothing he could do and would have to put on his big boy panties and move on without here. Kate actually handled things a better than I thought she would. Ok, so Carrie thinks Rafe still has Sami in his head, is that because she stays so confused and felt so guilty that she thought by saying that it would make her feel better and that Rafe was confused too. Oh my golly, then she tells Austin how much she loves him. She changes her loves like normal people change underwear.

    I was wondering if anyone else happened to notice when EJ was in the room where all the pictures of the suspects were hanging and he walked out the door they flashed to that and it looked like the only picture left was of Abe. Are they trying to tell us something? Wow, EJ sure does know how to torture Sami doesn’t he. Oh my golly loved watching him move in a little closer, smell her hair and nearly nibbled her neck, all the time knowing he is breaking her. Sami is his little filly and she just needs to understand that her actions right now are speaking volumes. I was hoping she would tell Pucas to get on the row boat back to Hong Kong if all he was there for was to try and control her and tell her how to walk, talk and think. I would not have been as kind as Sami and probably would not have offered an explanation that he never listens to anyway cause he interrupts all the time. And of course he just had to go shooting his big Pucas mouth off about everything to Kate and ears, I mean Ian. I thought I saw Sami put the drive back in her bra and if the mugger goes digging down in her bra shame on him. Let’s just see how many of Salem’s finest winds up on this case and how fast they find the mugger.

    Could have done without the sex scenes between Brady and Madison mainly because that has been wrong all along, they just don’t belong together. Still amazed that Madison went from calling Brady a liar and not believing that Ian had anything to do with his addiction to his 2-hour rehab and somehow she managed to finalize the divorce and start planning a marriage to Brady. I think since EJ and Nicole were back together what all of two days and allegedly she is pregnant by him and at 4-5 months along looking like she is ready to pop that baby out any time now, that Brady is the father of the baby and they should probably get back together. I know Nicole does not want her baby being raised by a Dimera but there may not be a way around that. First of all, I do believe we are going to find out EJ is a Dimera, John has the Dimera blood running through his veins so that would mean Brady too would have Dimera blood and that is who I think Nicole should probably be with. We all know Brady is not going to go for more than a day without a woman in his life, oh that’s right none of the people in Salem can be for more than a day without someone in their life and if they don’t have an exclusive partner they are screwing with another couples life.
    I truly believe Kate is so onto Ian. She really watches when he is around especially if he is talking to someone. Loved it when he was leaving and she shouted out don’t forget to pick up a wedding gift. She knows he is messing with Brady and Madison. I still think her and Stefano are working together to bring Ian down. Kate is a very strong and bullheaded woman and not likely to fall for Ian little schemes. I have noticed that her love for Stefano gets brought up quite a bit when her and the sneaking little fly Ian are talking.

    It was so funny, last night when I was watching the show, my husband had a comment about Pucas even though for the life of me right now I cannot remember what he said it was so funny. I told him how the poster’s were calling Lucas, Pucas and he thought that was pretty funny.

    Hope is so onto Gabi and I hope she stays on track and gets to the bottom of this. I was just thinking on my way to work this morning, I wonder who they will hook her up with after Bo is gone. Honestly at this point the writers I don’t have done the two of them much justice lately and I wouldn’t care to see them partner with others. It seems like they have to try to hard to show people and themselves how much in love they are that it seems fake to me, same with John and Marlena. I really don’t want to see Gabi get away with this thinking that an I am sorry is all the punishment she should have. She needs help. It is people like her that turn out be terrorists and take things too far. So put her in the padded cell and throw away the keys.

    Will, well lets just say, I think there will be big changes in the way he see things and he will be a part of his mother changing the way she sees things. One thing for sure EJ was willing to be a part of Will and Allie’s life too. I think Will started out trying to get revenge or blackmail but I think he has truly come to respect EJ and might even think of him as a father figure since his father was not in the picture very often. I think Will will be pushing for them to be a family here real soon. I too was wondering what in the heck is all those people hanging out at the Dimera mansion so much since EJ has his own apartment, Stefano is not in sight, Chad does not live there. It must be the community center or something where everyone just goes to hang out. They may want to consider a new sofa because yes that one is truly soiled many times over. Hoping Sonny doesn’t get any cootie bugs from lying on it.

    Enough babbling. You all are probably like is she going to shut up today. I am caught up and feel like I can get back in the conversations again.

    Have a fantabulous day.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, July 25 2012 04:36 AM

    welcome jorjaymom17. Come hang out with us and you will continue to have a blast.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 25 2012 05:07 AM

    bearigan I will have to watch that scene again because I thought the only picture on the board was EJ's himself. He took it off too when he was talking to Sami like he was symbolizing that he isn't EJ DiMera he is just EJ.

    I have no comment to make about Carrie, Rafe and Austin. That last goodbye and talk was a joke.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, July 25 2012 05:12 AM

    Ah, come on allmylovingdays I know you got something really funny just waiting to come out about that last goodbye.

    On the picture I thought why are they showing it, and I don't see very well but I got up pretty close and thought it looked like Abe. Remember Sami put the board back up after EJ knocked everything around. How about that embrace between he and Sami.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, July 25 2012 05:16 AM

    Just read where not only is there talk of bringing Shawn and Belle back but Chelsea also. Hoping that means Max will be coming back with Chelsea and they have not had this terrible breakup because of drugs or something goofy like that. Still no signs of Billie lately, my heart is breaking NOT.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 25 2012 05:21 AM

    JorJay I want to welcome you too and we hope you continue on posting with us here, We all have been just too excited once again with the show. I have to agree with you on how Lucas is acting like a child and way too gleeful--i expect him to runaround and say Nanabooboo. If someone hadn't pointed out to me that Ian looked down his nose at him the other day when he walked I would think he was in cahoots with Ian on setting EJ up.

    I can't believe that 25Years you said that a few years ago this board was so antiEJami but then again the writers truly tried to destroy them. These past few months and most especially these past few weeks the building back up really has lifted most of us out of the ashes we are feeling like the Phoenix himself.

    I finally got some sleep last night and didn't watch too many videos or read. I lied. I read till I couldn't stay awake anymore. After I mentioned Addiction by LouBlue I was going to post the opening paragraphs here so you could see how EJ was written true to his character -well since it was up on my laptop I thought oh what the heck and delved in again. Not that is was my 3rd or 4th reading. Maybe 10-12th.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 25 2012 05:25 AM

    Jorjay a lot of people including James & Chandler have been asked this about Will. Wait until you see today. I think yes he does in away but he also seems to be hero worshiping him. He told his mom yesterday that EJ was smart enough to have his own empire he didn't need Stefano's. Do you know when first got the letter and he told EJ let me work for you, I want to be you. It took a lot of guts for him to say this to EJ, but unforunately EJ is EJ. He was angry that he let Will get a hold of the letter and he didn't see that Will would have willingly walked on coals to be under his tuteledge instead he saw Will as a threat and he treated him as such, so that Will thought OK so you won't let me learn how to be the big and powerful EJ Dimera willingly so I will force you to show me the ropes.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 25 2012 05:45 AM

    At the Emmy's James and Chandler had questions asked about the puppy worship that Will was giving off. If you can go check out their interviews. Will said the writing sometimes had them laughing at the double entendre lines being given. Chandler even mentioned how just that week we watched Will come to the mansion after EJ had bailed him out and the words in script had him asking for EJ’s help in clearing his name but it was worded as ‘you need to help get me off’ and EJ’s words back were, ‘no that’s not my job to clear your name’.

    BUT again today we are going to hear it from so many sides on how Will looks and talks to EJ while they are waiting for EJ’s arraignment. I know too we are going to hear again about how Will smiles too much. I think it is exactly as we have stated time and again & when I heard Sami say it yesterday I did a double take - he is so young just so young. Still wet behind the ears and right now he is trying to prove to EJ that he is loyal, he sees him as part father/mentor and he relates to what EJ is going through in regards to never being good enough to his father. Lucas made a huge error when he stole the letter and tried to play it off that Will left it lying around. And then when Lucas gave it to the police oh no!! Will rushed over at that point to tell them ‘my dad stole that from me’ and then Lucas shook his head and gave this look like right, who are you going to believe this young kid or me the big adult. I don’t know what it will take to mend that relationship.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, July 25 2012 05:52 AM

    OFF TOPIC*****************************************************

    HI ALL OUR SHOW IS GETTING REALLY GOOD!! So sorry I haven't been around, I've just been working a lot of hours and not having time to get online. I hope every one is having a wonderful summer and that every one is enjoying the show. I miss communicating with you and I promise to make a real effort to post at least once a day.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 25 2012 06:09 AM

    Madison's character to me always gave me whiplash. I am strong, I am competent and then she played the doe eyed card. So her going doing that 180 each day of Brady's recent slip to how she knows Ian did drug him didn't faze me much. Her planning her marriage to Brady when they only started divorce proceedings now that one had me saying Hallelujah amen cause now I know that Sami is divorced and I know that EJ is divorced.

    I love it see we are so in sync again and I betch bearigan that zuzu, EngineerMom and makes me happy are all thinking the same about Brady and Nicole. If she can’t lose it let it be further along and let it be Brady’s.

    I know I am this crazed nutty Days soap watcher. I’ve watched other soaps too so my addiction isn’t new. When I get hooked on a couple it takes the show to end for me to finally say it’s over. But I’ve never shipped differently. On All My Children the character Gillian she belonged with Ryan. I don’t care that she died, Ryan never belonged with another woman on the show. The last year it went off the air, they told us we would see Gillian again and I was so excited. I even dvrd that episode so I could see Ryan and Gillian dancing. It was all in his head darn it. One Life to Live the couple for me would be Tea and Todd who turned out to be Victor. I am very ticked off that they killed Tea’s baby when she guest over on GH. Yes a unplanned baby and a soap and I wanted the baby to live-it was a first. It was that gift that piece of Victor that Tea received after his death that she was going to be able to shower with all the love she had for him. LOUSY SOAP WRITERS. On Port Charles it would be Rafe and Alison-Rali, Rafe angel from heaven who gave it all up and was given the chance to be on earth with his wonderful Alison-GOD I loved Rali-when they wrote they carved their names in that barn and when he left to go back to heaven my heart was just as broken as hers. GH – now that one I am sort of who cares, I use to ship Jax and Brenda but they ruined Brenda for me. I loved Robin with Jason when they were younger and he was just out of the coma and learning to be alive. GH likes to play musical fckbuddies too. Y&R I shipped Sharon with Adam for a bit. Adam is just like EJ over here very flawed and he did the unforgivable to Sharon but then she forgave him, but once again first the men in that family dictating to her that if you are with him then you can’t be with your child and then musicalfcking just messed that up and now ssshhhuuuddddeerr she is with Victor but wanting Adam or Nick depending on the day. So my whole paragraph here was just six years plus and horrible terrible writing given at times and yet I am still so totally and completely in love with EJAMI.

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