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    Let The Salvation Begin.

    Thursday, July 19 2012
    Ian gets in John's face, Lucas takes the letter to Rafe, and sexual tension runs high between Sami and EJ.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, July 20 2012 06:23 AM

    I really need to use word when posting.

    MakesMeHappy is living up to her NAME!

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, July 20 2012 06:32 AM

    I love reading the excitement in all your posts. This is the way it should be. We are excited even if we don't agree with others, but excited because our show is picking up speed and has us panting for more. Sounds like EJami, panting for more but yet they have been a bit restrained lately. They have not just jumped in the sofa. IMO Sami and Lucas make much better friends. Plus I agree with others, Sami is a package deal that EJ seems ready and willing to accept and not trying to keep Allie's father away, unlike Lucas (Pucas) that never mentions Johnny and Sydney or seems willing to accept them as part of the family. If you are going to go in something like that you have to be willing to accept the whole package and love the children as well. Plus as others have said, why isn't Lucas working and paying his own way instead of counting on EJ to do that for him. I hate it too that he is kind of turning against Will and I hope this will turn out for some kind of good especially for Will since he is so NAIVEE' (spelled wrong I am sure). Sami has never fought as hard for anyone as she does EJ, as she fight against it. Love it.

    Posted by iluvdays4ever at Friday, July 20 2012 06:47 AM

    ITA with all the comments made. DOOL is really moving and I'm totally obsessed. Don't get me wrong, some parts are better than others, but all around the show is good.

    EJami, EJami, ummm ummmm good!!! I have to say, I was a little frustrated with EJ pulling away from the kiss, but I understand he's trying to get Sami to face her feelings. Pucas has never had that type of affect on Sami and I was just reminded of EJ confessing his love for her back in 2010!!! As I said earlier, that little snitch (Pucas) will do anything to keep EJami apart, because he knows deep down, Sami wants EJ.

    Pucas could not wait to get the word out that EJ is not Stefano's son, but this is so going to backfire on him. And why is he always giving Sami an ultimatum. It's me or EJ....we all know it's EJ and so does he. That little leprachaun is running around making trouble, but I can appreciate it because his trouble making is driving Sami right to EJ.

    Next week is going to be sooooo good!!!!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Friday, July 20 2012 07:08 AM

    Allmylovingdays_ My NAME is obviously related to how I feel about EJ/EJami/James Scott!!!
    iluvdays4ever- Bearigan- Love love love your posts!!
    If I can add something, it seems to me that Sami has finally figured out (or is about to) that EJ is not as bad as she thought, while Lucas might very well be worse than she could ever believe...
    What Pucas is doing to Will is unforgivable. For once, I have to agree with Marlena: at the very least, Pucas should have talked to Will about finding the letter before taking it to the police. It was not on the floor to be found... he clearly searched through his personal belongings. Will is in deeper trouble because of his own father.
    I hate this little weasel even more... Pucas makesmemad...

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, July 20 2012 07:28 AM

    I think we were all hoping that when Lucas was brought back, that it would be to help Will understand himself a little bit more and to be strength for him when needed but more importantly a source of support. But as we all know it turned out to be all about Lucas and Sami, then comes his OCD again and he thinks it is his job to order everyone around and make them think the way he does. Why should either Sami or Will have to comprimise their beliefs or thoughts for Lucas since there is not one single person on this earth that is right 100% of the time. Only Jesus walked on water. EJ on the other hand realizes he has his isms and downfalls like everyone and occasionally tries to work on them and does from time to time even though his good intentions may not last and Sami also knows this. If they are willing to accept one another knowing what they know about each other seems to be it would make a good relationship and yeah allmylovingdays and Engineer Mom I am coming around to your way of thinking.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, July 20 2012 07:43 AM

    Loving the comments this a.m.

    Finally caught up with yesterdays comments. Thanks Engineer Mom, No one more gorgeous than Audrey Hepburn!! Your day at the races sounds like my cup of tea!!!

    I agree, Wish EJ had not pulled away, but Sami sure loves a challenge.

    As annoying as Lucas is, I'd always thought of him as a good father, but after what he did to his son yesterday!!? I guess Will is seeing his true colors. Just so hard for a child to see a parent they thought they could always trust, betray them.
    I can hardly wait to see what Will says to him.. I'm not anxious for EJ to find out how everyone knows about the letter.

    So excited to see what EJAMI's gonna give us next week... I suppose we can wear out our DVR's watching reruns for 2 weeks..

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, July 20 2012 08:00 AM

    GOOD morning ladies!

    Ok, so the only or main reason everyone wanted Sami away from EJ was because he is a DiMera. Is Pucas that stupid that he doesn't see that exposing that he's not gives Sami a hall pass to freely choose EJ? What a Dufus. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. And now he has betrayed his son in the process...shameful!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Friday, July 20 2012 08:13 AM

    Most of all, Pucas wants EJ behind bars... So finding this letter gives motive to EJ for murdering Stefano. Pucas the Dufus thinks he has won! He forgot who the ennemy is...

    Posted by bearigan at Friday, July 20 2012 09:02 AM

    Number one when Lucas thinks he has the upper hand here, he would do good to remember that EJ was part of the reason he was released from prison for shooting him, when it was really Will. Does he really want to go back and revisit that and I think everyone knows if EJ doesn't it will be because of the way he feels about Sami and it will have nothing to do with Lucas. Number two, he is working for EJ right now at CW or has he forgot. That should have been he is supposed to be working but we don't see anyone really working on the show much. Number 3 why in the world would you do something like that to your child knowing it is the Dimera's you are messing with and when the Phoenix returns and accepts EJ as his son (or at least I think he will), then all hellwillbreakloose for Dufus.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, July 20 2012 09:27 AM

    you know the smuggies they think their crap doesn't stink. We all cheered when EJ said it to Lucas and the police that if anyone should think wait a minute my kids are around this dude it should be him.

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