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    Tight Little Box.

    Tuesday, July 17 2012
    Carrie has a meltdown, Daniel panics over Melanie's disappearance, and Melanie appeals to her kidnapper.

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    Posted by PattiRay at Tuesday, July 17 2012 08:34 PM

    Hello to all - first I want to thank each of you who wished me a Happy Birthday! It was so very nice of all of you, especially since most of you don't know me at all. I had a good day and even better since I went back to yesterday's postings and found all the well wishes. Again, thanks.

    condesabays - I live in Texas (Fort Hood area) so I am definately a CST zone too!

    Holdingon - I am glad your test came back good. Hello to you; haven't talked to you in quite some time.

    I know Melanie is leaving; hopefully not by just being kidnapped! I know this was already asked but does anyone know how Bo leaves? I sure hate for that sexy, romantic, character to leave.


    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, July 17 2012 11:53 PM

    Good morning superiffically sweet posting family!! ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

    ♪♫.¸¸ •*¨*•.¸¸ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTIRAY ¸¸•*¨*•.¸¸ ♪♫

    1. Well i now have to retract my statement that i don't like Gabi! I now LOVE her!!!!! She is a wonderful crazy nut, i love her faking unconsciousness (what a wonderful Sami or Nicole thing to do!), i love plan to hire her own stalker, i love that everything is going to backfire on her and i desperately hope that she continues to attempt to scheme and manipulate her way out of her self-created problems!! Although i completely and utterly wish that Gabi had not previously been such an absolute bore, and i find her turnaround from dull to insane quite unbelievable, i now really like this character!! I am beginning to think that there must be something wrong with me as i have a HUGE tendency to gravitate towards liking the crazy characters than the sane ones!! I loved crazy Abby, and now that she's moved back to sane land i really am pretty disinterested in her. I like crazy Sami, i like crazy Will, i like pretty much every crazy character that comes along!!

    2. What on earth is wrong with Carrie and Marlena?!?!?!?!?! I honestly cannot believe how sanctimonious and self-righteous these two can be!! Who are they to put down their own daughter/sister and yet act like the same "crimes" she committed they themselves have too!! How can Marlena sit there and listen to someone insult her child and yet not be filled with an overwhelming desire to defend her?! Wow what an absolutely pathetic character Marlena really is!! Even Sami, who Marlena and Carrie so love to put down, is always jumping in to defend her kids!! And how can Carrie think she is any better than her sister? She is married and pregnant, and yet is stringing along her husband, supposedly the love of her life that she had to have whenever he was with Sami, because she is so in love with her brother-in-law!! Yeah Carrie, you're a real hero!!

    3. I am so super-duper excited about EJ and Sami and how they have been interacting lately!! A couple of years ago i used to be absolutely and completely neutral in regards to whether Sami should be with EJ or Rafe, but now i am totally anti-Rafe!! That guy is such a MAJOR hypocrite!! Came on the show acting like he was such a great guy and then resorts to the same things he berates Sami for!! I hope Rafe ends up alone and sad!! Can't wait for Lucas to go far, far, far, far, far away!! At one time i liked the idea of him and Sami but really for the last few years Lucas rivals Rafe in being the king of hypocrisy!! It does not seem at all like he loves and cares about Johnny and Sydney, he's all about Will and Allie, therefore he has no business being with Sami!! I cannot wait to see EJ and Sami have a real shot at being a family and having a meaningful relationship, i think it would be a HUGE mistake on the part of the writers not to properly explore what could be between such amazingly enigmatic personalities!!

    4. While i am not really at all opposed to the idea of Daniel and Nicole, i mean she was a patient of his so of course he had to end up dating her, and i really like seeing Nicole with someone new, i really think that Nicole needs to spend some time alone, focusing on this baby that she is about to have. The baby she has dreamed of all her life, the baby that she used Johnny and Sydney to try and replace, that should be her one and only priority right now!! Besides doesn't she have enough to worry about with lying to EJ about him being the father of her baby?! And Daniel should be ashamed of himself switching the paternity of a child after he was so down on Carly from keeping his precious Melanie away from him for all those years!! How can he look his girlfriend Nicole's child in the eye knowing that he is keeping that child away from a father who would love it unconditionally?! I am so hoping somehow EJ and Sami take Nicole's baby off her (temporarily, Nicole can have her kid back in the end) just to give that hypocritical girl a taste of her own medicine!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ KIND OF OFF TOPIC ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    I just wanted to say thank you to The Engineer Mom for her comment the other day about certain posters insulting actual actresses and actors. There is absolutely NO need to be doing that, these actors and actresses are just playing characters on a tv show, they are just normal people in real life. As per this site's guidelines bashing of actors/actresses is not allowed, and if you take a look at the B&B board you will see how regularly they are reminded of this, lets all have fun and keep our comments to the crazy characters of our favourite soap operas!!

    Much ❤ to all of you lovely posters!!

    εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆ εїз ☆

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, July 18 2012 03:48 AM

    Whew, finally got caught up last night after watching the last 3 back to back. Allmylovingdays, you are so right about Carrie running back to their hotel room and packing. Oh my golly, really could that have been any quicker. They go from talking house buying in the morning to her rushing off to work only to go see Marlena (who by the way has to be the very worst shrink) back to the hotel to pack (without talking to Austin first)to move back to Switzerland. Nothing like jumping in head first, perhaps she has done that so many times she has a lot of knots. I am thankful no more sessions between her and Marlena, since Marlena is all about screwing with everyone's head and giving them misguided information.

    Just want to see someone turn Gabi over their knees and give her the spanking she has needed for a very long time. Because of her so there has been so much hurt and she has hurt the one she confesses to love as well (Chad) who will probably hate her forever when he finds out and I hope everyone finds out this is Gabi's doing. She called Andrew, he did not call her asking to stalk her, not usually the way stalkers work anyway.

    Zuzu, we will pray for you daughter and the situation she is in, and in the meantime I think I know for sure you are teaching her strength and giving bits and pieces of advise along the way, hoping she is listening. I know for a fact it was God that removed the slimy scamming scoundrel from my life after many months of prayers and the prayers of loved ones, so there is power in prayer and we will pray for your beautiful daughter also.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, July 18 2012 04:50 AM

    bearigan.. No No.. Maybe I misunderstood.. Did you say your daughter is a counselor?? My daughter is in the same line of work.. She's a also a counselor. But thank you.. Sorry, Probably my comments that were confusing.. haha.

    Posted by bearigan at Wednesday, July 18 2012 05:08 AM

    I did misunderstand zuzu, I thought your daughter was in a bad situation, but believe me I am so happy she is not. Nice to have counselors in our families most of the time. Although their jobs can be so very challenging at times. I am pretty sure your daughter has had some horror stories too though they information they could talk to us about is very limited.

    Speaking of limited, little skinny agent Spencer can't seem to keep his mouth shut for nothing. I could not believe when Sami and Lucas came stomping into EJ's apartment demanding to know what was going on he just blurted out they found gloves. Really, they must be the most inexperienced FBI agents, Cops, ISA agents in the world. I think even us laymen knows they cannot comprise evidence and most of the time they are very secretive about what they know hoping the criminal will slip up. I just sit there shaking my head think big dummies.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, July 18 2012 05:14 AM

    Anticipation!!!! I LOVE it!!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, July 18 2012 05:23 AM

    bearigan, I thought the same about Spencer, blurting out, what I thought would have been, Confidential Evidence. No one seemed to find it strange that a Murderer would hold on to the pair of gloves he's used in the crime. lol

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 18 2012 05:27 AM

    littebear how funny Bricole over on the message board loves Gabi too she even is crazy enought to say Gabi would be ideal for EJ in a few years. GOOD GOLLY NO is what I always think.

    Maybe it is Spencer that is on Ian’s payroll and here I am trying to get Rafe to be true to his colors and show the audience how he isn’t a hero. I still can’t believe n not one of the SPD even had a inkling that Gabi’s stalker is the one who took Melanie it had to be CHAD.

    I hear Abe today is going to be a douchebag& not honor his promise to Lexie. I really expected Abe to be the one to come to EJ’s rescue regarding seeing him shoot the wall. How disappointing for me now it is all up to Sami to rescue EJ. WHICH IS GREAT but how?????

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 18 2012 05:29 AM

    Too bad Spencer's big mouth didn't include where they found those gloves.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, July 18 2012 05:32 AM

    The spoiler video is what will happen today. GO CHECK IT OUT

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