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    You Set Me Up!

    Thursday, June 28 2012
    Family prepares for Lexi's memorial, EJ and Nicole share a moment, and Brady accuses Ian of drugging him.

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    Posted by makesmehappy at Thursday, June 28 2012 12:50 PM

    EngineerMom- Your theory is good: Nicole wanting EJ arrested for murder will keep him away from her child… Yet, when talking to Stefano’s corpse, she clearly said she was happy this kid was a Dimera… Go figure this crazy “jump-around-the doctor’s desk-while-constantly-rubbing-my-belly-bump” lying woman!!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 28 2012 12:51 PM

    If Brady thinks he is being drugged he should have held off from coming to Ian. Didn't he learn a thing from the Vivian stuff. GET A CAMERA INSTALLED and catch him in the act.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 28 2012 12:52 PM

    When we watched Lexie's video of course it made me tear up too. I guess get the tissues ready for the big goodbye tomorrow for sure and it looks as if they aren't taking Theo.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 28 2012 12:54 PM

    duh..UNBIASED those investigating can't think beyond EJ EJ EJ EJ EJ EJ. They are as obsessed about him as we are

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 28 2012 12:55 PM

    sneak peek -JOHNNY I love this kid-such a matchmaker!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Thursday, June 28 2012 04:01 PM

    I don't get Nicole.. She has always wanted EJ so bad.. Now that she could really have a life with him, and his baby, she's trying to put him away..
    You can't tell me that she would not forgive EJ having sex with Sami that ONE DAY, while they both thought Johnny was dead.
    She was having sex with Brady when she first went back to EJ.. So what is it??
    Does she only want EJ when she can't have him?? She's knows EJ. SHE knows, unless she is completely STUPID, that EJ is going to find out what she has done, and dear Lord help her when he does find out!!!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Thursday, June 28 2012 05:01 PM

    I was searching for a list I read last week that stated how many times Stefano had either died or faked his death over the years. I ran across an article that was really interesting to me.. Maybe all of you have already read this.
    It was talking about how Joe Mascolo was NOT happy with the S/l's of how his character was always blamed with everything bad that happened in Salem.
    He mentioned how Renee Jones (Lexi) came into his dressing room when she'd learned they were going to blame Stefano for her death and how he and Renee were unhappy with this s/l.
    The article also says James Scott approached him when learning of the s/l about EJ NOT being Stefano's son, and how they were BOTH upset about this s/l..
    It goes on to say he was NOT pleased with the s/l of Stefano and Kate's break-up..

    hmmmmmm.. strange huh???
    So could it be, it's NOT just the fans thinking the s/l's could be GREATLY improved?!!?
    IF this article is true!!!? Then Stefano just got "fed-up" with crappy s/l's..
    you can find it on, michaelfairmansoaps com .
    Title: Joe Mascolo speaks about being written out of Days, for now!

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, June 28 2012 07:14 PM

    Hello all my posting girlies!!

    1. I have to start off by having a teeny tiny complain about Nicole!! (apologies to makesmehappy who has already read some of this!!) She is absolutely the biggest hypocrite on the show right now!! After EVERYTHING she has done to try to get EJ, lying about her pregnancy, pressuring Mia into giving up Grace, stealing Sydney practically from Sami's arms immediately after birth, passing Sydney off as her own, giving up Brady to pretend to be Johnny and Sydney's mommy, now when she actually has the chance to have this dream family with EJ that she has been rambling for years about how much it means to her, she decides she doesn't want it!! I guess Nicole's true colours are really starting to show!! She knows that she is not in love with EJ otherwise she would be running straight to him and having the "happy" family she keeps claiming she wanted with him. Instead she is doing everything she can to make herself happy, which includes keeping her baby to herself!! She was happy to give EJ his baby when it worked to her advantage, but now she wants nothing to do with EJ and is happy to keep his child from him despite the lengths she went to with Sydney. I guess she never really loved Sydney and Johnny either, if she loved them as much as she claimed why she is trying to get their daddy put in jail?! Oh yes i guess because Nicole only cares about what she wants, it's ALL about HER!! She wants to keep her baby to herself so who cares who else gets hurt in the process!! She doesn't really think EJ would take the baby from her, she knows EJ only lashes out when hurt, other than when Sami has done something to him he has never taken Johnny or Sydney from her, so why would Nicole think he would take their child?! I guess Nicole is really scraping the bottle of the barrel for excuses to do what she wants!! I actually think it would be great for her to get a taste of her own medicine and EJ and Sami raise her child for a while and see just what it's like to hear her baby call someone else mommy!!

    2. I have come to the conclusion that i think the reason EJ believes he is in love with Nicole is because he's been "brainwashed" as it was by his father. EJ is so desperate to make Stefano happy, and has heard for years from Stefano how great a Dimera wife Nicole would be, how she's perfect for EJ, how she's such a good mommy, and i think EJ has come to "believe" that. He thinks that to be with and have a family with Nicole will make his daddy love him and be happy and proud of him. But EJ knows deep down that Sami is the woman for him which is why he continuously finds himself drifting back to her as though they are magnets constantly being pulled together even when they try to fight it. EJ and Sami get each other in a way that no one else can, they fight their feelings because they are afraid of being happy, but they will not be able to stay away from each other forever, the desire to be together and to raise their children in the family environment they were both deprived of is the only thing that can ever make them happy!!

    3. I am so desperately hoping that ED will come back!! How perfect for her to be here for EJ at this time, she could fill in the blanks about this nonsense of him not really being Stefano's son! Of course if either Kristen or Susan return I want it to be related to EJ and have absolutely NOTHING to do with John and Marlena! I hate Marlena and John so i do not at all want a character to come back to bring another story for those two!! I think Kristen or Susan, or preferably both, would bring a fantastic dimension to EJ's current stories and would help to make his character even more well rounded! Plus ED is SUCH a fabulous actress and an absolute JOY to watch!!

    4. With this Gabi storyline, if her character had been portrayed in a more interesting and likeable manner in the past, and this storyline wasn't coming right on the heels of crazy Abby and her nuttiness, then i think this actually could have been a fun story to watch! Crazy Gabi faking a stalker, getting found out, only to then really end up in danger only no one believed her could have been really interesting and lead to Gabi actually finding someone of her own to fall in love with. But since we just watched crazy Abby, and then had the storyline dumped, and since Gabi has always been such a dull nothingy type of character then this storyline just is not at all working for me!! The addition of Andrew makes me remember Jan Spears!! I wonder if he is actually going to end up falling for Gabi and once Melanie is rescued and Gabi is found out he will actually kidnap her only no one will really believe it since she's been such a little liar!! What fun!!

    5. I am well aware that i am the only person who couldn't really care less about Lexie dying. I think the acting has been great but i just don't care that she died, of course i do feel a little bad every time i see sweet little Theo, i don't care that she's leaving, and i don't think the Lexie character brings anything to the show. She has not had a story in years, so i don't feel invested in her character, plus Lexie acts like she's such a goody-two-shoes when she has done plenty of horrible things! The only thing i liked about her character was her interactions with EJ, of which other than the last couple of weeks we haven't seen in ages, and her developing relationship with Chad, which was dropped before it was ever really properly shown. Personally if i had been writing this story i would have made sure to "up" Lexie's profile in the months leading up to is, have her involved in some really good stories, really make people invested in her character, and then to lose her would really seem like a devastating loss!!

    6. My favourite thing about Will is that he is utterly and completely his mother's son!! I just love that he is turning out just like his mommy, and while i think Sami is "responsible" for warping Will i think it was for entirely different reasons that Marlena ended up warping Sami. With Sami and Marlena it was Marlena's neglect of her daughter, and her complete self-involvment and lack of interest and involvement in Sami's life that led to Sami turning out the way she did. Whereas with Sami and Will it is almost Sami's over-involvement in her son's life that has led him to be warped!! The constant bickering with Lucas over custody of Will when he was little, and developing in him the desire to "protect" her which led to him helping to cover up her shooting EJ in the head. I like that Sami and Will have a tentative relationship, and that Sami truly wants to be there for her son despite her self-centerdness!! Will is just as self-centred as Sami, everything he does is to make himself happy, and yet at the same time he truly loves his family! I think he is going to be a totally AWESOME big brother to Johnny, Sydney and Allie when they grow up!!

    7. Don't care at all about Brady/Madison/Ian!! I can't believe that the writers took what was initially my favourite new couple in Brady and Madison and completely turned them into a terrible and utterly boring couple!! So much potential!! I would have loved to see Brady move on with someone other than Nicole, I would have loved to see him start a family with Madison, i really loved his interactions with Sami's kids, i would love to see him become a daddy, and maybe that could have lead to an interesting story about the baby being born with some sort of illness, and had Nicole trying to comfort Brady but him telling her he wants nothing more to do with her!! Then we could have seen Brady and Madison bring in an interesting business story, something i still think this show is lacking!! Oh and by the way i am still clinging to the hope that Nicole's baby is Brady's! The writers could pull a Bo turning out to have slept with Hope even though we never saw it happen and is the father of Zach story and had Brady be Nicole's baby's daddy!!

    Anyway that is MORE than enough from me!!

    Have a super-duper day super-duper girlies!!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Thursday, June 28 2012 08:32 PM

    Littlebear: applause- applause- applause!!!!!
    Your description of Nicole's behavior towards EJ and this whole incoherent rejection process is so right on! I've always felt Sami spoke the truth when she called Nicole a money grubbing/gold-digging "witch".... There is Nothing genuine in her feelings for EJ after all....

    On the other hand, EJ's feelings for Nicole have nothing to do with true love. He is so insecure in that field, his intentions were always to please his father and be loved for who he is. 
    Nicole played her game well and maybe she even believed herself she was in love with EJ...
    But it gets down to the fact that she now has what she's always wanted: a baby to love her unconditionally. EJ was only the "donor" she needed to get her belly growing.

     In the end, he has used her as much as she has used him. 
    Most definitely, they are not each others true soulmates. They need to part and go find who those soulmates are... EJ won't have to search for long; he only needs to stop fighting what's already burning inside...

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, June 28 2012 09:36 PM

    Oh my golly goodness i just had an EXTREMELY unpleasant Days experience!! I turned on my TV and what horrible sight met my eyes - EJ and Taylor!!!!! We are so far behind here in Australia that we are still stuck in that most awful and completely nonsensical storyline!!!!!

    Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!

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