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    Grandpa, I'm Gay.

    Wednesday, June 20 2012
    Abe and EJ make peace, Andrew has something to show Gabi, and Will comes out to Roman.

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    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, June 21 2012 03:52 AM

    Oh my gosh, was this show awesome or what. I am happy Lexie is going to be able to retire but I sure wish we would not have had to see her pass on. I was simply amazed at everyone’s acting especially Theo, Abe and EJ were all awesome and just absolutely loved it when they hugged and Lexi felt at peace with that. It is pretty amazing that Theo has powers to know things when they happen or maybe it was just because of the closeness he shared with his Mom that he knew when she went to heaven. How nice to see Ciara on the show again, was starting to wonder if she would be shown again.

    I agree with everyone else, it was a bad call to put anything to do with Gabi on Wednesday’s show. Oh my golly, that girl just makes me want to throw up. It is like really come on, if Melanie is leaving the show do we really have to have it this way with her being locked in a basement by some freaking psycho and the psycho that hired him. Wow, how is Gabi paying this guy to stalk her. I hope Chad has the good sense to see through her soon and kicks her to the curb in not such nice ways. I look forward to seeing her try to explain away her actions cause I don’t think she will face up to them and then it will be oh I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, it was all in the name of love. Yadaayadaayadas. Good grief, IMO this was just about the tackiest thing the writers could have done.

    The situation at the police station though, again Sami pulled awesome out of her hat. I loved the little nods letting Will know that it was ok, and loved the fact that she told Roman no I will not discuss his private life but if he wants to tell you he can. But again Neil made it sound as if he and Will had been dating for awhile now and of course instead of leading us into that with bits and pieces it was thrown at us. I know there are still people that are prejudice and don’t understand people that are different from them and want to make them think society is going to throw bad things at them, like Roman was with Will. However, I really don’t think most people are that bad and would choose to keep peace rather than discriminate and throw hateful things out there. Not sure I am making sense, just wished they could have kept that out of the writing too as far as people talking about Will when the world got hold of it cause when remarks are made like that it seems to get the pot stirring and can make a situation worse. With all that being said, they too did an awesome job Will, Sami and Neil not so much Rafe, Roman and Carrie. Hopefully this will be a breakthrough for Sami and Will.

    Chad where are you little buddy. Your sister has passed away and no one is informing you, how sad that again someone important was forgotten in the writing.

    Here’s hoping we are winding down with the last of the feeble storylines of the last writers and moving on in better directions. But I have not missed any shows on purpose nor thought about not keeping up with it cause I STILL LOVE MY DAYS.

    Have a fantabulous day.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, June 21 2012 04:01 AM

    EngineerMom, I for one am so glad you are back posting with us. Oh my golly, I get the biggest kick out your and zuzu. Don't ever stop entertaining us ok. There are many others too and I love knowing we are all on this board and supporting our show and each other even from a distance and may never ever meet each other in person but we all have the one common denominator, Day's of our lives.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 21 2012 05:12 AM

    zuzu you crack me up lately but I agree with you

    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, June 20 2012 12:57 PM
    Yeah, when I started to comment on how emotional it was to watch the pain of Abe, Theo and EJ, I fast fowarded thru one more time to see where I'd missed Chad. I was thinking that Chad must have had a scene that was remarkable, just like the other 3.. But NO, just Gabi and her frecky stalker.. I'm with you.. Where the heck is Chad?!? Hellooo.. Would someone like to call Chad.. and the actors said.. "Hey fans, we thought the same thing.. we're reading the script and saying.. uhh.. Hey writer's, don't you guys think that maybe it would make more sense to put Chad into today's s/l, rather than Gabi and kidnapper??" ha

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 21 2012 05:16 AM

    Days writers see if you kept up this wonderful writing you would have posters like ds94541 commenting on the show more often.

    Sometimes I am too verbose and I hope that my continuous rambling doesn't prevent others from giving their opinion. I do sometimes want to say exactly what I thought of the episode and forget to add a thought here and there and then there are times I am bored at work and check the boards and think only 10 comments gotta push that number.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 21 2012 05:21 AM

    Engineer Mom you too. Everyone thinks Will is holding some cards close to his chest. Is it a spoiler you all have read??!! I don't care - I am not going there I will just have to wait and see and thank God you cried. My sister she watchs tv and tells us all about how we are heartless because my niece and I don't cry over the same things she does and yes they are hertwarming and amazing but we didn't and she wanted to call the exorcist out for us said she could get a bargain a two for one. I bet when I've been talking to her this week and telling her headache, nose hurts because I've been crying over this death on Days she is probably thinking oh this THIS you cry over. She has been very sweet and told me I understand get those tears out.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 21 2012 05:23 AM


    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, June 20 2012 06:36 PM
    OMG, Gabi has just got to be creeper #2. Chad runs off to look for Mel 'oh, well I'm coming too!' Good GOD girl, go curl your hair tighter or something! They do her hair like she is friggin Shirley Temple, Why on earth would Chad want a piece of that? GAG...

    I mentioned those curls awhile back and I thought I guess it is just me that hates them.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 21 2012 05:31 AM

    Little bear I am shocked! [ijoking I will get the exorcist number from my sister

    Posted by little bear at Thursday, June 21 2012 02:22 AM

    ceelo - okay honey just email when you can!

    The Engineer Mom - big hi's and hugs to you!! Looking forward to Friday!!

    I think I may be the ONLY Days fan who couldn't care less that Lexie died!! Great acting, and I feel bad for sweet little Theo, but I am not even a teensy-weensy bit sad about Lexie!!

    It was nice seeing your post here hope you are enjoying Y&R -I watched a bit yesterday & Adam brushing off Sharon was awesome even though at one point I was so a Sharon & Adam fan. But I can't stand her right now and thought Adam is so right -the mustache isn't filling up that cold heart of hers is he.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, June 21 2012 05:56 AM

    allmylovingdays, I do check out the spoilers but try to keep them under my lid because I know there aer some that don't like them and love the surprises more, and I for the most part wish I was still like that. All I can say is just keep watching.

    Carrie and Austin are leaving and I for one am pretty glad for that but I keep reading she may be back flying solo. WTH. I guess if Nicole is hooking up with Dr. Dan, that kind of leaves Rafe out unless he hooks up with Billie or Jennifer when Jack leaves. HAhaahaaa, that is too funny Jennifer, can you just imagine her and Rafe, what was I thinking. But with Bo leaving I guess we have to have someone for Hope too, which hopefully is not John again. We all know most of the people in Salem cannot be alone for any length of time. But back to Carrie, I really hope they reconsider and leave it as her and Austin went back to Switzerland and work on their marriage and look forward to the little bambino that will be arriving. I don't know why they have to keep breaking every couple up.

    Oh yeah, the curls are very childlike. I could understand it if that were Ciarra but Gabi naw, not so much.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Thursday, June 21 2012 06:01 AM

    I was over to my moms house when DAYS was showing. I didn't really pay too much attention to the show, for one thing too many kids were around, and the noise level was crazy. Anyway, I was taping it at home (plan on watching it again; I saw the hug between EJ and Abe, how sweet! The death of Lexy was played out beautifully! I loved when Lexi touched her son's shoulder, he didn't even looked around, he just said "hi mommy"

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, June 21 2012 06:08 AM

    Perfect just perfect. Zuzu I was explaining twitter & so that you can read & join in live when watching the show but of course the page refreshed. It’s just as well I was way too detailed.

    Tweeting can be done on your computer –and is a new thing that movies, tvshows, books and music can be rated and tweeted about and if you are prolific you can earn actual stickers of your shows. Twitter I think can be done from facebook so if you have one join from that site. Twitter has a little blue bird emblem if the show or website is or can be connected to tweet about.

    Now I have to run to message board and see what is being said about my favorites. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Bearigan I know even during the rough and tough boring episodes we sit through them which today I read the recap and it is another filler one but no crying!! I think they decided to give us a break from crying for one day.

    We commented on shirleytemple curls-and I love Freddie but what did they do to his HAIR yesterday? Did they call him in last minute and say we need you on set NOW. I know Str8t on message board is pretty good at knowing when we will see him next and she was just as surprised as all of us seeing Sonny yesterday. She knew he would be on today so poor kid hopefully he didn’t let them touch his hair and he did it himself. Keeping my fingers crossed it looks better than yesterday.

    bearigan my last comment is about how you mentioned Bo is leaving and you should have seen the tweets and stuff on different websites trying to now say that Hope is open for a relationship and why not her and EJ. EJ???!! Like Hope would deign to lower herself to be with him. Talk about desperation of some fans. They mentioned how it was very obvious since she called EJ to tell him that Lexie died that they have a connection. I bet there are websites being made to build that up I know I read a post by someone saying she was going to make a banner for them.

    When Dr Jonas first joined the show people knew he was going to be a manho` so when Bo was sick both times it is a wonder that the fans didn't think at those times Hope and Dr Dan? He preys on his patients why not his patients wives.

    I am still laughing at zuzu's comments about how Rafe took Officer Kents pencil and was writing so seriously what Will the suspect was saying-suspect says 'he's gay, he was at a gay bar' and then the jumping to the forefront and saying GREAT GOOD JOB so happy for you. They had to give him a few lines, loved Carrie's too-you just made my jo so much easier'. Honey as zuzu mentioned you had one case and that was finding the lost cat. I want her as my criminal lawyer too. Thank GOD Will had an alibi.

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