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    As Sensitive As Sandpaper.

    Friday, May 25 2012
    Kate gives Sami advice, Will comes clean, and Lexi says farewell.

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    Posted by little bear at Friday, May 25 2012 03:58 PM

    ♪♫.¸¸ •*¨*•.¸¸ HAPPY BIRTHDAY dqc1984 ¸¸•*¨*•.¸¸ ♪♫

    The Engineer Mom - hi my sweetie-bear! What's this "hint hint" stuff?! You know i don't like feeling pressured to post! But since i love you i will try to write something over the weekend!

    Posted by girlinthewind at Friday, May 25 2012 06:02 PM

    Okay even if I got nothing-- "as sensitive as sandpaper" wow I love that. I will use it. In fact, I can be that way sometimes hee hee. It's mostly a facade to keep co-workers laughing.

    Having said that, I did like the conversation with Will and EJ. I even liked the conversation with Kate and Sami, and I hope for once the girl listens. Seriously, she has been given some really good advice from EJ, Lucas and Kate, hopefully it will sink in.

    Will is about the only thing rocking my world on the show right now. I find Marlena and John boring, I know at one time they were good same with Bo and Hope they do nothing for me except make me search for the pitch fork--which I think the Engineer Mom borrowed LOL.

    I agree with all of you, it is so sad that they are finally giving Lexi a chance to rock her scenes, too bad they didn't do that earlier, perhaps she wouldn't have decided to retire.

    Stefano, is a bit of a mystery to me right now, I know he loves EJ and I wish they would do another DNA test because I do believe EJ is his son.

    Everyone have a great long weekend, coming from a line of veterans--my Grandfather, Father, sister and myself this is a great Holiday for me. I have much to be greatful for, I also mourn the lives lost keeping America the land of the free. I work with a great bunch of Army people everyday, I am humbled by them. We had a ceremony earlier this month for people like myself that have over 30 years of public service and also to honor the wounded warriors, I was very humbled to sit behind them and get a chance to thank them and talk to them.

    Little Bear, my little sister, please if you feel up to it, provide one of your very well thought out posts. If not, love you sis and don't worry about it.

    Happy Birthday dqc1974.

    Searching for the pitch fork, later everyeone have a great weekend.

    Posted by LongTimeDaysFan at Friday, May 25 2012 06:27 PM

    PLEASE let's not make rude remarks about our actors' looks. They have feelings too. No need to be cruel.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, May 25 2012 09:55 PM

    Posted by LongTimeDaysFan at Friday, May 25 2012 06:27 PM

    PLEASE let's not make rude remarks about our actors' looks. They have feelings too. No need to be cruel.
    I'm not sure if you were referring to my comment. But if so, First, I apologize to Melanie (character).. and to Longtimedaysfan, if my comments were misunderstood.. I am also a long time days fan, and I have much respect for all the Actors, and I Thank them for bringing so much joy and entertainment into our homes.

    If my comment about Melanie's B-u-t-t was misunderstood, I was saying that I wish my butt looked like that.. I think she is the Hottest , cutest actress on TV.. and I mean any show, day or night.. She looks just like another Actress, can't think of her name at the moment.. Maybe The camera angle was weird, but I was thinking how sexy she was in those pants..And I'm saying it from a Straight Grandma's point of view. She's my favorite actress of anyone right now..

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, May 25 2012 10:18 PM

    And I add, that IF I had thought for a minute this post was offensive in anyway, I would never had Commented.. I can't speak for the Fan who originally made the comment, but if you will read their other posts, I've NOT found anything they've posted that was offensive.. Maybe I have wasted my time and effort. Maybe you are referring to another post.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, May 25 2012 10:23 PM

    LongTimeDaysFan, I was actually talking about Gabi not Melanie, so now we're all confused about who you're referring to. I think it was the outfit that made her look like that (which I though I made clear). That camera and the wardrobe department can do a number on anyone...LOL!

    I don't think anyone intends to be mean, but hey, we are all going to be critical of our soap, right?!

    Posted by LongTimeDaysFan at Friday, May 25 2012 11:35 PM

    No, zuzu61, it wasn't the "camera angle" comment. In fact, the negative butt comments started another day.

    I understand that it's easy to forget that real people are behind the characters and thus make hurtful remarks without intending to offend a real person.

    Years ago, a young Days actress was ridiculed for being "fat." She is now a lovely young woman (still on Days), but those remarks must have hurt. I just didn't want us starting to do that to anyone else.

    And yes, Engineer Mom, I agree we can criticize our soap long as we're sensitive to the actors playing those characters.

    Wishing all the actors, writers, and, of course, posters a wonderful safe weekend!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Saturday, May 26 2012 04:57 AM

    Happy Saturday to all!
    Great show yesterday! Sami getting advice from Kate should go down in history. If only my dear Sami would stop repeating that she «should’ve known»! Okay honey, you didn’t know and you couldn’t guess or even imagine it... Now, can we move forward please?? With patience and understanding?

    I wish they’d show Sami as a strong mother in this situation. I wish EJ was right when saying: «What if Will’s coming out and her reaction to it was THE situation that made Samantha change?» She loves her son like we love ours; it’s unconditional, we see that. Now let’s stop focusing on Sami’s interior conflict and move forward to more harmony.
    Even if I totally get why Will is so mad, it’s about time he put some water in his own wine and stop putting off an adult conversation with his mom. Nothing good will come out of his ongoing anger...

    Posted by makesmehappy at Saturday, May 26 2012 05:17 AM

    I said I loved yesterday’s show... but I’m also quite upset to hear Will was blackmailed into revealing Sami was with EJ to Rafe. Anyone else HATE that??
    I’m absolutely sure that was not the writers idea at first. If so, we would have seen Stefano interacting with Will towards that; when and how did Stefano learn of the infidelity? What would be his purpose in having Rafe or eventually Nicole, hear about it?? Because he feels EJ should rather be with Samantha than with Nicole?? I’m sorry but why the sudden change of heart? Stefano loved to have Nicole near... She was helpful to him, much more than Sami could ever be. I would have been more accepting if Stefano had blackmailed someone else than Will to have Rafe learn the truth.

    What disappoints me the most is the possibility of EJ NOT forgiving Will for that revelation. Their «father-son» relationship is amazing! I think Will is an important asset to EJ’s maturity, as EJ is one to Will’s growth as a man... Their interaction is fun, witty and it makes for first-class moments for the fans.
    We need this relationship to work if we want EJ and Sami reuniting. If EJ shows he is trustworthy, Will could even become supportive (even cooperative) in his mom and EJ getting back together. I’m sure that if he hated him as a teenager, Will has grown to appreciate EJ a lot! Plus, working for him makes Will have an interesting life compared to the ones of his fellow 20something friends...

    Posted by makesmehappy at Saturday, May 26 2012 05:22 AM

    I’m still wondering why EJ accepts the revelation of him not being a DiMera without fighting to prove he is. And if he admits the fact that Stefano is not his «papa», then why isn’t he looking to find out who is??? This abnegation is really out of character for EJ. I’d be happy to read your thoughts on that.

    Off Topic / @allmylovingdays- I sent you an email... Did you get it?

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