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    Wednesday, May 23 2012
    Lexi shares her grief with Daniel, Abe learns devastating news, and Austin tells Rafe his wife is pregnant.

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    Posted by zuzu61 at Wednesday, May 23 2012 04:02 PM

    OMG!!!! Lexi is Breaking my heart!!! Why does she have to leave.. I hope she wins the Grammy next year for dealing with death and leaving a child behind.. Esp. a child that is incapable of understanding.. Heartbreaker...

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, May 23 2012 04:06 PM

    On the Carrie and Austin subject, I’ve never seen a couple so incapable of having a decent conversation. It is probably Carrie’s fault. When Rafe wanted to tell her he wasn’t Nicole’s baby’s father, he couldn’t place a word for days. Now, it’s her who can’t slip one in, cause as soon as Austin opens his mouth, he’s in full speed. This total disrespect between two people is stunning!

    On the other hand, Sami is really trying to listen more than ever! Whether with EJ or with Lucas, she seems quite determined to take as much advice as she can from the men in her life! It’s just too bad they have her so needy to find out what the most simple and decent behaviour should be under the circumstances...

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, May 23 2012 04:23 PM

    Has anyone else read the new EJami fanfiction?

    So much fun to have Sami long for EJ and go for him instead of him chasing after her. Thank you SO MUCH for this great story. I still can't believe writers have not explored this EJami connection more.

    Posted by breathtaking at Wednesday, May 23 2012 04:34 PM

    Rafe's response is priceless, can't wait to see his face in total shock!!!!!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, May 23 2012 05:27 PM

    @ zuzu61 - My dear, I could never stay away from the spoilers for too long! Whether reading them makesmehappy or makes-me-sad, I’m a glutton for THE SPOILERS!

    Posted by dedee at Wednesday, May 23 2012 06:28 PM

    I can't believe Stephano is getting away with it, he is so sly. but the CIA is so stupid to let him go, Stephano help them out, thats a laugh. Marlena/John so Kool, can't wait to see what John has up his sleeve for Stephy. Hope really does make a great cop. Austin what an idiot, going into Carries purse so sneaky, and then blurting out she is pregnant like that, he is such an idiot, needs to leave Dool. Rafe/Nicole is awsome, but Carrie and Rafe not a match. Sami should have been there for Will, not run out like that, what kind of mother does that? She is all about Sami, Will is so right. Where is all the children on DOOL? we hear about them, but we don't see them. are they just ornaments on a wall? can't wait to see tomarrow's, love it!

    Posted by Toni Gail Brady at Wednesday, May 23 2012 07:41 PM

    Still FFing thru the Carrie/Rafe crap. Majorily disappointed in the Victor/Maggie issue.

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, May 23 2012 07:47 PM

    How hilarious was Nicole today??? I love this character when she plays goofy. She would most definitely be an asset to keep Rafe away from his eternal boringness.
    I love Arianne Zucker's talent!

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, May 24 2012 04:03 AM

    Allmylovingdays, I took your advice before even reading it and started catching up last night and so far so good. Thanks for your thoughts, the cold is leaving the body but tis that time of year for allergies as well.

    I may be in the minority here but I am enjoying the Victor/Maggie storyline right now. Glad to see them back and having somewhere to go other than things being all hunky dorey all the time which we know in real life is not reality. I really have to wonder through when Victor asked Maggie if she was lashing out at him about what happened over 30 years ago or if it was something she was feeling guilty about or something along those lines. That leads me to believe something is going to be coming out that Maggie was involved in back then that perhaps she has been keeping secret. I also saw the expression on her face when she left the pub and stopped briefly. So really glad they seem to be going somewhere with this relationship at least and they are so cute when they are sparring. Love it.

    I don’t even know if there are words to express how I feel about the whole stand-up comedy routine at the SPD. Oh my gosh, Roman screaming out, John going after Stefano, Hope and Bo yelling. Haven’t they figured out yet Stefano loves watching them make idiots of themselves. Sometimes better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot than to open it up and reassure them. The CIA agent really, another dumb thing IMO. But for the really good part, EJ making his little comments and knowing the truth but also trying to protect Lexi. I can understand Lexi loving her father but there was a time she fought just as hard as the next person to have him thrown in jail and knows he does evil deeds but yet she always wants him free. I have to admit I do get a kick out of watching Stefano when things like this is going down. Joe is an awesome actor.

    Carrie and Austin and add Rafe to the mixture and you get a huge cake of yuck. First of all when Carrie and Rafe are professing their undying love to each other it doesn’t show on their faces at all. It is like when we go in the first grade and have our little crush and we write little love notes back and forth. I love you , do you love me yadda yadda yadda. I really have a difficult time stomaching that mess. Then you got Austin constantly running his mouth at 80 MPH and Carrie tagging along like a little child. Really wish they would grow up and act their ages. I really don’t see much sense in them bringing Carrie back once she is gone, really no place for her and nothing for her to do in Salem. Plus Nicole is starting to have feelings for Rafe and we know what she is capable of if she wants to get someone out of the way. Look what she did to Chloe. Look out Carrie, Nicole will be after your butt.

    Gotta try and finish getting caught up tonight so I am guessing it will be no surprise to any of our posting friends that tomorrow I will be babbling on and on again.

    Engineer Mom love reading your comments too funny. Also zuzu. So glad to see more posters back this AM.

    Have a fantabulous day.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, May 24 2012 05:12 AM

    It's time allmylovingdays, I am waiting for you to hop on here. I need someone to talk to LOL.

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