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    Brady, You're Flexing Your Muscles.

    Wednesday, May 16 2012
    EJ supports Sami, Lucas gets Will to open up, and Brady makes a fool of himself after his drink is spiked.

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, May 16 2012 03:41 PM

    DANG I luv ya Jack I couldn't agree more about on the editing room floor but then again I would have put a lot of the show on the editing room floor and REWRITE rewrite rewrite.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, May 16 2012 04:18 PM

    I am soooo glad Nic took Brady home. I think that is very telling

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, May 16 2012 04:22 PM

    Would it be such a tragic thing if Brady as drunk or high as he is...drove Niki home and had an acccident? Can you imagine the guilt that he would feel. Man I bet Eric could play this to the hilt too and give us something to cry about or worry about regarding his character.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, May 16 2012 04:29 PM

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, May 16 2012 10:28 AM

    Here's my take on why Sami reacted like that. And I think I have a bit of insight because I severely dislike my mother and have had a hard time forgiving her for some things. She has resented John and Marlena for so long and then was heartbroken to have to grieve for them without having reconciled. Then to find out it was a lie after she had shown how vulnerable she was when she thought they were dead, and how much she showed to people that she really did love them made her feel even more resentful towards them when she found out it was all a lie. Almost like them adding one more reason for her to be nasty to them. She only would feel that tender love and remorse if they were actually dead. SO them being alive makes her feel exactly the opposite.

    Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head, but I am not very good with words.

    I get what you are saying. I had a longer post and I was trying to explain how kids and their parents sometimes the rift can't be fixed. It's my own personal expeirence too.

    I don't think that everyone should give Sami a pass, or say that to Will that she needs time. I am a bit ticked off at Will more than Sami though. I think I may always be more ticked at Will because he himself has condoned her behavior and now all of sudden he just expect it to change. I want to virtual slap him out of this or shake him and say why now? I am still ticked off that he helped cover up Sami shooting EJ. I guess you can't mess with EJ in my book and never feel any remorse or ask for any sort of forgiveness but just expect it and I am suppose to be A-Ok with it? I know this isn't real. It is a soap, but see that coud have some big drama and emotitonal scenes like we had in November and it would keep me spellbound and not switching the channels when they put the powerrangers on bring down the bad guys.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Wednesday, May 16 2012 05:09 PM

    Bearigan...on your question about sami as a man..."SAM"
    I think that was when she was on maternity leave with
    her first child..and it was actually a guy actor mostly.
    Not sure...but I think that is how it happened...she was
    trying to prove to Lucas that Kate had set her
    keep her from marrying Lucas....

    Posted by girlinthewind at Wednesday, May 16 2012 05:21 PM

    Hello, I was on vacation last week and didn't watch, I came home this week and well I just don't have much sorry guys.

    Glad Will came out to Sami and Lucas, Sami will come around she was just dumb founded because she didn't see it and is such a terrible mom to poor Will. Sami doesn't deal well with life, let's face it unless it's about her.

    As for the ISA, Hope, Bo, blah, blah, blah we're dead crap, gag me with a pitch fork, it's so lame, my flowers are drooping...

    Holding on, glad you are up and about and getting better. That's a good thing, prayers and healing thoughts everyday coming your way, and anyone else here that needs them.

    I like EJ and Sami talking together. I hate that Ian drugged my Brady's drink and his powder,I can't stand anyone messing with my boy. I'm not sure what Ian is bringing to the table or why he was even invited since he didn't even bring a covered dish, but someone really soon needs to tell us his purpose or I'm kicking him out the door. Invited or uninvited guest, he has worn out his welcome, no longer welcome at my table LOL.

    If Maddie is leaving, why even let her get involved with my Brady, I guess Ian will turn out to be EJ's dad or related to Stephano, and take his place if he is going to retire, but I don't like him, so they need to do something to make it clear why I have to look at him.

    Maybe Nicole and Brady will find their way back to each other since Rafe is an idiot and thinks he is in love with Carrie another gag me with a pitch fork moment.

    Darn, and I didn't think I had anything to say....

    Back to lurking until I get motivated to write again....

    The ulitmate lurker

    Posted by girlinthewind at Wednesday, May 16 2012 05:35 PM

    Oh yeah one more thing posting peeps. How is it on soaps and other shows that people walk around with amazing drugs that I'm sure are not legal just in case they they thet the opportunity to drug someone? I mean really, if I had some amazing drugs that were even prescription, I wouldn't be walking around with them looking to drug someone, I'm selfish I would keep them for myself. I mean I can't even fit a pitchfork in my mouth, it's so small the dentist and his equipment don't fit, but it's as realistic as all this stuff.... Really, I mean it any of you know anyone that walks around with amazing drugs just waiting for a moment to drug someone? Yes, I know it's a soap but really??????????????

    Posted by girlinthewind at Wednesday, May 16 2012 05:39 PM

    ummm not sure about the they they thet but I think you all can read beyond the dysleskia (spelling) I think I was say that they.... Okay time to watch the finale of Criminal Minds....

    Posted by chrismarie_mcc at Wednesday, May 16 2012 08:00 PM

    Kudos to the writers for the Lucas and Will scenes today - CM and BD were great today, the conversation felt so honest and real. Boo for Sami running out on her son - I know she is shocked but come one writers, it would have been so much better if she had stayed and talked to her son. Ian should die by drugging Brady again - loved how Nicole is the one that took him home. I know that Nicole is having EJ's baby but one can hope that is switched and it is really Brady's. Funny how the arms dealer played the same character on GH, can we say stereotypes?

    Posted by chrismarie_mcc at Wednesday, May 16 2012 08:03 PM

    btw, spoilers were wrong, Lucas never said he was dissapointed in Will.

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