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    Cold, Ruthless, And Unforgiving...

    Monday, May 14 2012
    Cameron accepts a request, EJ puts Stefano on notice, and Bo and Hope want to follow a lead to Italy.

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    Posted by little bear at Monday, May 14 2012 03:44 PM

    Hello to all my sweet girlies!! (✿◠‿◠)

    ceelo tells me you guys have been asking about me so i am making an effort to write a comment!

    1. EJ seeming to not be Stefano's son is beyond idiotic!! I do not AT ALL like that storyline!! Even more silly is Stefano saying he's turning his back on EJ because they are not blood related is ridiculous because the only reason Elvis Junior exists is because of Stefano and his scheming to make his ADOPTED daughter Kristen happy!!!!! So i am hoping that the writers undo this and EJ keeps his Dimera heritage! There are no other characters that i would like to see as his parents! And i cannot stand these paternity/maternity switch stories!! And if the writers are trying to eliminate this family because JM wants to retire that is ridiculous also as there are still Chad and Stefano, and it would be a perfect time to age up Johnny, Allie and Sydney, i am positive that Syd could be an awesome little evil villainess and carry on the Dimera tradition of wickedness!! And i do not at all like that if EJ is really not Stefano's son that Alice knew this and yet allowed an innocent person, and innocent children, to be caught up in the Dimera web!! For me this slightly taints Alice's wonderful memory!! I still absolutely adore her!! But i do not think Alice would have allowed this to happen!! Oh and don't know if you guys know this but Eileen Davidson has been let go from Y&R so hopefully we are going to see a return of Kristen or Susan or both!!

    2. Now i know a lot of you guys are very sad about Lexie and her untreatable brain tumour, but i have to say i am not really all that sad to see her leave! I have never been a fan of her character, although most of the time i am not really disliking her just disinterested in her! So i don't care that she is going to leave, and i don't think it will make a big difference to the show. She used to have lots of great scenes with EJ and i adored their brother/sister relationship, but lately we have not seen as much of that. I liked how she was building a relationship with Chad, but then the writers kind of just dumped that too! And we haven't really seen a lot of Lexie lately so she is not intrenched in my mind as an integral part of the show right now. I also could not care less that Lexie has a long lost brother!! Why do the writers feel the need to keep bringing in more "relatives" when they don't even write stories for all the characters already on the show. To make Days move forward the writers need to stop bring back old characters or all these new characters in and instead make their focus developing the characters they already have, at least that is my opinion! Couldn't care less about this silly Cameron character, i would much rather see Theo and Chad bonding at this time, and Chad being there for Lexie rather than having another new character thrown at us!!

    3. Sorry to all Rafe fans, but i now absolutely and totally dislike this character!! I used to actually think he was okay with Sami because it seemed like he really did love her, but now i am convinced that he never ever loved Sami! If he did he should never be able to move on that quickly, that was not at all the way the character was originally written! Since Rafe knew what kind of person Sami was from the very beginning of their relationship, he has no excuse for walking out on her now cos he doesn't like the always melodramatic and stupid way she reacts to drama!! And the way he is beginning relationships with the two women he knows would bring the most pain to Sami, Nicole and Carrie, also makes me think a TON less of him!! Now i do actually like him with either Carrie, although they would be the most boring couple ever, or Nicole, but not in the way it was done. I would rather have seen a heartbroken Rafe tell Sami that he can't deal with her drama anymore, but that he will always love her and she will always hold a special place in his heart, then have him work slowly through his devastation at the end of his marriage and slowly develop a relationship with either Carrie or Nicole. To me that would have been a TON more believable than this stupidity we have had to put up with!!

    4. You girlies all know how much i was LOVING crazy, psychotic Abby! And i am so disappointed in the way the writers ended her obsession with Austin storyline!! What a complete waste!! After months of watching her go all out to try and get her man she just kind of gave up and moved on!! How ridiculous!! There was still SO much more that the writers could have done with Abby, and with Carrie still making goo-goo eyes at Rafe, Austin could easily have been manipulated by Abby and we could have seen some awesome stories flow from it!! Instead we get stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid Austin still thinking that he can trust his wife and that he and Carrie are both on the same page, while fickle Carrie throws herself all over Rafe. Plus we have to put up with SUPER boring Gabi turn from dull to delusional as she sets out on her own wicked path to try and snag Chad!! Why get rid of the Abby story just to replace it with the exact same story only with other characters!! How silly!! And although i do like Chad and Melanie as a couple i still feel as though i am not invested in their relationship so i still don't care that Gabi is setting out to destroy them and cause them a whole bucketload of pain!!

    5. Onto the "safehouse" nonsense!! Really i am not sure what to say about it!! It makes no sense to me at all!! If someone really wanted to get to any of the people in the safehouse there is a ton of people they could go through! Targeting Ciara would drive Bo and Hope out of hiding, targeting Johnny, Sydney or Allie would bring out John, Marlena, Rafe and Carrie, and that's just if they went the child route! There are still a ton of adult relatives that could be targeted to get to anyone of the silly safehouse residents!! Now i know i am more than likely all on my own here, but i am sorry that the Princess Gina and Father John story was wrapped up so quickly! I was SO looking forward to seeing lots of these two interacting with each other and with Stefano!! Anyway i don't really understand what the point of faking their deaths was if they then went and told everyone that they are still really alive!! How long do we think that secret is going to last in Salem?! All of a day!! A Salem day of course!! And to be honest i am kind of tired of seeing them try to "bring down" Stefano when we all know that it is an impossible task! Stefano is an awesome villain! My favourite from all the soaps i watch! And the show is not going to be the same without him when he leaves!

    6. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, Lucas, Lucas . . . you are one completely fickle guy!! You were engaged to be married so supposedly in love with this Autumn woman, and yet she dumps you and you don't even care, in fact you go running straight to Sami and decide you want to give things with her another chance!! Sorry but you do not deserve another chance!! You treated Sami terribly when you two were together before!! In fact i find it super interesting that EJ and Sami always treat their partner's terribly, but when they were together they actually treated each other really well! I think that's why i am now definitely routing for them to get back together, when they are apart they are filled with a desire to make each other completely and utterly miserable, but when they finally find their way back into each other's arms and lives they actually treat each other really well! I think that is true love! Never completely happy when you're with someone else, and willing to do anything, even awful things, to keep in the orbit of their one true love, then when you finally get to be with that one special person, you treat them with the love they deserve! So lets have no more silly Lucas and Sami, they are totally awesome as friends, and a friend is definitely something Sami needs, and lets get on with a wonderful EJ and Sami reunion!!

    Special thanks to my special girlies The Engineer Mom and makesmehappy for sharing all about your experience at the Days event, i loved hearing about it and i loved the pictures, it made me feel like i was really there!! You two are ☜☆☞!!

    Hoping your day is filled with ❤ and ☼ and Ü!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, May 14 2012 03:46 PM

    ║.(¯`♥´¯)´´¯`•°*”˜˜”*°•. ƸӜƷ
    ║.•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ ✶* ¸ .✫ ♥
    ║✿ нαppy мoтнer´ѕ dαy ✿

    Hope this worked out!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, May 14 2012 04:07 PM

    NO HOLDING!! oh my goodness Once Upon a Time ended up my show this season that and Ringer. I stopped watching Revenge right before Christmas so sick of the Jack and Emily/Amanda story. I liked Daniel.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Monday, May 14 2012 04:11 PM

    It was so good to see you post little bear come more often!

    Posted by Scorpioqueen at Monday, May 14 2012 08:57 PM

    I still like Carrie and Rafe.

    Posted by bearigan at Tuesday, May 15 2012 03:29 AM

    Not much to say about Monday’s show except that the Lexie storyline is very emotional. I know there has not been much for her and Abe lately so certainly understand why she would want to retire, but oh my gosh this is going to be a loss IMO. Lexie and Abe have been a fixture though most often without great or even good storylines for so many years in Salem so I know she will be missed. Great acting job on Lexie’s part but I am sure she has so many different emotions running through her right now.

    I did like the bickering between EJ and Stefano although I am in agreement with Little Bear and most others, the whole thing that Alice hid the facts and would allow harm come to someone especially a child is far fetched. By the way so good to read your post Little Bear. There are many others MIA that I would love to see posting again. I just love it when there are so many opinions and thoughts on the way the storylines should be going or S/L’s ideas that the writers don’t have. I hope the EJ/Stefano relationship gets fixed and we can watch Stefano continue to groom EJ. Just really not invested in Chad being his son yet. And yes it is kind of like Cameron, another new family member that no one knew of.

    Carrie and Rafe, lets just move along now. Austin needs to man up and get over the whiny crap he has going. Really he has to know in his heart that Carrie is not invested right now, though I am guessing she will turn on a dime since they all usually do. It just drives me crazy that no one on the show seems to stay in love more than a couple of days.

    Duty is calling so hope all of our poster family has a fantabulous day.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, May 15 2012 04:57 AM

    Just a few questions before hitting the road to the heart
    dr........Is Cameron going to wind up being Brandon's
    lost twin????? Is Abe the dad of him too and doesn't
    know it????

    How do these people have family that are hidden?
    Was Lexi not raised by her mom???

    Its early for me...hate morning appointments when I
    could be resting....oh well!! Once is ok...I suppose!!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Tuesday, May 15 2012 05:02 AM

    Allmylovingdays: OT..Daniel is as evil as his
    mom/dad. I love does the've
    missed some great shows then...if you stopped
    before Christmas. Its gonna be really interesting
    tomorrow night!!!

    Hi Jack-in-the-box...will check back later to see
    if you are here. Otherwise..have a great day!!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, May 15 2012 05:07 AM

    I can't believe Shane didn't offer Bo & Hope a ride on the ISA plane to Italy to go look for that jeweler and offer to take them right then and there to the airport.

    Austin is getting on my nerves more and more. I use to like him and I think during the fake deaths the actor did a great job of showing his grief but AUSTIN is so wussy. I love you Carrie love me choose me love me. He knows she is leaving him and he is just begging that no good woman to stay with him forever because it doesn't matter that she loved someone else if she even fooled around on him again as long as she comes back to him.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, May 15 2012 05:13 AM

    holding I think I read that Lexi was raised in foster homes and one ended up being with Celeste and at the time she thought Celeste was her aunt even. It wasn't until she was an adult she found out that Celeste was her mom. Don't ask me how Celeste had a child without Lexi knowing. Brandon isn't her brother, Brandon is Abe's son with Nicole's mom, so Brandon is Nicole's brother.

    I don't like Cameron.

    OT: A friend told me that Daniel is just as evil. She told me last week that it was revealed a bit more about Amanda's past and why she went for the Revenge. It just lost me. I don't mind missing it.

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