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    Monday, April 30 2012
    Stefano receives a replica coin, a few Salemites are sent to a safe house, and Kate and Madi make a pact.

    Kate spots Sami and Lucas making out at the square. Elsewhere, Rafe calls Nicole to check up on her. Later, Kate starts in on Sami and Lucas. "My eyes actually hurt," she yells, adding that Lucas needs shots. She thinks Sami was planning this. Kate goes on and on... "She's like a drug to you," Kate cries. She tells her son to go back to "Summer," but Lucas yells that Autumn dumped him. This makes it worse. Sami starts in on Kate, calling her a "gold class slut." She slings more insults and then drops the bombshell that Lucas is working for CW. Kate feels betrayed and implores Lucas to get another job because Sami will lose the company money. "You'd lose money selling lemonade in the Sahara," she quips. Things almost get physical when Lucas steps in. Kate takes off and Lucas doesn't want Sami to use him to help get revenge on Kate. What happened to their drama-free day? He refuses to be played again and lays down the law. If Sami does anything underhanded at work, he's out. Sami notices that Lucas has changed. He asks what the kiss was for. She claims it was to thank him, and then leans in and gives him another lingering kiss.

    At the pub, Madison and Justin discuss him handling her divorce to Ian. She thinks Ian's leading her into a false sense of security and doesn't trust him. Madi's desperate to be free of Ian and has some tricks up her sleeve, much to Justin's chagrin. He'll start proceedings. He leaves and Kate arrives. Madi spots her and can see she's having a bad day. They get a table and Kate admits she tried turning down the Co-CEO position but Ian told her he thought they could work together because they're so competitive and will be able to bring Sami Brady down together.

    Hope and Bo make out on the sofa at home while somebody watches from outside.

    While walking through the park, Marlena is attacked by Stefano's goon. He wants to know where the coin is. Roman and Carrie turn up and Roman pulls a gun while John whispers for him to take a shot. Marlena uses self-defense on her attacker and he runs off. Roman calls for back-up and Marlena worries for Bo and Hope. Roman calls Rafe who can't track the goon. John's never seen Stefano more desperate. Roman spoke to Spencer and an agent will take them all to a secure safe house. Apparently they have an inside scoop from Stefano. He's going after all of his enemies. Agent Harmon arrives to take them home to pick up a few belongings before they head out.

    Hope and Bo grab their guns as someone tries to open their door. Rafe turns up and tells them about Marlena's attack as the goon watches from outside. Bo cringes when Rafe informs them they're going into the safe house as well. Caroline will be taking Ciara on a class trip so they'll be out of the way.

    At home, Stefano talks to one of his henchmen on the phone, asking if the fake attack looked real. Now they understand how far he's willing to go to get his coin back. The henchman agrees to keep him informed.

    John, Marlena, Rafe and Roman accompany Agent Harmon and Agent Spencer to the safe house. Hope's sick of living their lives in reaction to Stefano. John thinks this is an opportunity to put Stefano away. Rafe doesn't like that Carrie's on her way with groceries. It'll put her at risk. Spencer tells them the place is secure. There is no phone or wifi that can be breached. Rafe's lack of trust irks the ISA agent who asks to enlist him into the ISA at least until this is over. Spencer says they are sending an exact replica of the coin to Stefano. The partial code they have reads, "Yvette" but Stefano's will be "gobbledygook." John and Bo think they're closer than ever to winning the war against Stefano. Carrie arrives with food. She makes jokes about Marlena and Hope's cooking.

    Stefano receives the replicated coin at home. "Finally," he says, examining it. Later, he does an internet search for gases causing brain tumors just as Agent Harmon arrives to tell Stefano that the coin is a fake and what's on the real coin. Stefano tells Harmon to take care of all of them.

    Sneak peek!

    Agent Harmon reveals he has explosives rigged to the safe house's alarm system.

    EJ observes Sami kissing Lucas and is privately upset.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, April 30 2012 11:25 AM

    The spoilers indicate that this is going to be a doozy of a week! I just cannot flipping wait!!!!!!

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Monday, April 30 2012 11:46 AM

    I can't believe Madi wants to go after Sami. I do not get that. Plus Brady too? Come on now. So this Harmon agent is a double crosser? Too bad. I have a feeling Rafe will save the day though. Kate....really! You are a gold digger and that is putting it lightly. Too bad Kate does not own a mirror.

    Posted by wash_08 at Monday, April 30 2012 12:03 PM

    There is no suspense in this coin story line. Only another event to show Salems P D incompetence. Sick of the B word. At least no pyscho teens today. Hope just came back. Bo just out of the hospital Ciarra should be one mixed up child. That's why people should not have pregnant story lines. They are never around.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Monday, April 30 2012 12:23 PM

    I agree with you, wash_08; the only child I see who really have their parents around (either one or the other) is little Theo. I am superised that Ciarra does not call her grandmother "momma". I feel sorriest for Sami's kids. She really is never around. They are always off at gradma Caroline's or something like that. I know parents are some busy people, I am one myself. But, I make time to spend with my daugther. It's the little things that matter. My daughter kicks my butt at bowling playing the Wii. She keeps bowling strikes, I just keep losing...At any rate, Sami needs to mother her children...

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, April 30 2012 12:28 PM

    I am almost obsessed with my children and I have a full time job too (And I know you go to school too everlena1973, so good for you!) I am not sure why they are portraying Salem as a place where mom's can only be EITHER a good mom or a half decent employee. Lamers!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Monday, April 30 2012 12:36 PM

    OFF TOPIC******* Engineer Mom, sorry I forgot to tell you, I have put school off. I did not like the online classes mainly because one has to get on these online teams. The problem was that no one on the team could be reached to work on assigments. I found that hard to deal with. So, I am putting school off, and am now considering opening up a small personalized greeting card business.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, April 30 2012 12:53 PM

    OOOHHH OFF TOPIC!!! With your poetry background and passion (I am assuming) I think that would be a spectacular fit!!!! Good Luck to you!!!!!!

    Posted by Fan440years at Monday, April 30 2012 12:53 PM

    Hello all,

    My comment today is a bunch of questions. How is it that Madison and Kate are so intimidated by a high school drop out, who was only employed for a few months? I don't get it. How does Sami Brady, who isn't divorced yet have so much power? She doesn't have much experience in the work world, yet Stephano made her CEO and she's gloating. That is too far-fetched for me. In this economy there are people with Master's degrees trying to get jobs and Sami becomes CEO? Why is Madison so mad when she was the one who made Sami the mole in the first place?

    Someone commented how they are slinging the "B" word around and the "S" word as well. These people are the pot calling the kettle black and should definitely take a look in the mirror. I don't use profanity and would prefer that the only soap I watch curb the bad language. Even though the children are not present, they are still in the cast.

    Posted by everlena1973 at Monday, April 30 2012 01:05 PM

    Engineer Mom, you hit the nail on the head. I am also going to put a poety book together. More details on that later....

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, April 30 2012 01:17 PM

    Fan440years, Stephano made Sami CEO ONLY to pissoff Kate. It had absolutely nothing to do with experience, since Stephano himself really can't stand Samantha. He knew that Sami was the ONE person to put in charge of the company he took from Kate to really drive the stake through her heart. And I think that Madison is still just upset that Sami quit when she pulled the mole plug and committed to working for Kate. So, now that she is the direct competition, she wants to bury her.

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