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    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007
    Abby finds out who Jed really is, Mimi finds out who killed her father, and EJ admits he's after Sami!

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    Posted by Whitechick at Thursday, March 01 2007 08:40 PM

    I hope Steve and Kayla find there way back in stead drifting further a part. When is john going to wake up and kill EJ or someone like Bo. I Just hope the baby is Lucas's and not EJ Wells he is a just a killer. Where is Alice Horton I have not seen her since Christmas.

    Posted by bonniecarol at Friday, March 02 2007 07:30 AM

    I have watched as much of DOOL as possible since its birth in 1965. I love the show---I feel I'm part of their family. They suffer--I suffer, they are happy--I'm happy,etc. The only problem I have with the show is, they get a good plot, and then they carry it on for so long, that I'm ready to give the show up. (interest runs out). The writers need some new ideas.

    Posted by ladyblack at Friday, March 02 2007 11:49 AM

    yes i agree that the steve and kayla thing is a little boring here what sammi and lucas should instead of trying to have a huge wedding why don't they just go and elope and if sami was smart she would just be honest with lucas and stop thinking that she is in the clear knowing that her secret could come out any time since ej h as made it perfectly clear that he is in love with sami i like ej and likje jared and i can not believe that mimi and bonnie are leaving the show they do make it fun to watch and i wish them the best in there careers...

    Posted by dietzbeach at Saturday, March 03 2007 09:48 AM

    I love PATCH. I love KAYLA. I'm glad they're back on the show. BUTTT, I don't think they have that same chemistry together anymore. PATCH/Steve needs a NEW woman, I thought he clicked w/ Billy much better. We need something NEW from these characters! Please KEEP them both, but let's not try to force them to be an 80's Super Couple. Bring Patch into the here and now, with a NEW LOVE!!!

    Posted by nubianqueencandace at Sunday, March 04 2007 01:47 PM

    You don't see Mrs. H. much anymore because in real life she had a stroke. That's why when you do see her she is always sitting down.
    I want to know what was behind "Willow's appearance in the first place. I can't stand her. Why is she there at all. I hope they don't make that baby Shawns.

    Posted by samishappiness at Monday, March 05 2007 07:03 AM

    I am so mad that Mimi left the show! She was 1 of the 3 reasons I watch.
    Sami for once can bring down Kate and EJ if she tells the TRUTH! What is she doing? She was raped? These writers are not using their full potential with this story. She was hero and thru it she was raped. This is big stuff and Sami needs to be vindicated! Come on writers, make it happen.
    Belle is such a whiny puss. Shawn take Claire and leave her butt.

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