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    Say your goodbyes...

    Thursday, March 01 2007
    Abby finds out who Jed really is, Mimi finds out who killed her father, and EJ admits he's after Sami!

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    Posted by ies1104 at Thursday, March 01 2007 10:52 AM

    I'm watching the show and reading the updates at the same time. So this is why I have posted a comment for the third time today! I just can't believe that Max would tell Mimi her mom is right. The police should understand and Bonnie was wrong for hiding the body so she will still go to jail. I guess Max really wants to get rid of Mimi to get with Abby because it does not sound like he would tell her to lie and leave town!

    Posted by Petdays at Thursday, March 01 2007 12:09 PM

    I think what the makes these last episodes boring is the Sami, Lucas, EJ saga...I think we are all tired is the same old fate for Sami what would make more sense is if the writers had Sami telling Lucas the truth and he goes over to beat the daylight out of EJ then EJ capturing Lucas and Hold him allowing Sami to try to rescue Lucas while EJ telling her he will give her Lucas if she agrees to stay with him then she decides to work with Bo and Roman in finding Lucas and bringing down EJ in the process...What u all think? I could be one of the writers u think?LOL
    I am proud of Chelsea and Nick and hope they enjoy life together until Chelsea finds out that Nick slept with her mother. better get it out in the open from now and let her decides if she still wants to be with him or not.
    The writers needs to also stop just focusing on the same set of persons everyday write the story around the other persons in the show they are not utilizing the other actors at all. I have not seen Mrs. H in a while Mickey Hope Mother and Father etc.

    Posted by Petdays at Thursday, March 01 2007 12:12 PM

    Chrissi I see in your posting for today you noted that this will be last time on the show for Mimi and Bonnie but while I understand with Mimi but what with Bonnie are we not going to see her hearing remember she is out on bail and not yet sent to prison.

    Posted by kimmy67 at Thursday, March 01 2007 12:35 PM

    I think the writters should just let Sami be happy. This is why Days is losing its vewers. Same old same old. I have been waching this show sent I was a kid. You know the funny thing about it you could miss a year and not miss a thing.

    Posted by bearrie at Thursday, March 01 2007 12:51 PM

    Was it just me? I actually had the chance and inclination to watch today's DAYS. I was greatly disappointed.
    Here we have two brilliant actress-es- giving a 'final' performance, on what should have been a big part of their lives, and a very intense scene to boot. I was expecting to blow through BOXES of Kleenex for this final scene, where Mimi learns the 'truth' about her father's death. I got NOTHING. Couldn't muster up even a single TEAR. The only part that got something out of me in all this was Bonnie saying goodbye AFTER Meems walks out the door. I got more emotional READING about it than watching it. I'm getting even more emotional WRITING about it right now.
    THAT's a terrible let down. FF has been on Days as Mimi for how long? And she's leaving. Today was her last scene -as we know it for the time being- and I got NOTHING.
    Right now, I'm one disappointed DAYS watcher.

    Posted by KenzieGirl at Thursday, March 01 2007 12:56 PM

    Ok, I really need someone to clear something up for me..... What happened to Lauren and the baby? We haven't heard anything in months and now Bonnie is leaving???
    I really think that Sami needs to tell Lucas. Hasn't she learned her lesson yet. Sami deserves to be happy. She finally found that with Lucas. Why ruin it with stupid EJ?

    Posted by GIRL at Thursday, March 01 2007 01:58 PM

    I do agree with this whole Max thing about wanting Mimi to leave town to be with Abby. I actually thought that Max would be a whole lot better then this. I do agree with Petdays about this whole Sami/Lucas/EJ saga. It's seems to be the same old boring thing. EJ is starting to sound like a broken record. Kayla and Steve too. Every episodes seems to be going in circles. At least Nick and Chelsea seem to be worth watching. We need more action not boring scenes. The writers needs to be a move on it. Let Sami and Lucas get married already. Sami hurry up and tell Lucas before it's too late. Otherwise her happiness will be for nothing.

    Posted by rex_and_mimi at Thursday, March 01 2007 02:01 PM

    beleave me i love steave and kayla but please get this over with,let them have a baby boy johnson and live the life they had befor when they were happy.and let sami's baby be lucas soo we don't have 2 go throw all that stuff again please!!and let shawn and bell kill phil and have another baby .man i'am turing into a baby macker sorry my mom just had a baby soo,she's only 35 so you guy's dont think shes 50 or something.well g2g

    Posted by Luvbear22 at Thursday, March 01 2007 02:41 PM

    Doesn't this story have anything that's sensible about it? Every time it's the same old stupid stuff!

    Posted by nicole08 at Thursday, March 01 2007 02:45 PM

    Sami and Lucas do need to go to another town and live with their family....
    Shawn Would never use Belle for just sex he loves her with everything inside him and everyone knows it..

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