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    Happiest SOB On The Planet.

    Thursday, January 05 2012
    Melanie accidentally knocks Chad out, Daniel learns his diagnosis, and Brady has a proposition for John.

    Gabi and Melanie receive martial arts instruction at the spa. When Chad arrives, Melanie accidentally kicks him in the head. Chad goes down. Gabi gets him water and he seems rather disoriented. He thinks Melanie should trade in the white belt for a black belt. He cracks jokes and Quinn asks if he should brace himself for a lawsuit. Everyone laughs. Quinn offers to call Abby to give him a ride home but Chad informs them they broke up. Gabi seems almost pleased momentarily. She offers him a ride and lunch. Quinn takes Gabi aside and Mel apologizes but says if it was recorded, it'd be a video sensation. Chad's happy they can still joke this way. He admits he was only there to say hello. Though he agreed to back down, he didn't agree to stop seeing her.

    Brady arrives at the townhouse and John complains about his lack of funds. He's planning on building Basic Black from the ground up. Brady offers a handout but John is adamantly opposed. Brady's all for John's plans and offers a partnership. Brady's proud of what he did at Titan but wants this opportunity with John. John could use a partner like Brady, but feels he's the last thing his son could use so he refuses him. Jack arrives and interviews John about his plans after being in jail. After Jack leaves, Brady talks about his relationship with Madison. He wants what John and Marlena have. They discuss Basic Black and John asks him to talk it over with Madison and consider his options. If he still wants to do it, John says, "I'll be the happiest SOB on the planet."

    At the house, Jack excitedly hands over brochures to Jennifer for their Hawaiian trip. His excitement is catching and Jenn thanks him for planning it so well. She appreciates him getting them separate bedrooms. Jack worries about Jenn's feelings for Daniel. Jenn doesn't want to discuss that and reminds him they agreed to take their relationship one day at a time. This frustrates him. He decides to put the holiday on hold and tells Jenn he's off to interview John. Jenn wonders if Marlena can help him find closure.

    Daniel paces Lexi's office at the hospital. Maggie arrives to support him while he receives his test results. Lexi arrives with bad news. Daniel learns he has Intention Tremors. Maggie has never heard of it. It's likely Daniel had a stroke while he was asleep and this is what he was left with. Unfortunately, his condition is irreversible. Maggie's there for him and reminds him he still has the mind, heart and capability to be a doctor. He freaks out. He's in shock. Being a surgeon is who he is. He storms out and Maggie tears up. She felt she was interfering in something so personal since she has only been Daniel's mother for a short time. Lexi knows Maggie will help him carve another path in life. Lexi comforts Maggie, who finds Lexi very strong because of the challenges she has faced with Theo.

    While wandering aimlessly through the square, Daniel bumps into Jenn. She can tell he's distracted and wants to be there for him. He reluctantly fills her in on his news. He tells her there could be someone out there who is busy discovering a cure. Maybe he'll discover it. Jenn feels bad and worse that she hurt him. Daniel tells her she saved him, and hugs her. Jack shows up and watches them hug.

    Quinn, Mel, Gabi and Chad arrive at the pub. Quinn ponders Melanie's relationship status, making Chad uncomfortable. Nearby, Gabi asks if Mel thinks Abby would mind if she went out with Chad again. Mel struggles with her answer. Later, Mel looks jealous as Gabi flirts with Chad. When Quinn offers to train Mel one-on-one, she accepts.

    Salem Spoilers For The Next Days Of Our Lives:

    "Your mother knows," Marlena pointedly tells Will, "that secrets have a way of coming out."

    "There's something we have to talk about," Brady says to Madison.

    "What is she going to do that's going to break my heart?" Rafe asks Will.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Choonx at Thursday, January 05 2012 03:46 AM


    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, January 05 2012 03:53 AM

    To comment on yesterday's show, loved the part with Will and Sonny. Hopefully Will will understand that Sonny is a good friend and he was great at his acting yesterday as well. These young guys are doing a fantastic job with this storyline.

    The Bo and Hope counseling session, was somewhat emotional and probably a good thing they are finally airing out the laundry. They are great together, just like Doug and Julie but sometimes the writers just write such poor S/L's for them. Peter Reckell was awesome IMO.

    As far as Melanie and Chad go, I don't think Melanie is a bad person, just think she was given the raw end of the deal with her childhood and was never taught how things should be and growing up in a similar situation I can kind of understand. Sometimes you just have to step away and figure out who you really are before stepping back in and you also have to learn to love yourself and this is what I think Melanie is finally learning. She wasn't pursuing Chad and when she was with Phillip he was already over Stephanie. Phillip seemed to like a challenge especially with woment and when he got them he messed up. I think Melanie tried in her marriage with him but we all know how that ended. Now she is trying to contain her feelings for Chad and little Miss Prissy Abigail that is about as childish as a seven year old wants to be a victim. Gosh, almost could not stomach the scenes with her and Austin and it was not because of Austin. Thought she was going to fall out of the chair when he told her to not give up on this guy she wants. Now what will she do, really fall all over him. Good grief. I agree she could go and probably would not be missed neither would the blue hat.

    Have a fantabulous day

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Thursday, January 05 2012 05:37 AM

    Interesting but I still believe it will be Abby in the long run with Quinn. I knew it wasn't GABI!!! Melanie is for Chad and that's a fact. Yeah I pulle an old John out.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, January 05 2012 05:55 AM

    Allmylovingdays, I am guessing you are probably right about Abby and Quinn, but still just not feeling that either. I'm still not trusting Quinn at all. Never really cared a whole lot for him with Chloe or Taylor. Not sure if they have anyone to hook Gabi up with or what role she could be playing. I really liked Arianna and hated that she was killed off the show. I really liked her and Brady together and was hoping they would work it out but EJ came along and we all know he can smooge the ladies over. He raps the rap just doesn't walk the walk.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, January 05 2012 07:00 AM

    Where are our posters? Must still be a lot of folks on vacation.

    Posted by jenwilli at Thursday, January 05 2012 07:09 AM

    Hi Everyone

    I really enjoyed film star Ruta Lee coming to DAYS (as Tilly). I had to laugh when Tilly said the love of her life, "Charlie Aaron" went missing and she needs Carrie & Rafe's help in finding him... and then admitted Charlie has had an eye for the ladies (and always has) but she loves him so much, she can't deny him love!!!! I started getting suspicious at that point as to who "Charlie Aaron" really is???? LOL Then to add the icing on the cake, Tilly gives Carrie & Rafe five dollars as a retainer to find her cat!! Yes Carrie, frame the money!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!

    Kudos to Peter (Bo) & Kristian (Hope) for rockin' their scenes!! Their very moving and emotional scenes brought tears to my eyes!! Good to hear Marlena tell them the past is the past but they can make the future whatever they choose

    Don't even get me started regarding Abby, the mad hatter!!!! Sheesh!!!!
    Luv Mel and Chad

    ****RUMOR**** Kirsten Storm (ex-Belle) will soon be making an announcement regarding her job situation. Still GH or dare we hope!!

    Posted by luvmydays2 at Thursday, January 05 2012 07:42 AM

    allmylovingdays I have to agree with you Melanie and Chad belong together not sure about Abby and Quinn I think Austin is going to hook up with Abby for just a bit after Rafe and Carrie hook up which will happen after he finds out about Sami and EJ I wouldnt be sorry to see gabie go.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, January 05 2012 07:48 AM

    Jenwilli, you are right that was just too funny when Tilly laid the $5 down for a retainer fee. Quite a story she was telling and pretty convincing until she asked Carrie why do you keep calling me Mrs. Aaron. Just a matter of time until we see Rafe and Carrie a sofa I do believe. Poor pitiful Sami will be so mad. Glad Tilly got the cat back.

    Posted by Spring is near at Thursday, January 05 2012 07:49 AM

    I agree Choonx, no to Rafe and Carrie, can't wait for Nicole to find out about Sami and EJ, whom I cannot stand. He is just as underhanded as he has always been. Nicole is an idiot, feel for her some what and love Kate and Sami interacting. However, Sami is an idiot too, she will lose by being with Kate, but fun to watch! Brady and Madison, nooooooo way. Madison is just plain creepy, too many secrets and Brady seems so needy all the time. Glad John is out of jail and Marlena is finally being a grandmother to Will. Too sad scenes with Bo and Hope, FF through them. Love Melanie with Chad, you loose Abigail with an attitude!! Or is Gabby, I can't keep them straight. In one in Martial arts is laughing hysterically with the karate scenes, toooooo funny, LMAO!!!! Bearigan, I'm here, with no snow and 40's today. Yay, except for snow people, they can have it all! Happy day all, can't wait to see today's show. Days of getting good again!!!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Thursday, January 05 2012 07:54 AM

    Jenwilli...the mad hatter!!!!! I love it...LOLOLOLOL!

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