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    I’ll Kill Him.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011
    Carly gives Melanie advice, Bo and Hope are disappointed, and Quinn insults Gus.

    At Cheatin' Heart, Melanie leaves a nasty voicemail for Brady about Dario's faraway job placement, "Thanks for ruining two lives." Dario comes over to her. She says the message was for her mom but he overheard. He asks her to talk to him if she's upset. She's going to miss him and she cries a little. He holds her face in his hands and looks into her eyes. He was up all night thinking about her. He's made a decision. He’s not taking the job. His cell rings and he goes back to work. They agree to meet for lunch. She asks him not to talk to Brady yet about his decision. He agrees but his mind is made up.

    At the clinic, Carly can't get over the people she's hurt but she's really excited about the trip. Dr. Norman wonders if the trip is such a good idea. Carly doesn’t know how to forgive herself so the doctor suggests she apologize to the people she's hurt. She’s ready. Melanie visits and asks Carly for advice. She explains Dario’s job details and worries that he will find out how he really got the job. She’s mad at Brady. She says if you care about someone, you have to wish them well. The number of miles apart isn’t the issue. Carly hugs her and says she knows she’ll make the right choice. Later when Melanie leaves, Dr. Norman asks her to prioritize her casualties.

    After working on the facial recognition software, Bo and Hope have lunch at the pub. She flirts with him and Bo says their party will be a huge shindig. He notices she’s upset and she admits she’s never made any of Gran’s recipes. Seeing her handwriting bothered her. She misses her Gran. They reminisce about people who have passed on but Bo says they will always be with them. Hope’s going to make this the best damn party ever so Gran can look on at her success. She laments that Ciara will grow up without knowing Gran. They decide to get back to work. Nearby, Dario tells Melanie he told Mr. Ming he won’t be taking the job. She’s surprised. She thought Brady offered him the job. She tells him to take it. They agree to try a long distance relationship. If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out. She whimpers and asks if it doesn’t work out, can they still be friends? He kisses her with ardor. Across the room, Vivian wonders why Gus didn't return her calls and says, "My dry cleaning has to be picked up." He's upset about how blind she is to who Quinn really is. She raves on about how wonderful Quinn is and says Gus has been blessed with being very good at service but lately he's been slipping. His obsession with Quinn has affected his work. He needs a hobby. He tells her he has one. He's a vigilante. She can't imagine him intimidating anyone.

    Quinn and Taylor wake up in their hotel love nest. She can't believe this really happened. He asks if she regrets it. She says no. She tried to hate him but can't. He never got over her either. He wants to start over. She coyly introduces herself and shakes his hand. He shakes back and kisses her passionately. She tells him the latest attack wasn’t on a prostitute. It was her sister’s best friend, Chloe. He’s shocked and asks if Chloe can help the police. No, she’s in a coma. Quinn is visibly upset and threatens to kill the bastard who’s doing this. The next victim could be someone he knows and cares about. Her leans over and spills her drink. She gets out of bed to clean up and he calls Chloe and leaves a message. He hopes she’s okay. Taylor returns and they smooch and giggle. There’s a knock at the door and it's Vivian and Gus. She yells surprise but it’s Taylor who’s surprised. Vivian and Gus walk in and the lovers go to another room to get dressed. Vivian approves of this. Gus points out that Taylor will take her place in Quinn’s heart. He brings up Carly’s name and tells her to do the math. He suggests she find out more about Taylor. Taylor and Quinn return and Vivian says she’s pleased when someone makes her son so happy. She’s sure she and Taylor will be very good friends and thinks champagne is in order. Quinn asks ‘Russ’ to order it. Gus is annoyed and asks if Quinn is a comedian. Vivian changes her mind. She and Gus leave for lunch. Gus lifts Quinn's key card on the way out and smirks as he walks down the hall. Quinn picks up Taylor and carries her to bed.

    At the police station, Bo and Hope review the matched faces. They kiss and cuddle a little while looking on at the computer. No match.

    Salem Spoilers For The Next Days Of Our Lives:

    Sami sees an ad for a job with rapid advancement for the right candidate and cries, "I am the right candidate."

    Rafe jokes that she’ll need to send two thousand dollars for office supplies but she assures Rafe that this is not a scam!

    Sami looks at her computer and says, "I want this job." She hits the send button.

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    Posted by wolsung at Tuesday, September 13 2011 11:52 AM

    Hi everyone, today’s show was a good one. Hope you enjoy the recap! Beth

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Tuesday, September 13 2011 09:11 PM

    Hi Beth! I can't wait to see today's show! I'm really enjoying Carly's scenes, and I have to admit . . . I'm also liking this Taylor/ Quinn thing - lol! I can't believe I'm saying that! I just finished posting a rather lengthy comment for yesterday's show (lol - I always get carried away and am surprised by how long my posts turn out once I hit the "post your comment" button), so I hope some of you will go back & check it out

    Posted by makesmehappy at Wednesday, September 14 2011 05:19 AM

    25YRSOFDAYS – hello to you! If it makes you feel better, remember that I always read your post however long they are! As I said numerous times, you have a way of putting in words the feelings I mostly share with you. It’s like you are in my head!!
    I agree about Dario being so cute today. That actor’s hair is gorgeous!! You want to touch the screen to reach to it!
    I also agree that EJole reuniting can be a mean to eventually make Sami admit she is jealous. Right now I can’t seem to let myself “flow” in her love story with Rafe… AT ALL, NADA! Passion for Sami will always be EJ; denying that is impossible.

    As for Nicole forgiving EJ for what he’s done, we see every character doing that all the time on the show. Right now, we are not that sure she has forgiven him though… But when Nicole realizes that Brady is moving away from her, she will bounce back in EJ’s arms like a yoyo. She always does that; go back and forth between 2 men…

    The tango dance is supposed to be on Friday’s show if I recall correctly. Personally, I think writers should not have copied that from EJami’s storyline. They should have given EJ and Nicole something else… The tango idea was already explored!
    Wishing everyone a GREAT day!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, September 14 2011 05:46 AM

    Hi ladies, how are you this fine day? Here is St. Louis; it is raining cats and dogs! Other than that, I am having a good morning. I can't wait to get home tonight and watch yesterday's show. I am very interested in seeing what takes place today. I never read the daily updates, as I would much rather see it for myself. I do read every one's posts and sometimes, I get ahead of myself in doing so. Nonetheless, I am glad this site is around. Years ago, I would purchase those soap mags just to see what was going on, my mother still does. I love this site because you can find out so much more that you ever thought possible. Anyways, got to get to work, have a wonderful day all!

    Posted by BrandiG at Wednesday, September 14 2011 05:51 AM

    I don't get it! I can't figure this guy out, usually soap characters are so transparent... to us anyway that its sick, but not Quinn. It makes absolutly no sense, he blackmails her into being a hooker, then tells kate to shove off, continues to blackmail her, and now he is upset that she was attacked. Not to meantion the fact that he calls her and leaves a message after finding out she is in a coma... like she is going to pick up the phone or call him back, come on really?

    Posted by everlena1973 at Wednesday, September 14 2011 06:00 AM

    This is just a good, good guess, I bet Sami is going to get a job at the Mayor's office; you know the rest if you read the spoilers....Just a guess, I might just be wrong.

    Posted by lovingDOOL at Wednesday, September 14 2011 08:08 AM

    ***HUGE Spoilers***

    Chloe comes out of her coma, thrilling Brady. She promptly tells him that Gus is the one who attacked her. As Lexi tips off the cops, Chloe mopes about Brady discovering that she was turning tricks. He’s understanding and promises to make sure she gets Parker back anyway. He makes sure that she receives reward money for helping to catch Gus and then sets her up with an audition at a club only a few blocks away from where Parker is living.

    Quinn continues to claim he’s innocent, but Bo and Hope are confident that they can nail him. Viv is outraged to hear about this and vows to get him a lawyer, though Gus tries talking her out of it. After she rants at him for this, she lays into Taylor. The cops aren’t thrilled to discover Taylor’s been bedding down with a criminal and arrest her. She’s questioned by Roman and the mayor until EJ and Nicole show up to help her. Things get chaotic as Bo finally receives the tip that Gus is actually the attacker. The cops go after him and he grabs Nicole to use as a human shield. After the cops charge him, he drops her into EJ’s arms as he’s arrested. Taylor and Quinn are released. Roman orders him to leave town or he’ll arrest him for his prostitution ring. She says her goodbyes and they leave together. Viv mopes about being alone until Ivan shows up to whisk her away. She’s reluctant until he offers to let her star in a Bollywood musical.

    The younger set continues their website plans and then launches a fashion show at the Kiriakis compound. Things get sad when everyone has to say goodbye to Dario as he flies off to Argentina. Melanie mopes around the next day. Maggie tries to cheer her up. Then Jenn and Daniel show up to stuff her face with fudge. This fuzzy family moment is ruined for Jenn when she gets a strange phone call. She joins Mel, Daniel and Nicholas for a daytrip to rehab so they can celebrate Carly’s release.

    Abe and Lexie discuss their plans for his re-election campaign. She surprises him by saying that she’ll be cutting back on her hours to help him. Meanwhile, EJ asks Nicole to come home with him but she turns him down. This affects him more than he wants to admit. She and Brady decide to end things between them and she moves out of the mansion. When EJ heads to Casa DiMera, he and his father discuss his plan to hijack the big Horton family party for his next big move. Over at the Horton house, the family gets nostalgic with endless recollections about Tom and Alice. All of a sudden, a stack of mysterious envelopes fall out of a hiding spot. And it turns out that Jack is already back in town and ready to come out of his hiding spot.

    Posted by lovingDOOL at Wednesday, September 14 2011 08:14 AM

    @heyjude14 Judie Henninger:
    Next week September Sneak Preview Part 2

    Tomorrow's mini plot looks interesting. Not sure who's featured, but he must have a face made for radio ... Anybody watching those clips?

    Posted by lovingDOOL at Wednesday, September 14 2011 08:25 AM

    Makesmehappy - I enjoyed the Ejami tango when it happened. But this tango doesn't seem like a redux to me. It seems very different. I thought Ejami's tango was very focused on them, while this tango is more ambiguous. Ej seemed more fun and playful, and I like the friendly overtones between them - making amends, perhaps healing. I liked it when Ej and Nicole seemed to be friends/kindred souls as losers at love ages ago. In the tango clip, Ej seemed more interested in getting a rise from Brady. Nicole just seemed up to the challenge. It made me more interested in Brady and Nicole as well as interested in Nicole and Ej. If anything, I wouldn't mind a light jealous contest between Brady and Ej, and someone else to swoop in and who will really love Nicole. I always thought Eric did before she dumped him for money. I think Ej and Brady could care about Nicole, but it's hard for me to think either truly love her the way the show has been, but I'm willing to ignore the past few seasons if the new writers can sell me on it.

    Posted by kyleedays at Wednesday, September 14 2011 10:04 AM

    lovingDOOL - Wow, I love those spoilers and I love you for sharing them. It all sounds so interesting ! Now we finally know more about this 'hostage situation'. I LOVE the new writers already.

    I can't wait to see the 2nd preview for September. I hope that it's posted on youtube, because we can't catch them here in Europe.

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