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    Secrets revealed

    Monday, January 22 2007
    Philip locks Mimi in a trunk, Shawn and Belle need help in getting away, and Abe kicks Lexi out.

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    Posted by pommi2 at Monday, January 22 2007 03:25 PM

    Belle should of never married Philip in the first place. That was her own stupidity. She could of fixed it several times but chose to stay with Philip. He is of course scorned. I personally can't stand belle right now. She is whiney and Philip should be glad to be rid of her. She never really loved philip the way he should of been loved by a wife. She always pined for Shawn. He deserved better and they played him like a whipped wimp when Kyle was playing him. Yes this Philip is mean, but he needed to get a little mad. I mean would you give up your daughter just because someone else was the father. Being a Biological parent dosen't make a parent.

    Posted by eriegirl at Monday, January 22 2007 04:50 PM

    there seems to be alot going on right now..I will have to watch at 10. Is Stephano coming back? I would like to see him back because victor is boring. EJ is a DiMera...what makes everyone think that he cant get another travel visa....I bet he gets one and ends up in Canada...could be a bun in Kayla's oven? alot of baby talk usually means someone is pg.

    Posted by passerby808 at Monday, January 22 2007 06:52 PM


    Posted by cool at Monday, January 22 2007 07:57 PM

    Your are so right about Mimi, she have lied about the where abouts of Bell. I do not like Philip any more I can hardly look at him.

    Posted by cool at Monday, January 22 2007 08:06 PM

    Sami, has made a big mistake by not telling lucas the truth about what EJ did to her, you know if he find out on his own there will be drummer. I wish that they could be happy because she is really trying this time, even tho she has made me angry in the pass. Someone needs to be happy on this show for a while without anything happening.

    Posted by Luci at Monday, January 22 2007 08:25 PM

    Say what you want about Shawn and Phillip but, fact is, Phillip grew up with Shawn and Belle. He knew his entire life the chemistry between them. While Shawn was being manipulated and held prisoner, Phillip moved in on his girl. You just don`t do that, under ANY circumstance, to your , so called, best friend. He knew all along that Belle truly loved Shawn. Now that`s, in my opinion, a reason for Shawn to be angry, not Phillip. Shawn`s actions are justified, Phillip`s are not.Phillip is either really stupid or extremely self centered. He gets what he wants and that`s that.

    Posted by Dorinda at Monday, January 22 2007 08:37 PM

    The new Philip is just not very good looking. He just gets on my nerves. I like the old Philip better. I'm glad Lexi got kicked out on her butt. That's what you get when you cheat and tell lies, you lose all trust. I hope shawn beats the crap out of Philip when he shows up at the church. Hope tomorrow is going to be good.

    Posted by inadayz at Monday, January 22 2007 09:44 PM

    ok im really getting sick of wut these stupid writers r doing. i kno soaps r fake, but they dont need to b so obvious about it. bo is victors son too, he should throw that in his face...victors choosing one son over the other. so many things happen on this soap that could b solved if just ppl would say the right things, its so obvious to us wut they shouldve said or done to help things y isnt it to the writers. either dont make things so obvious or make them say wut we all kno shouldve been said!!!

    Posted by steph2007 at Monday, January 22 2007 09:49 PM

    Shawn & Belle should go away cause claire isnt Phillip's

    Posted by ladyblack at Monday, January 22 2007 09:49 PM

    well if you let stefano come back then you need to wake john up give him his strength back so he will be ready for the dimera and let ej come back the truth is lexie knew that she would have been found out due to the fact that she lied about the shooting phillip is dumb he knew that shawn and belle always loved each other so why would you marry a woman who is in love with another man and sammi you are running out of time you better hurray up and tell lucas the truth before you lose the man of your dreams ....

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