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    The bandages are off!

    Monday, January 15 2007
    Philip shows his face in court, literally, Sami gets good news, and Stephanie says goodbye.

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    Posted by Darling89Formula at Monday, January 15 2007 08:06 PM

    That CPS lady HAS to be on Victor's payroll. She is SO cold and mean. It should be in the best interest of the baby. When there's tension and angry words, babies notice these things. They can sense that something's wrong. That CPS woman is too cold with the baby to actually be a professional social worker. She is nasty. Little Claire must have been so scared without her Mommy. As far as Claire staying with foster parents until the custody hearing, since she is part Kiriakis I'm sure that she had to be staying with Philip and Victor. He wouldn't let his great-granddaughter be among strangers. He could have paid them off, too. Vic must be insane. Otherwise, Belle's pleas might have reached his cold, dark heart. She's the child's mother. Surely he'd sooner kidnap Belle to be with Philip and himself because of that fact.

    Posted by gunit at Monday, January 15 2007 11:22 PM

    yeah, only on soapland do you go from being PFC kiriakis to LT kiriakis. i know they promote you when you go into combat but they don't skip that many ranks.

    Posted by moma at Tuesday, January 16 2007 01:26 AM

    Luci... I think it would be GREAT for the writers to with your angle with Phil... But how about the writers making Belle"s fighting tactics surface??? She's got to come into her own... maybe rant at Shawn a little bit. She's John's girl talk about fighting genes... she's got them USE THEM NOW!!!!
    Also... Great idea about Sami and twins UM UM.....

    Posted by SOAPS_ LOVA at Tuesday, January 16 2007 08:23 AM

    Who the hell Victor thinks he is, that CPA maybe sleeping with that old man Victor. I used to like victor but he is very dangerious and i do not like what he is doing that old freak. Shawn and Bell dererved to be with their kids especially of what they been through. Kate just can't see people happy she need to find herself a man she and Victor suit each other those tramps.

    Posted by ChelleMagee at Tuesday, January 16 2007 08:25 AM

    What does Philip mean when he says to Mimi, "No one was a dirtier fighter than you, so if this is anyone's judgment day, it's yours!"????????

    Posted by SOAPS_ LOVA at Tuesday, January 16 2007 08:26 AM

    im so happy to see sami and lucas together with their son that trams Kate needs to back off.

    Posted by Clueless at Tuesday, January 16 2007 10:11 AM

    This is response to the fact that Mimi knew all along that the baby was Shawn yet she kept it to herself.

    Posted by Fantastic at Tuesday, January 16 2007 10:31 AM

    Phillips character seems pretty mean, it's quite a spin from the old phillip, i hope Shawn and Belle get Claire back. Sami should come clean about what happened with EJ, Otherwise it's gonna fall back on her later on.

    Posted by tiggerlover at Tuesday, January 16 2007 12:19 PM

    Wow! See what happens when you miss a few episodes of days! I can't belive that they got such a great actress as "willow". As the character, she is "white trash" and it gives Sami and Kate a run for their money. Phillip should be ashamed of himself!!!! That baby isn't even his. If he was smart, he would play nice with Belle and Shaun and that way he could see Claire more often (If he REALLY loves Claire). He became so cold-hearted and cruel. You know what they say, "like father, like son". Victor should keep his mouth shut and leave people alone! Especially his own grandson (Shaun).

    Posted by milah_jae313 at Tuesday, January 16 2007 12:31 PM

    OMG Phillip is so hot. dalkambo how can you think he is unattractive. Shawn definitely took a nose dive but I think the new Phillip is such a step up. I absolutely melt for dimples. I was mad to see him go the first time and so happy to see him back. What eye candy.

    I too am mad with the storyline with Claire. So Shawn Belle are going to run off with her and then what!?! They are supposed to have this new big bad Phillip and I hope they do more with is character than have him obsess about a child that's not his anyway.

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