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    Tough Old Bird.

    Tuesday, April 05 2011
    RoboRafe tries to kill Faye, Nicole vows to find out why Faye fell, and Dario hires an investigator.

    Faye wakes up to EJ looming over her in her hospital bed. She recalls his conversation with RoboRafe and panics. Her machines start beeping. He asks if she recognizes him and she hyperventilates and flatlines. There’s a code blue, so everyone rushes to Faye’s room. Taylor thinks Faye's dying. Carly and Daniel stabilize Faye and Lexi goes in to check on things. EJ and Lexi leave the room while Nicole asks Taylor what she was going to tell her before this all happened. Outside the room, EJ tells Lexi what happened while he was with Faye, leaving Lexi to wonder if Faye senses there is an attraction between him and Taylor. Lexi goes to see Faye and tells the girls to let their mother rest. Nicole vows to find out why she fell down the stairs.

    Dario bumps into Melanie at Java and gives her a hard time about her fake date with Brady. She spots money sticking out of his pocket and comments on it. He tells her Brady gave it to him to get out of town. Some woman named Amy turns up and Melanie takes off. Amy tells Dario anything a client wants he gets. As long as he pays. He hands over some bills as Melanie watches. Later, Dario tells her the woman's a private investigator. Melanie gets an idea and takes off and later, Dario gets a call from Amy.

    At the mansion, Chloe overhears Philip having a conversation with a representative from social services. The woman leaves and Chloe starts to freak out and accuses Philip of conspiring against her. He denies it. He met with Mrs. Hogan to ask if they could have joint custody but he wonders if that's a good idea. Chloe apologizes for jumping and thanks him for being supportive. "You've been my rock," she says.

    At the loft, RoboRafe and Sami talk about the possibility of Faye dying. He flashes to throwing her down the stairs and says it sounded like she’s going to die. Sami wonders why he’s so callus. What happened to his optimism? They bicker and then compare Faye's "accident" to his own, which she calls a tragedy. Sami says she lost him after the accident. He's tired of arguing and cracks a beer. Sydney cries so Sami goes to console her while Robo wonders how he's going to keep Faye from talking. Later, Sami tells RoboRafe she learned Faye's doing much better. He acts as though he's happy to hear. She offers to pray with him at church. He tells her he's got a job to go to and makes a disparaging comment about her not having one. She calls him on his nastiness and doesn't think he loves her. He doesn't respond but says he has to get to work, leaving her devastated that he didn't tell her he loves her. Caroline arrives and Sami opens up about her marital issues. Caroline listens and agrees to care for the kids while Sami goes to check on Faye.

    Daniel and Carly meet at the pub and Daniel admits he's worried about her. Carly insists she's fine but Daniel doesn't believe it. When Mel rushes in, she can see something's up. Melanie tells them about the money that Philip set her up with. She was going to return it but it could do some good. She says Dario has an idea to hire an investigator to find Ari's killer, so Mel wants to put up a reward for information on the hit-and-run driver. Carly and Daniel are proud of Melanie for being so selfless. Later, Mel has left and Daniel again asks what's going on with Carly. She admits she's having a difficult time dealing with her demons.

    Melanie finds Dario at Cheatin' Heart and tells him she put up a fifty-thousand dollar reward. He knows, but isn't impressed.

    Nicole arrives at the mansion and yells at Delia, saying there was no sign of sleeping pills in Faye's system. Delia's as confused as to what happened as Nicole is. They head upstairs and Nicole goes through Faye's bedding and finds the pills her mother was supposed to have taken.

    Later, EJ, Taylor and Lexi leave Faye alone. RoboRafe goes into Faye's room and calls the unconscious woman 'one tough bird'. He takes out a syringe, saying a little air bubble will stop her from talking. In another room, EJ tells Taylor he thinks Faye's on to them. Sami arrives to the hospital and heads to Faye's room.

    Salem Spoilers For The Next Days Of Our Lives:

    Dario tells Steph he thought it was time they got better acquainted.

    Maggie asks, "Is everything alright?" "No," Victor says.

    Nicole calls Taylor. "You're not keeping anything from me are you?"

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    Posted by little bear at Monday, April 04 2011 01:58 PM

    Hey everyone

    EJ's got bigger problems than whether Fay knows his secret about him and Taylor, he should be a lot more worried about his secret of kidnapping Rafe, wiping his memory and placing an unstable maniac in his children's lives.

    I still think it is out of character to have EJ allow someone like that around the children he supposedly adores, and i have to admit i'm still not entirely sure i understand exactly what EJ and Stefano hope to achieve with this plan. At first i thought it was supposed to be so that when Rafe left Sami she'd fall apart and then EJ could have the kids, but now it's maybe just to make her suffer and end up alone, is EJ going to do this with any other man Sami gets involved with in the future, and why is it okay for him to give Johnny and Sydney a step-mommy Sami hates (and who is a convicted criminal) but not for Sami to give Johnny and Sydney a step-daddy that he hates

    Wow Phillip has really grown-up a lot lately, so different from the nutty guy who paid someone to take Claire while she was with Shawn and Belle so they'd look bad and he could get custody of their daughter, and the indifferent guy who didn't want to raise Tyler. I'm pretty impressed by him for really being a father to Parker and for making sure that Parker can have his mom in his life. I still do not see any reason for him to leave soon and am still wondering how the writers are going to make me believe his departure when it comes

    Although i wished she'd get a clue i think Sami is handling the Rafe situation fairly well. She knows something's wrong but thinks its the accident that caused Rafe's changes, so she'd trying to stand by her husband, whom she loves, while also trying to balance her children and their needs. I didn't see her letting Allie go to Hong Kong as her "sending Allie away", she agreed to let Allie spend time with her daddy (which if she had of refused to let Allie go people would have said she was being a bad mother and keeping her daughter from her daddy) and gave Allie the space she wanted from Rafe. I really hope that Sami figures things out soon before Rafe does something to harm her or her children.

    Nicole also needs to get a clue quickly. I'd rather see her find out EJ's secret about fake Rafe at the moment than the one about Taylor, because i really want to see her "unbiased" reaction to just what kind of person EJ is and decide if she really wants to be married to a man who would do what EJ's done to a woman he had professed to love and to his own children. If Nicole already knows EJ is "in love" with Taylor when she finds out about fake Rafe then her reactions will be tainted by that

    Anyways everyone have a super day!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, April 04 2011 03:54 PM

    The Engineer Mom - you may post on yesterday's show later, but i haven't seen you on here in a few days, I'm missing you and your comments, hope everything's okay with you and hope you come back soon!

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Monday, April 04 2011 09:17 PM

    Aw man! I just finished posting under yesterday's comments, and now today's are up already :/

    little bear - I agree with everything you said up top, but I still think Sami should kick Robo out of their place (at least, temporarily . . until he "recovers") cuz he does seem very dangerous to have around both her AND her kids :-(

    More later, after I've seen the show!!!

    Posted by little bear at Monday, April 04 2011 10:02 PM

    25YRSOFDAYS - i don't mind if Sami kicks him out but i don't want to see her give up on him, because although we know that it's not actually Rafe she doesn't and after everything Rafe has stood by her through i'd like to see her continue to be involved and dig until she gets to the truth but not turn her back on him completely, i think the ending of this story will be fake Rafe doing something to Sami or the children or both

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, April 05 2011 05:11 AM

    Figured that was a dream sequence EJ sitting at Faye's beside stating do you know who I am. You know how they loved those dream sequences.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, April 05 2011 05:13 AM

    AND the EJ we all know would not have let this imposter be around his children. I have no clue who this man is, the writers have trashed him.

    Posted by jenwilli at Tuesday, April 05 2011 06:18 AM

    Good morning

    little bear, I read you post last evening, but I had nothing to say. I'm so disillusioned with the writers

    25YRSOFDAYS - I am with you. I WILL stop watching DOOL when the gay s/l airs. So sad, it has come to this

    Moving on ...
    As mentioned by other posters, I, too, can't believe Sami has not call her mom & John. In this day and age, they have telephones/cells, right? They have a close mother-daughter and stepfather relationship, right?
    However, it is rumored that DH might throw us a bone, and bring John back (not sure if it's true?) But it has big possibilities, if it is! Who better than John to find Rafe! This could be an intriguing and perilous undertaking, i.e., if the Dimera's are incriminated. I could hear John telling Sami it's too dangerous for her to tag along while he does a little sleuthing (and, as we all know... since when did Sami ever listen)!! It would be super if John & especially Sami would find Rafe (if they don't trip over Vivian or Nicole, that is). lol
    If the writers do not bring John back, Nicole will sleuth with a vengeance!!

    ********SPOILERS******** Drug dealer Troy is coming back (who worked for EJ)!! Tamara Braun starts airing as Taylor the week of April 25th. And this Taylor knows what she wants ... Uh oh, EJ!!! You're in trouble!! This s/l has possibilities, if I don't keep seeing Ava. lol

    *Too bad the writers ruined Ejami. They had great on-screen chemistry together! Sighhh!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Tuesday, April 05 2011 06:18 AM

    Good morning Little Bear, it is always great to read your posts. I moved in with my mother over the weekend, she watches DAYS, but she does not have a DVR. I can't tape it! Well, I know that I won't miss anything, because you all on this site are wonderful posters. I want to know everything, post all that you can for me. Thank you, I look forward to reading your posts everyday.. I am saving for a downpayment on a house, in a couple of months I should be taping again... I can't wait for the old Rafe to come back. I just hope that Rafe is just faking like his memory is gone bye bye. Thanks again you guy's keep me informed!

    Posted by iluvdays4ever at Tuesday, April 05 2011 11:10 AM

    Hello everyone,

    I don't always post comments, but I read them everyday. I love the how passionate my fellow DOOL fans are. You guys make my day.

    I haven't been able to watch lately because the s/l sucks right now, but I'm glad I have this forum to come to. Now I will say, if they make Will turn out to be gay, I will not be watching. I have nothing against it, but this would be really silly being that he and Gabi have been in a relationship.

    Little bear - Glad to see your back. I always love reading your post. You were truly missed and I'm praying for you.

    25YRS, jenwilli, and engineer mom - I love reading your posts. You guys are a hoot.

    That's all I have for now.....I may not post regularly, but trust me....I'm here!!!!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Tuesday, April 05 2011 12:25 PM

    Thanks for reaching out little bear. I have just been in a funk lately, so I read all the comments and scour the site for something new, but have not had the umph to post anything.

    I think the Bope story is lame right now. I don't really like how Bo looks half interested all the time.

    I like Melanie, but they have her being really drippy and ditsy right now. I do not like how they had her kiss Brady to make Dario jealous...LAME. That only makes the people who don't like her, like her even less. I totally don't mind the age difference between her and Brady (I am assuming in the 10 year range) but I don't want them to spoil that friendship.

    Someone had mention quite some time ago that Kate wears slutty outfits. To me slutty means showing skin, so I don't get that from her outfits. She definitely is 'out there' with her wardrobe though. It is more than apparent that she is trying not to be 100 years old

    I think it is beyond retarded that Adrienne and Justin have been divorced and will be remarried in about 5 episodes. What a wasted story line opportunity.

    I have no idea how I really feel about the Dario character yet. I thought I liked him at first, but I don't really get it. He never had a relationship with his sister, now that is his life's goal, to find her killer?

    I voted on the DH poll as I am getting frustrated with some things too. For the most part I tell myself it is a soap opera for Pete's sake, get over it. But then there are times I have to draw the line. I really have an upset stomach issue about watching Fake Rafe and Sami, especially when he tries to force himself on her. UG!

    I am glad they have returned to the Lawrence storyline with Carly, I think this will offer something good for her other than pining away for Bo (very over that by now).

    I too will be happy to see Jen and Daniel come together, especially with how it is being written. IMO it is very tasteful so far.

    I will say it again, I have nothing against a gay storyline, but I am not amused it is Will as this will just give Sami one more piece of drama to have to deal with, in addition to the fact that it just won't be believable...STUPID execs/writers!

    So, quite frustratingly, ***SPOILER*** when Faye says EJ...secret...Nicole will try to get to the bottom of it and the Taylor story will be the cover up and NOT THE RAFE me from this torture someone PLEASE!

    I like the Maggie and Victor pairing, but she is too goody goody for that to last. When Victor decides to pull out all the big guns to get his company back, he will do things that will certainly push Maggie away.

    Stupid Nicole
    Hypocrite Taylor
    Stupid Sami
    This is me just being utterly frustrated

    I will get out of my funk soon

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