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    Days of Our Lives - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Days Of Our Lives'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Court is in session

    Friday, January 12 2007
    Shawn and Belle go to court, Philip shows his 'face', and Bonnie and Connor get up to no good!!

    At Max's place, he and Mimi drink coffee while they chat about how rested they feel. Max jokes about having to take two cold showers in the middle of the night. They start kissing, and then get ready to go to court. Max asks a shocked Mimi to move in with him. She tells him, "I appreciate the offer, but I think we should stick to taking it slow!" They kiss on it!

    At the courthouse, Shawn and Belle are surprised to see Hope, Bo and Marlena arrive. There are hugs all around, until Victor comes by. Bo asks Shawn to keep his Brady temper in check, but when Victor arrives at court, Shawn tells him, "I am never going to forgive you for this." They argue some and then Bo goes off with Victor to talk.

    In tears, Belle tells Shawn that she had a dream last night that Claire was crying for her.

    Victor explains that Philip was once a big part of Claire's life, and he doesn't want to be cut out of her life now. Bo reminds Victor that Shawn is Claire's father and asks if there is another way that they can remedy this situation. Bo asks him why he is fighting his son's battles. Victor says he's standing by his son, but Bo reminds him that he has never stood by him.

    While Victor, Shawn and Belle go into court, Marlena tells Hope about how all of the doctors she has seen have told her to put John in long term care. Hope comforts her and reminds her that she knows John better than anyone. She asks Marlena to ask herself what John would want her to do, if he could tell her. Marlena isn't so sure, and decides to take a walk - alone.

    In court, Victor tells the courts that he's there as a grandfather and loves both Belle and Shawn. He feels it's best for Claire that she is with the only father she has known - Philip. He tells the judge that both Shawn and Belle's lives are in complete disarray. The judge tells Victor to leave out opinion, so Victor tells him all about how Shawn used to live with a prostitute - Willow Stark- and has driven a car through his home, and wrecked his father's boat. He tells the judge that Belle is unstable because she has no job, and her parents are unstable. He says that Marlena has had mental issues in the past and John has recently been shot and is in a coma. He also goes into how Belle allowed Claire to wander off at the diner that time. The judge asks why Shawn's name is not on the birth certificate. He is told that Shawn hasn't bothered.
    Shawn and Belle's Lawyer, Dan, speaks for the couple. He reads a list of the entire family and friends of the couple who have gone on record to support them. The judge asks the two," Can you tell me if you're irresponsible parents or if Mr. Kiriakis has it all wrong?" Shawn explains that he has been in trouble but is changing his life for his daughter. He says that when he found out he was Claire's father, he was willing to give Claire up because he loved her enough not to take away the only family she knew. After Philip left, he has been committed to being a good father. He tells him that he's now a mechanic at Max's Garage; he is saving money for a new place to live and has goals he is working towards.

    Belle tells the judge that Victor has lied to them from the beginning. She goes on to say that Victor lied about Claire's paternity, Philip's whereabouts, spending time with Claire and never told them that he was taking them to see Philip. She starts to cry as she tells the judge that they've protected her and taken care of her when Philip was nowhere to be found. She begs the judge to let Claire come home.

    Bo and Hope sit outside the courtroom while they wait for the verdict. They're shocked when Willow shows up in a business suit, with her hair back in a bun! They ask her why she's there, but before she explains; she congratulates them on the birth of Ciara.

    Victor admits that Shawn worked for EJ Wells, who is a known criminal, and they bring in Willow. She gets on the stand and tells the judge that it was obvious that Shawn never cared about Claire or how EJ made his money. She mentions that Shawn never mentioned a daughter but cared only for his new sports car. Shawn and Belle get up and yell at Willow, in anger, and tell the judge that she set fire to his loft, after he dumped her. They produce a police report and Willow is asked to step down.

    Willow leaves and Hope asks her what damage she has done. She says, "Only what Shawn deserved." She leaves and Marlena shows up again. Bo doesn't think Philip can win when he is 'hiding from the world'.

    Back inside the courtroom, Lawyer Dan asks the judge how they can grant custody to a man who can't even make an appearance in court today. Victor tells the judge that Philip is there now, and Philip is wheeled into court. Everyone is surprised when they see him in bandages.

    Abe and Lexi arrive at the morgue to ask the morgue attendant what happened to the skeleton. The man (Joel) has no idea but thinks they were stolen. He relays what happened last night with Bonnie and Connor. Abe is furious but the attendant wonders if it could have been a high school prank. He thinks they could bring them back. Abe has a police sketch artist brought down to the morgue.

    At the Lockhart home, Bonnie and Connor argue about stealing the skeleton. She holds up her hand to him and asks, "You want a fresh one?" They still have the bones and decide to hide them in the basement and then bury them in the back yard, late at night. Connor is reluctant and demands cash in return for hiding the bones. He wants to get his bike out of the impound, so she agrees to get the money but demands that he hurry and get the bones in the basement before anyone finds them! Just then, Abe arrives at their door!! They hide the bones in a dresser and let Abe and Lexi in. They greet Connor and ask for Mimi. Bonnie stutters as she asks him what he wants with Mimi. He tells her that he can't explain and then she explains that she's at Max's house. As they leave, and Abe comments on how frantic Bonnie seemed!
    Later, the two search around their area to make sure that they're not being watched, and then throw the bones in the basement!

    Back at Max's apartment, the two are ready to leave when Abe and Lexi arrive. He tells them that the skeleton has gone missing and explains to the shocked duo that Abe thinks that the killer stole the bones. He says that they'll have a composite drawing soon and asks Mimi about the ring, once more. Unfortunately, she remembers nothing yet, so Abe and Lexi leave.

    Next on Days Of Our Lives:

    Nick tells Abby that he's going to take her advice. He's ending things with Chelsea!

    Marlena hugs a devastated Belle and asks her not to dare give up. "We'll get Claire back," she promises.

    Bo tells Shawn that he'll be making a huge mistake going after Philip.

    Lucas and Sami are happy, because she has a second chance. She tells him, "This is the part where you really want to tell me not to blow it!"

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    Posted by im2xplosiv at Friday, January 12 2007 08:27 AM

    Willow.. is a scorned ou know what... how heartless .. How can a man in bandages and wheelchair take care of a daughter.. I hope Belle and Shawn win eventually.. Philip of all people should understand with what he went througgh with the red head that used to be his wife and Kate....

    Posted by im2xplosiv at Friday, January 12 2007 09:14 AM

    OOPS !! i meant to put the red head that used to be Victor's wife

    Posted by lrr352 at Friday, January 12 2007 09:19 AM

    Willow is a true b she will do anything for money you know Victor paid her.

    Posted by dv1965 at Friday, January 12 2007 09:29 AM

    the Claire story line is just stupid! Is today the first time they mentioned Ciara?

    Posted by #1 LumiLover <3 at Friday, January 12 2007 09:43 AM

    Ok, I’ve got something to say and if any of u r interested in the whole LumiLover/hot_for_ej/Smoothman business, then by all means listen up. This is getting way out of hand. Thank u to those who stuck up 4 me and hot_for_ej. Smoothman, I’m sorry if hot_for_ej and I have been bothering u but u know at? You’ve been bothering us too. Instead of jus saying “hey could u pleez keep ur comments focused on the show? Thanx!” u had to act like a perv and say stupid stuff like “hey r u gay?” and crap like that. And hot_for_ej is rite; u’ve got a bad attitude. Some of ur comments, like a few days ago, were all about how u wished john and a buch of the other characters would jus die. So no, we won’t stop talking to each otha cuz u said so. We’ll do it out of respect for the otha ppl who asked more pleasantly. Also, and this has to be said, IF U KEEP POSTING UR “PERSONAL” FEELING ABOUT ME AND HOT_FOR_EJ ON THIS SITE, THEN U R NOTHING MORE THAN THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!! After all, wasn’t it u who said, “this site is called ‘days of our lives’ not ‘the days of my personal life’? I believe it was. So look. If u got a problem w/ us, that’s fine. I don’t care. We’ll stop talking. I don’t care bout that either. What I DO care about is that these posts between u and us have become a hell of a lot more dramatic than anything that’s going on in the show rite now and to me, that’s pretty pathetic. U kno, I didn’t join this site to bother any1, or to argue or be harassed. I joined cuz I love DAYS like every1 else here an cuz this is the best DAYS site. And no one, especially not u, could possibly understand how much this show and all the actors and actresses on it have influenced my life. So I don’t want problems w/ any of the posters on this site. I jus wanna be able to have civil convos w/ all of u bout the show. I mean, I don’t kno anything bout any of u. I don’t kno who u r, where ur from or how old any of u r. all I kno is u all watch DAYS and I “personally” (hang on there, this has to do with the show!!) like the idea of talking bout these episodes w/ other ppl who have diff. opinions bout wat’s going on. So I plan to keep posting on this site as long as itz up and running. That’s all I have to say and I hope all of us can finally get back to talking bout what really matters here----DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

    And to miss CHRISSI- I’m sorry if I sound like a real b**** in this post, but I really just want every1 to put this behind them. I love this site and wish to continue posting on it.)`= thanx for the updates and sorry bout the problems. Hopefully itz all settled now.

    Have a nice weekend every1!! =P

    Posted by #1 LumiLover <3 at Friday, January 12 2007 09:44 AM

    No comment bout todays show yet.

    Posted by imisslars at Friday, January 12 2007 09:54 AM

    many many years were Melissa & Lars written out? anyone? anyone?

    Posted by sharonschaller at Friday, January 12 2007 10:03 AM


    Posted by noahsbunny1 at Friday, January 12 2007 10:06 AM

    yeah this whole claire story is stupid. i can't believe this is going on. i am to he point where i don't wanna watch this soap anymore because there is just some stupid story lines going on. one is claire the other is bonnie. these story's make no sense to me and my friend's.

    Posted by jjl95 at Friday, January 12 2007 10:07 AM

    I don't like the Claire storyline. There is so much crap on Victor and with the money Marlene and John have, I can't believe they wouldn't have discredited Victor immediately. And Philip has no rights and apparently just went through major surgery. Shouldn't he be on heavy meds right now? Plain and simple...he is not the father. I thought they were going to try to make things more real life. Guess that's on hold right now. I'm going to just read the updates for a couple of weeks and not watch the show until this Claire thing is settled. It just gets me when things are sooooo off the mark. Perhaps Days can hire Gloria Alright as Belle and Shawn's lawyer!

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