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    You Didn't Die. You Never Do.

    Monday, March 21 2011
    Dario puts Mel in her place, Stefano and Kate share a tender moment, and RoboRafe winds up in the hospital.

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    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, March 21 2011 05:16 PM

    Danimac I completely agree with you and it just seems to me in all their scenes that she is uncomfortable.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Monday, March 21 2011 07:40 PM

    First, I have to say . . . every day that goes by, and I don't see anything from Little Bear, I feel so sad :-( Little Bear - I hope you're still reading the comments, if for nothing else, to take some comfort in knowing that we're all still thinking of you & remembering your family in our thoughts & prayers.

    On the issue of posting troubles . . . I "think" I figured it out. I too never had any problems at all (well, just the minor ones that were easily solved by using the back arrow or copy/paste), but this auto-refresh thing is killing me! I truly think this is the reason for the lack of comments in the past few days (like from Thursday until now). I just noticed this evening, as I was reading through the posts, my screen refreshed automatically, and I wasn't even signed in. The comment count jumped from 13 to 14, so I'm guessing the screen is refreshing every time someone posts something new. That would explain why I had so much trouble last Friday when I posted immediately after the show . . . I'm sure the site was being flooded with comments, so everything kept refreshing at a rapid pace. I hope this gets fixed soon. I think I'm gonna try to email the web administrator . . . if there's a way to do that. We should all complain about it cuz it was never a problem before and only seems to have started in the past week or so.

    Okay, copy/paste before I lose anything thus far (lol) . . .

    As Engineer Mom stated . . . I just have to comment on how much I've been enjoying kike's posts And you think "I" should be consulting or writing for DAYS??? You go girl! I loved the comment about Kate's brownies vs. Maggie's - LOL!!! Your humor totally cracks me up, but I really love all your observations & character assessments as well. I totally agree with you about Stefano & Kate. I just adore them, and hope they stay together for the long haul. LK (who plays Kate) is so great at what she does. I think she can pull of anything - blue hair & fur coats - and still look like a million bucks and be taken seriously! I also agree about Doug & Julie becoming the heads of the Horton family. They are so classy & so cute together, and as you said, they are the only couple I can reasonably see taking over that role. Truthfully speaking, I'd rather see Maggie in the position, but the way her character is currently being written, I don't know if she's the right person. And, if she hooks up with Victor (which I would love - lol) . .. hmmm, well that might shake things up a bit for the Hortons ;-) BTW - what ever happened to that shakiness Maggie had in her hands? Is she on medication for that? It seems to have disappeared, and I don't remember if the s/l was ever resolved.

    Oh, I almost forgot . . . from Friday's show, I wanted to comment on some of the other posts, but I didn't have any time at all this weekend to visit the site, so here goes:

    @complicatedlady - I was in total agreement with you about Fay. Where did she go??? I think it would be fun to see her with Roman, and I think they'd make a perfect couple. They're both greatly in need of a storyline and some romance to go along with it!

    @Fan440years - I'm so happy you wrote about the lack of diversity on DAYS. This is something that has bugged me for a while, and I almost mentioned it the other day when someone posted about Abe reuniting with Fay to create a s/l for Abe, Lexi & Fay. It occurred to me at that time how Abe & Lexi have always been the "token" African-American couple on DAYS with Celeste popping in & out from time to time and then Brandon's short stint on the show. DAYS has also tried to inject a little diversity with the Hispanics in years past (the Ramirez family and now the Hernandez family). But, you know, sometimes it just feels odd to me. How come we've never met Abe's parents? Does he have any brothers or sisters? He's been on this show FOREVER, and he doesn't seem to have any family. It would be so nice if DAYS would open up the lives of some non-Brady & non-Horton characters (esp the ones who've been around for such a long time). At least with Rafe, they seem to be doing that much more than they've done with Abe & Lexi. Does Celeste have any family? If she had a brother or sister, Lexi could have some cousins, nieces, nephews. There's just so much they could do to bring new characters & s/l's into the mix and to change things up. I honestly hope they take it there someday before this show goes off the air!!!

    Wow, good thing I "just" copied what I wrote above cuz my screen just refreshed again, and there are no new comments :-( There goes my brilliant theory! :-(

    Anyway, on today's show . . . I really loved Mel & Dario. I can't wait to see them working together to solve the mystery of Ari's death. Likewise, I can't wait to see Brady's reaction when he finds out Nicole's involvement in the whole thing. I wonder how much impact it will have. I'm sorta hoping that Brady & Taylor will hook up. With Nicole & EJ together, and Nicole pretty much out of Brady's life, will it just be something that gets overlooked or treated as "water under the bridge"? Or, will there be a s/l there that could involve a quadrangle (lol - does that exist in soap land???) I'm very curious to see how this will pan out. I think it will be an exciting & refreshing s/l for all of these characters.

    I'm actually enjoying the RoboRafe s/l these days because I do feel it progressing. I think it has moved at a pretty decent pace, and I feel like too many ppl are getting suspicious of both RoboRafe AND Stefano, so I feel like the truth will come out fairly soon. I'm a little curious as to how this will play out as well as what on earth happened with RoboRafe today & those headaches??? If he was faking them, he sure looked convincing!!!

    Fast-forwarded the Nathan scenes. They're just pointless at this stage.

    I agree with all the comments about Bo & Hope. I wonder if either of them (or at least one of them) is involved in other projects that have kept them from having more of a s/l on DAYS. Hmmmmm. It just seems odd that they wouldn't be getting more screen time at such a crucial point in their s/l and in the future of their relationship. I think I'd kinda like to see Chelsea back. And, for sure, Sean D!!! Bo & Hope need their kids around them, and in terms of s/l potential, I really do miss those characters :-(

    Okay everyone . . . that's it for today. It's 10:30, and I'm so tired. My whole family seems to be catching a nasty virus, and everyone crashed at 8:00, so I'm the only one left standing. It's probably gonna be an early morning, so I'm gonna hit the sack and look forward to your comments (and the show) tomorrow!!! Good night!

    Posted by sonum_k at Monday, March 21 2011 07:43 PM

    just found out nathan horton is leaving the show.i can't believe they are doing this. what is wrong with the story writers. they have no clue which character is liked by the fans. i loved nathan and melanie together. there are so many fans who were waiting for them to be together.
    i wish they would keep good story lines and do away with non-creative story lines. how many times have we seen stephano mess with people's brains and remove memory. for the sake of poor fans DOOL please get better writers. i definitely prefer watching the romance between nathan and melanie to watching stephano romancing kate and wiping memories and destorying innocent lives.
    and of course ... nathan is HOT !!! Please bring him back !!!

    Posted by Laurenstwin at Monday, March 21 2011 08:42 PM

    Hello everyone! I am new to the board but I've been reading the updates daily for the past 2 years now. Good job recapping the episodes. I'm so tired when I come home from work so I don't have time to watch the Soap Network so the daily updates are perfect!

    I wanted to comment on 25yrsofdays comment and questions about diversity on DOOL. I've been watching the show for about 30 years now with the last 3 years being off and on due to boring story lines. I will say that Days has lacked diversity but I do remember back in the 70s, Julie's son David (yes Julie has a son named David Banning, I believe that's his last name) and he had an african american girl friend. That was "taboo" back then so she wasn't on there very long and he ended up marrying Trish and had a son with her. I never hear Doug or Julie mention David, have any of you heard her mention him and he never comes around so I'm not sure if he "died" on the show or what??? Anyone know please let me know.

    Second, Abe Carver also had a brother who was Bo Brady's best friend and his name was Theo Carver. Theo was a police officer as well and was killed in the line of duty. The was during the 80s like 84-85 maybe? So, Theo is named after his uncle and I remember them naming him that for that very reason. I wonder where Celeste is also, I'd love for her to show up so she could add a little spice to some story lines.

    Anyway, that's my 2cents. Happy to be hear and I hope you all have a good night!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, March 21 2011 08:52 PM

    25YRSOFDAYS, yes the love quadrangle has been done, Sami Lucas Carrie and Austin. Although the dynamic was significantly different. Hmmm, so technically not a love was just desperate Sami and Lucas...UG. Got it, Melanie Philip Stephanie and Nathan, and it seemed like everyone was confused there...LOL...and little bear posted on tomorrow story.

    Hope you slept well and feel better by the time you read this.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, March 21 2011 08:58 PM

    Welcome laurenstwin! I am kind of intermittent myself, but I hope you will find a few not so tired nights to add a post.

    And my last post should have an 's on tomorrow

    Posted by Shazzibear at Monday, March 21 2011 09:06 PM

    Stefano will probably bring the real Rafe back and switch bodies with Robo Rafe and somehow bring his memory back. Lets hope, now it is starting to get interesting.

    Posted by dedee at Tuesday, March 22 2011 07:27 PM

    BRING BACK JOHN AND MARLENA,Sammy needs her mother now as well as Brady needs his father. I think bringing back John will increase the ratings, because it was due to taking him and Marlena off the show that decreased them. They should never have been removed from the show in the first place. They are legands of the show. John is Stephano's brother, it would be awsome to see them go against each other again. there shouldn't have to be a vote, JUST BRING THEM BACK!

    Posted by melissamc at Wednesday, March 23 2011 10:53 AM

    Does any one know what brand this shirt Melanie is wearing when Dario dumps the water on her head??

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