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    Give, Oh Give Me Back My Heart.

    Monday, January 31 2011
    Rafe wakes up, Jennifer's heart is taken from her, and Rafe's doppelganger makes an appearance.

    At the hospital, Rafe opens his eyes, but doesn’t respond when Sami calls his name. Daniel examines him and is sorry she has so much on her plate but she’s strong. She refutes that, saying Rafe makes her strong. She blames herself and sobs, apologizing to Rafe. In the waiting room, Stefano tells EJ that Rafe’s accident and recovery works in their favor.

    At the mansion, Nicole tells Sydney that when she smiles at her, she feels great about everything. She muses about her upcoming birthday party and admits she misses Brady but loves spending time with her. Later, Syd’s in bed and Nicole receives a letter. She promptly throws it in the fire. Meanwhile, a mystery woman is traveling and staring at Nicole’s photo on her cell phone as she reaches Salem. Later, Nicole opens the door to her sister, Taylor Raines, and a cop. She doesn’t look happy to see her though Taylor is beaming.

    At the prison, Lee takes a call from Ben and tells him he’ll be getting a new heart tonight. Jenn steals a cell phone and gasps at hearing Ben’s name. She uses it, telling Lee that she won’t go to the police. In fact, she has a thing for Ben and thinks finding organs for him is a good thing. As she talks, she’s texting with the cell, behind her back. Suddenly, the phone beeps and Lee calls Jennifer a liar. She grabs her and throws her across the room and the phone smashes, as does Jennifer’s head. Later, Jennifer wakes up strapped to a gurney. She begs Lee not to do this to her. Lee quotes Lord Byron. "Maid of Athens, ere we part, give, oh give me back my heart!" Lee puts her under while she tells a nurse that it’s a pot of gold. Later, nursie tells Lee that the heart’s on the way to the hospital.

    Gabi and Will study at the loft and Will checks his messages, learning of Rafe’s accident.

    In the woods, Jane urges Bird to put a bullet in Bo already. Bo begs her not to. Behind the bushes, Carly and Hope call out, distracting Lee and Burt and Bo dives for the gun. A shot is fired off but nobody’s hurt. Later, Burt and Jane are tied up and sirens are heard.

    Gabi and Will show up at Rafe’s room at the hospital and Gabi worries when Rafe is unresponsive. Sami stays positive, and tells them about the accident. Gabi doesn’t blame her. In the waiting room, Stefano tells EJ that they need to take care of things tonight but EJ’s ambivalent. He listens in on Sami talking to Rafe about how much Johnny and the other kids need him. Later, Stefano calls to order a handmade doll for Sydney. He tells EJ they’re going to spoil her like crazy on her birthday. EJ laughs. Back inside Rafe’s room, Sami talks to him and kisses his face. She loves him and is confident he loves and respects this ‘crazy woman.’ Rafe comes to and she apologizes for the accident. He tells her it’s okay and they profess their love for one another and kiss.

    Daniel finds Ben on the pier, making a call to Maxine to get the OR prepped for surgery. Daniel asks to observe the heart transplant, and Ben has no qualms with that.

    Will and Gabi are back at the loft. Gabi doesn’t think she can call her mother to tell her the news, especially after losing Arianna so soon. Will comforts her.

    Stefano and EJ step into the DiMera basement where EJ says he’s finally on board. He’s almost giddy about it. Nobody will ever know that Rafe will be set up, Stefano says. They give each other a high five. "Go Team DiMera!" They open a door and let in a doppelganger for Rafe.

    At the hospital, Maxine hands Daniel the file from the heart transplant patient. Daniel notices it’s from the prison and says something’s off. He goes to get a second opinion.

    Abe meets Hope and Bo at SPD and tells them Hope may never get out of prison and Bo has risked everything. "To save my wife," Bo finishes. He says something bad was happening at the prison. Detective Nick Pierce questions them. They tell him the same thing. In another room, Carly tells Abe what she knows about the organ harvesting at the prison. Abe says they’ve sent a car to Jennifer’s house to search for her. Carly calls Daniel and tells him about the organ harvesting. While they’re on the phone, Ben, holding the heart in an organ transplant bag, asks if Daniel’s ready to go. Meanwhile, in Bo and Hope’s room, they try to tell Detective Pierce that Warden Jane Smith and her buddy were holding him captive. He doesn’t believe them so Bo thinks he’s a dirty cop. Hope tells him to check the records in the infirmary and he’ll see their story checks out. Jane arrives and they check her story. Pierce believes her side of things and tells Bo and Hope they’re off to prison and Jane’s getting a commendation.

    Salem Spoilers For The Next Days Of Our Lives:

    "Unless I get what I want, she's dead," Jane threatens as she holds a gun on Hope.

    "It's time to make our move," Stefano declares to EJ and doppel Rafe.

    Nicole asks Taylor, "What are you talking about?" Taylor replies she wants to move in there for a while.

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    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Sunday, January 30 2011 06:13 PM

    Ooh, things are looking good...

    Posted by little bear at Monday, January 31 2011 12:09 AM

    I hope Taylor causes lots of problems for Nicole as far as EJ is concerned. I know lots of people still like EJ and Nicole as a couple but i don't see any future for them so i'd rather see Nicole with someone she actually loves and EJ fall in love for real

    While i'm still waiting to see if i like the Rafe lookalike story i'm really hoping it doesn't just end with Sami having another reason to take the kids from EJ and hence prolong the agony which is EJ and Sami fighting over their children, hopefully when the truth finally comes out it just evens the slate between them so neither has the upper hand and they can both move on, be happy and focus on raising their kids

    The story with Jennifer's heart is a little unbelievable but *****SPOILER***** i do like the idea of Jennifer and Daniel dating, although i was thinking on seeing Carly and Daniel get together i really quite like the idea of Jennifer and Daniel pursuing a relationship, i don't think i want to see them end up together but i'm interested in seeing how things go between them

    Posted by Here Comes Trouble at Monday, January 31 2011 05:29 AM

    Little Bear, the heart story is totally unbeleiveable! The time it took to transfer the heart to the hospital and all the time that will be wasted tomorrow, Jennifer would already be dead. Come on writers, could you not come up with a better more realistic (WOW) As for the Rafe look alike, I saw that coming miles away. Days those this all the time...well he we go again. Not interested, cause in the end Stefano will get away with it.

    Posted by nikster at Monday, January 31 2011 05:50 AM

    Could be believable....with Jen. We have a guy that I work with that has had a mechanical "heart" pumping him, keeping him alive now for I think over a year, waiting for a transplant....

    I have a question about Daniel's parentage....since Vic loves him so much....what if he was actually Vic's son and hence could have been an error in the paternity tests on little Parker....

    Would also be interesting if (wishing Mark Hapka would stay) that the time period that Mel & Nate were in the hospital together that they actually "got" together and end result was a baby that they didn't know was Mel & Nate's until Nate had to do some sort of procedure or what not to save said baby's life. But from what I have read, she ***spoiler***may miscarry the baby.

    Posted by skycats2 at Monday, January 31 2011 06:17 AM

    Do the writers really think that people are going to believe this bogus heart transplant scenario, or Rafe's look alike "doppleganger"? Come on guys...come up with a believable story line for once. Don't treat your audience like they live under a rock. I, for one, am definitely losing interest....FAST!

    Posted by day2day at Monday, January 31 2011 06:27 AM

    This Heart thing is a little over the top - even for DAYS! So now we have an "alternate" Rafe...This smacks a bit of the Princess Gina/Hope story. Complicated for sure.

    Posted by DiamondGirl09 at Monday, January 31 2011 08:20 AM

    Double Rafe. I like. Not the fact that the real Rafe will be locked up. But he's smart so I have no doubt that he will get out in no time.

    Wouldn't it be funny if Ej's plan backfired and the fake Rafe feel in love with Sami. Ha Ha.

    Love Hope. I like to see her back to her old self. Still not sure if I'm ready for her and Bo to get back together.

    Posted by Lady G at Monday, January 31 2011 08:33 AM

    WOW, really, they took Jen's heart. I hope that doesn't mean Jen is being killed off. Good job Bo, of course that guy is a dirty cop!!!!! I so badly want EJ and Stefano to get busted and never see daylight again. I hope Rafe defeats them!!! Abe has to believe Bo, Hope and Carly bout the transplants, Ben is dirty and all of them need to be stopped!!!!!!!

    Posted by Lady G at Monday, January 31 2011 08:35 AM

    That would be a good twist to Daniel's storyline, letting Victor be his biological father and that is why he takes being his God father so seriously. I like that idea. I want Daniel to be with Carly, Jen without Jack is just un American.

    Posted by KABO at Monday, January 31 2011 08:54 AM

    I find this heart stealing storyline not only unbelievable but absolutely sick beyond words. Sure people have heart transplants, but it involves major testing for compatibility. Doctors don't just grab an organ out of one person and plop it into another. This storyline on top of the removal of Johnny's eye during the Christmas season is just too depressing and gruesome. I have watched DAYS for 40+ years to be entertained, not to be subjected to this kind of bizarre morbid garbage or any more destruction of my favorite characters/families, sex substituted for romance, and historically inaccurate and/or repetitive storylines! YUCK!!!

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