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    Selfish Attraction.

    Tuesday, December 14 2010
    Daniel learns Philip strayed, Rafe tries to get EJ to have Johnny’s eye examined, and EJ asks Nicole to move in.

    Gabi and Will turn up at SPD and tell Rafe that one of Johnny’s pupils is white in a photograph. They’d rather keep it from Sami but ask for his help. He agrees to reprint the photos and take it from there.

    At the pub, Melanie asks if the reason Nathan pushed up the wedding date with Stephanie is because she’s pregnant. Nathan’s annoyed by her questioning and tells her that although his profession of love was true, he has decided to stay with Stephanie. He’s happy and reminds Melanie that she’s married. Sure, they’ve a connection but they really don’t know each other anymore anyway. Melanie admits she does have a good marriage. Nathan thinks it’s best they get over this selfish attraction and move on. Melanie decides now is the perfect time to let him know she’s trying to have a baby with Philip. This flusters Nathan who finds it odd. Stammering, he says, "What in the last thirty seconds?" He’s not impressed and says nothing when Melanie admits she can’t stop thinking about their profession of love.

    Caroline bumps into Stephanie at the hospital. Steph thinks it’s a good sign that Steve and Kayla can’t be there for the wedding. They rehash Philip cheating on Melanie and Daniel overhears. He’s flabbergasted and when they go to him to gush about the wedding, he's distracted with what he has heard and leaves. Nathan and Melanie show up for work and the wedding discussion turns Melanie off. Ben turns up and tells the happy couple to have Nathan examined before they marry. Melanie flashes to her and Nathan professing their love to each other. Stephanie comes upon Melanie while doing inventory and drones on about wedding plans. Melanie shows her displeasure by wondering how Steph would feel if she knew how Nathan really felt.

    Abe walks in on Ben hugging Lexi. He is noticeably jealous. Ben takes off and Abe confronts Lexi with having an affair. Lexi’s blown away and angry. She explains Ben was consoling her about Theo. Abe starts to calm down eventually and realizes he’s paranoid because Sami brought up ancient history earlier. He feels he has failed Lexi and Theo. Lexi tells him not to give it another thought and not to doubt her love. They kiss and make up.

    Philip arrives at Chloe’s place with take-out and Brady arrives with a gift for Parker and news of his break-up with Nicole. Chloe’s sorry to hear but Brady doesn’t want to discuss it. Chloe goes off to change a dirty diaper and Philip worries they can’t trust Nicole. Chloe returns and Philip takes off. Brady holds Parker and Chloe asks what went wrong with him and Nicole. He only says it is for the best. Chloe calls Daniel with plans to meet him at the pier later. He’s distracted when Philip shows up and hangs up. He confronts Philip with cheating on Melanie but Philip lies. Daniel grabs Philip by the lapels and threatens him when Chloe strolls up.

    Nicole arrives at EJ’s place and smacks him across the face, calling him a bastard. She explains that she and Brady broke up. EJ tells her, "I would jump for joy, but I haven't had my coffee yet." She barges in to see Sydney but EJ tells her to move out of the mansion and then she can see Sydney. Nicole needs to find a new place first so he suggests she move in with him. Not in his bedroom or his house – in the guest cottage. Nicole’s relieved. He offers free room and board and says it will annoy Samantha. Nicole likes the idea so EJ tells her to go pack up and move in today.

    Gabi, Rafe and Will arrive at the loft and reprint the photos but Johnny’s pupil is still white. They decide to keep their suspicions that he’s ill from Sami for now.

    Nicole and Brady have a drink at the Kiriakis mansion but when Henderson walks in, they stage a fight, flustering Henderson who ducks out quickly. The argument has made Brady randy and he grabs Nicole and passionately kisses her. They take it to the bedroom and have sex. Afterward, Brady admits his concerns over Nicole living on DiMera property. Nicole promises they’ll pull this off.

    Rafe goes to EJ, who shares Sami’s visit with Rafe and the conditions under which Sami agreed to tell Johnny she doesn’t love him. Rafe isn’t impressed but sucks it up and shows EJ a photo of Johnny, asking him to have a look. EJ thinks this is about Sami but Rafe assures him it’s not but doesn’t tell him why he should have a look. He just wants EJ to have Johnny’s left eye examined. He leaves EJ mystified and looking at the photo of Johnny. He tells Mary to let him know when Johnny’s awake.

    Rafe returns to the loft, worried. Lexi turns up, stark raving mad at Sami. She’s not there but Rafe says they need her help.

    Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days Of Our Lives:

    "Are you saying something is wrong with Johnny?"
    "Are you insinuating that Nathan is in love with you," Stephanie asks Melanie.

    "I know the truth. I know it," Daniel yells at Philip.

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    Posted by aussie-gal at Monday, December 13 2010 09:09 PM

    Having a white pupil usually means cancer in the eye. Now EJ being as pathetic as he is will be too stubborn and evil to even have Johnny go to the hospital. What an evil man!!

    Gotta love Rafe though. He is always looking Sami and her kids.

    Come on Nathan & Melanie. It's long overdue. I want them together. Stephanie doesn't deserve him. He is too good for her.

    Still not liking Brady & Nicole. Don't know why but I cannot stand them as a couple.

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, December 14 2010 12:22 AM

    Hi all,

    I used to like Brady and Nicole but as of late i'm not really enjoying them, i think because Brady is being to inconsistent, he was all into Sami having her kids and saying he wouldn't blame her for shooting EJ, and now he's dating Nicole even though she's the reason Sami doesn't have Johnny and Sydney

    I'm praying for both Sami and EJ to be able to spend Christmas with their children, either together, or one have them christmas eve and the other christmas day, but especially after last year when EJ had Sydney kidnapped i want the children to have a christmas at home being able to spend time with both of their parents

    They are really making EJ look too evil with the way he keeps treating his kids, he doesn't appear to have a shred of love in him at the moment, i know he's mad and i know he wants to punish Sami but the way he keeps talking to his children about their mother is just too disgusting, i just really want this awful story to go away

    Although i hope that Johnny's eye problems will end up snapping EJ and Sami to their senses, i'm a little tired of all these child-centric stories, i like the kids being involved but it's overkill at the moment, and since we've already had a lot of bad things happen to the kids the last few years i hope little Johnny brings his parents together (not necessarily romantically but as co-parents) and then has a speedy recovery

    I am too sick for words of seeing Nicole obsess over Sydney, why is this story still dragging on, i can't stand Nicole in this story but i love her character, i really want to see her do something more interesting

    Of course Abe would be suspicious of Lexie she's cheated on him a ton of times, but please, please, please lets not break up Abe and Lexie the only relatively happy family in the whole entire town, are we going to see a Ben/Lexie/Jen triangle, i really hope not, maybe Dr Ben could date Nicole, that might make an interesting and more balanced couple than

    Phillip and Chloe do make a nice family with Parker, hopefully the truth about who his real daddy is will come out soon so everyone can be with the person they're supposed to be with (Melanie/Nathan and Chloe/Phillip and Daniel/Carly and Stephanie on her own

    I think what Steph needs is a good scheming partner like a young Sami used to have Lucas, because to me Stephanie is the most boring character on this show, there is nothing to her, there doesn't seem to be any reason for her behaviours, she has just latched on to Nathan and decided that she will have him no matter what

    Interested to see what Daniel does with the news that Phillip cheated on Melanie and hopefully if he doesn't say anything then when the truth comes out at least he shouldn't be mad at Melanie for not telling him about Chloe since they'll be even and then Daniel won't loose everything

    aussie-gal - at least we've had a little bit of hot weather but now it seems to have cooled back down again! Hopefully it is nice and warm for Christmas and not just grey and cool like we often have!

    Anyways everyone have a wonderful day

    Posted by essexbopara at Tuesday, December 14 2010 01:01 AM

    who is that holding daniel back on the picture for next time is that marco

    Posted by bghwme at Tuesday, December 14 2010 03:31 AM

    I am so tired of watching EJ torture Sami and abuse Johnny. On top of that, these writers want to give the poor child cancer! Awful stories.

    I would much rather see a story where Johnny runs away from home and gets lost in a snowstorm or something and EVERYONE has to work together to find him. Of course, he could always be found by a kind stranger who looks like Santa Claus; who takes care of him and understands his problems and helps him find his way home after the snowstorm lets up. Something sweet and touching and wonderful for little Johnny instead of this awful stuff.

    As for EJ, it would be so much fun if Will and Gabi find out about the Sarcophagus fiasco and come up with a plan to put EJ in there! LOL He won't know who did it and they can wear hoods over their heads and and disguise their voices when they talk to him. Maybe at some point Brady gets in on it. Nobody wants to kill him or keep him in there forever; but they do pretend they are ghosts and make EJ face his demons and learn a few lessons about what his future will be like if he doesn't change his ways.

    Posted by miss pennydog03 at Tuesday, December 14 2010 06:02 AM

    I'm thinking the writers are doing this to Johnny to prove that Lucas is really his dad and not EJ. Wouldn't that be a Christmas miracle? Then the twins can be together again. I just hope they don't have Johnny die.

    Posted by joeann at Tuesday, December 14 2010 06:35 AM

    I can't stand that whinney a## Melanie, she was constantly calling Chloe a cheater what do you call a woman claims to love her husband but constantly professes her love to her ex. When she had Nathan she should have stayed with him she wanted Phillip and now she has Phillip and wants Nathan. I think she wants whatever Stephanie has. Melanie is to immature to have a baby. I hope the writers get rid of her SOON!!!!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, December 14 2010 07:47 AM

    Interesting that he only shows the picture and once again people are suppose to know there is something wrong. Red eye, the flash, lighting and camera malfunctions happen. BUT ok....we all know that this is leading to some heartache.

    yesteday's little drama at SPD was hilarious.

    The baby choice for Parker is just such a bundle of cuteness. Good casting.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Tuesday, December 14 2010 10:15 AM

    I am really enjoying our soap right now. I even found myself being entertained by Sami and Rafe...go figure.

    But if you all thought Melanie was whiny before, wait until her world gets slapped upside its head when she finds out that Philly boy cheated on her!

    Then it will be the end of the world when she finds out who with...dun dun duh!

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, December 14 2010 11:42 AM

    bghwme - love your idea for johnny, maybe that would finally wake up Sami and EJ as to what they are doing to their children with their constant need to get revenge on one another. Him running away could still bring everyone together, could still get EJ and Sami to realise what they're doing and wouldn't involve the poor child going through another horrible trauma

    allmylovingdays - i love that Parker too! So adorable!

    Posted by pkk_soapfan at Tuesday, December 14 2010 12:04 PM

    The story is making EJ to mean. The way that he is treating Johnny, hurts Johnny more than Sami. I understand being mad, and EJ being mean, but this story is just to much. I agree with the storyline of having Johnny run away from home, and being found by Santa Claus. There are so many sad an dark storylines, lets have a bright one for the season.

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