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    Broke And Alone, Cookie.

    Wednesday, October 27 2010
    Family surrounds Ari as she dies, and Nicole and Kate bicker.

    Kate walks in on Brady by Ari’s bedside, admitting he did something to Vivian. Kate steps outside the room and goes to Melanie at the nurse’s station and questions her about Vivian. She learns Vivian has disappeared. Kate’s intrigued. She brings up Arianna, upsetting Melanie who didn’t know she was dying. Inside Ari’s room, Brady apologizes for treating Ari like dirt and thinks she was right about him. She opens her eyes and tells him she was wrong about him and squeezes his hand. Brady lets her hold his mother’s rosary. In the lounge, EJ tells Rafe that his sister was desperate to tell him something and thinks it’s time he fessed up. Rafe thinks it’s time to stick his fist down his throat. EJ blames Will for badgering Ari enough so she ran into oncoming traffic and doesn’t want Sami mothering his children considering she can’t even be a proper mother to Will.

    Nicole finds herself in Vivian’s boudoir. She puts on the headset and Vivian tells her she saw the look on Brady’s face when he received word that Arianna was dying. Vivian thinks Brady has never gotten over Arianna and thinks Nicole will end up broke and alone. Vivian shares that as a Duchess she has her own oil fields. She offers to give them to Nicole, who doesn’t bite. They bicker and Nicole turns off the feed and tells herself she and Brady are fine. In the meantime, Vivian’s surprised Nicole didn’t take the bait. She hopes somebody new shows up to let her out. Downstairs, Kate arrives. Henderson refuses her entrance but Nicole turns up and lets her in, surprising Kate, who didn’t know she moved in. Kate slings insults at Nicole, who insists Victor thinks she’s good for Brady. Kate doubts that and can’t believe the manse is turning into Papa Kiriakis’ boarding house. She’s only too happy to fill Nicole in on the scene she witnessed at the hospital between Brady and Ari. She calls it a scene out of La Bohème and taunts Nicole. Nicole has had enough and leaves so Kate goes rummaging through Vivian’s room. Vivian thinks God has a sick sense of humor and hopes somebody saves her. She turns on the feed and finds Kate. She makes fun of Kate’s hair and begs her to turn the feed on. Kate finds the remote and turns it on, shocked to see Vivian. Vivian tells her to put on the earpiece and once she does, Vivian explains she’s in Isabella’s sarcophagus. Kate snorts and asks if Brady put her there. It has to be the most interesting thing he has ever done. Vivian thinks Kate can get revenge on Nicole by letting her out.

    Gabi goes to Ari’s room, crying. Outside her room, Will beats himself up about the accident and Lexi comforts him. Nearby Melanie comments to Brady that she knows he still loved Arianna. Brady wipes away tears and thinks maybe he did. In the lounge, Sami interrupts Rafe and EJ’s quarrel, telling EJ he’s making things worse. If it were Lexi in the hospital, Rafe would back off. EJ slightly nods and leaves to find Lexi. She tells him he shouldn't be there. He can’t leave without the evidence that Sami shot him and worries she’ll destroy it. A code blue is heard over the hospital speakers and it brings everyone to Ari’s room. Melanie attempts to assist Lexi but cries over Ari’s bed, remembering they’re supposed to go shoe shopping. Lexi brings Ari back, then updates the family. Ari doesn’t have much time. Sami talks to Brady about EJ calling him to the hospital. She thinks he did it in the hopes that Ari would open up to him about what she knows. Meanwhile, EJ goes to Will, who admits he knows EJ’s been stalking them. If he shot EJ, he wouldn’t have stopped at one bullet. EJ knows Sami shot him and like Ari, Will knows it. He badgers Will to talk until Lexi kicks him out. In the waiting room, Sami and Brady tell each other how much they mean to each other while Gabi questions Rafe in Ari’s room about why they were arguing. Rafe says none of that matters now. Sami pokes her head in and they have a group hug as EJ hovers near the door. Rafe takes a call from his mother and Ari calls for her mum but Rafe’s gone. She sees Sami and grabs her arm and croaks. "You won’t get away with this." Rafe and Gabi return and Sami tells them Ari told her she loves them. Ari flatlines and Lexi’s unable to save her this time. Arianna passes on. Everyone sobs and EJ returns with flowers but realizes he’s too late.

    Nicole goes down to the pier and considers Kate and Vivian’s words about Brady loving Ari. She tells herself they’re both wrong. Brady comes by and Nicole tells him how sorry she is about Ari.

    Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days Of Our Lives:

    "Keep away from her," says Will to EJ.

    "I have some bad news," Bo says to Hope.

    "I know your dirty little secret," Kate tells somebody.

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    Posted by little bear at Wednesday, October 27 2010 01:20 AM

    Hi all,

    Can't say i'm particularly sad about Arianna's passing since i never really got into her character, neither did i ever really see a spark between Ari and Brady. I think i would have been sadder about Arianna's death if she had meant more to more of the characters, they could hardly muster up anyone to be there for her death.

    Looking forward to Kate joining in the Vivian/Victor/Nicole/Brady story, i also hope that means this story is moving along because i'm feeling like its almost time to bring Vivian back out

    Anyways have a super day

    Posted by bghwme at Wednesday, October 27 2010 02:35 AM

    There is a point in the conversation EJ is having with Rafe where EJ tells Rafe that Arianna was trying to protect Rafe from Sami. He says that BAD things have happened to his family ever since he met Samantha! Excuse me? What about all the bad things that have happened to Sami's family since the day she was born and the DiMeras showed up in town? Sami's mother. Sami's father. Sami's stepfather/Brady's father. Bo. Hope. Geez..ALL of them.

    The scene between Sami and Brady was awesome. They are the picture of the two people who were affected and suffered the most from the DiMera vendetta.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Wednesday, October 27 2010 03:33 PM

    Today wasn't even worth commenting on? LAME...I haven't watched it yet, but I still can't believe that Elvis is so consumed with himself that he can't offer sympathy on Arianna's death bed.

    Ok really? Kate can just cruise around the Kiriakis mansion now? We are coloring way outside the box now writers!

    Posted by chicher at Wednesday, October 27 2010 04:32 PM

    bghwme - You Go Girl! I totally agree with everything you said about EJ. I do not understand why people take up for him so much but get mad at Sami when she retaliates or does something "to protect her children." At least she does things for reasons she feels are right. He does things for revenge. She has changed and matured at least a little compared to her old days as a schemer. I think all these women give him a pass and take up for him because he is such a hottie. I agree that he is hot but hotness does not mean he should get a pass for all he does. Scott Peterson did not get away with murdering his wife just because women thought he was hot. I know this is a soap opera but even so, geez, give me a break.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, October 27 2010 04:34 PM

    Ive been feeling the same way about Days, but just finished watching the episode on soapnet and it was worth watching.

    There really wasn't a point for EJ to expect an answer from anyone he is asking other than the writers are lost. Or manic. One day they have EJ smart as nails and the the next day he is bewildered and asking stupid people stupid questions knowing they aren't going to give him an answer. They must be writing EJ as a bit befuddled after his head injury -Alexis said yesterday, EJ you are recovering from being shot in the HEAD!

    Brady he knew, he knows that's why prior to the scene in the picture above he walked away from his dotting wonderful sister. He knew she was trying to fish around and see what exactly Ari said to him. Because this is Brady being dark, he was able to tell Sami, we are family....come all my sisters and me.

    I laughed at one point right before that photo because Sami said something like , "this is such a bad day" and it wasn't said, like OH MY GOD, Ari is dying, instead it was like Whoa is ME my life is mess and when will the sunshine again for me.

    Kate did not get to waltz around the Kiriakis mansion. Another reason you need to see the episode and not just read the recaps. You are only getting half of the information. The butler tried to stop her, Nicole even said, what are you doing here, but somehow, Philip is moving back in? I am not a regular viewer lately so why and when that happened, maybe someone else can answer. So Kate used that to get in. The butler lol he tried to bar her by saying I was told anyone with the name DiMera is not to be let in. Darling, Nicole's last name is DiMera. GTF off.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Wednesday, October 27 2010 04:40 PM

    I forgot to add, I loved it that Ari was able to talk to Brady and let him know she FORGAVE HIM. Just as much as I loved it that her last words -happen to be to Sami.

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Wednesday, October 27 2010 07:46 PM

    Sad :-( How come no one is posting today??? I feel like the show is finally heating up, and the discussion board is quiet.

    Okay, well, I'll weight in with my two cents (as always - lol) . . .

    Hated the fact that Rafe brought Sami into the hospital room of his dying sister when he knew full well how much Ari couldn't stand her and was about to turn her in. How cruel is that????? Bring your dying sister's worst enemy to her bedside as she takes her last breath? Thoughtless, insensitive, cruel, DUMB RAFE!!! I really can't stand him anymore. He's hot, but I don't give him a "pass" because he's hot - lol! Just like I don't give EJ a "pass" because he's hot. The difference for me is that James Scott is a fantastic actor, and he plays EJ with passion, depth, consistency, and energy that doesn't quit! He's always "on" for me, and that makes him interesting for me to watch. I like to see him get his way simply because I enjoy his character more when he's happy vs. depressed & out for revenge; however, I do have to say that when he kidnapped Sydney (although he was depressed & full of rage & vengance at the time) I thought he played that evilness beautifully! I mean, we have to like the villians on our soaps. Soaps are made of good & bad ppl, so EJ is one we should either love to hate or just simply love - lol! In the past, I loved to hate Sami, Kate, Victor, Stefano, Vivian, Nicole . . . . If I didn't love these characters in all of their evil greatness, I couldn't have bared to watch the show for all these years. For me, EJ is one I love to hate when he's being evil & out for revenge, but when he's happy, things are going well, and he's not focused on his life of crime (e.g. when he & Sami were playing "house" for that brief period together in the mansion) I really just love his character. Hope that helps for bghmwe & chicher!

    Also, I don't find any difference whatsoever in Sami's & EJ's characters. The whole time Rafe's sister is in the hospital dying, she's only thinking about protecting herself (just like EJ). They are two peas in a pod, which is what makes them so great together!!! I absolutely hate Rafe going down this road. I just can't fathom that he doesn't hold Sami or Will responsible at all for what happened to his sister, and again . . how he brought her into the room "knowing" how much Ari hates her. I thought that was just the epitome of cruel :-( I don't like this new version of Rafe at all :-(

    Really enjoyed all the scenes with EJ & Will today. I love how Will is shaking in his skin and how Gabi gave it to him and seems to be slowly figuring things out for herself. How cool would it be if she continued on with her sister's wishes??? I'd LOVE to see that!!!

    I also enjoyed Brady with both Nicole & Ari today, but the rosary he put in her hands . . . a sweet touch, but every time this soap throws in some reference to Catholicism it kills me - lol! I was raised Catholic & went to Catholic schools for 18 yrs of my life, so I have pretty good exposure. I have to say the "Catholics" on this show are sooooo laughable! I honestly think they should just forget about these characters' religion. What's the point? It only comes up when someone is getting married or dying . . . or when they've done something horrible and want to repent. I just find it such a joke, and I don't see what value it adds to the show. Maybe if the people were just the tiniest bit religious outside of these moments (like attending a church service every now & then or just saying a prayer for no particular reason) . . . maybe it would be more believable, but come on . . . Brady giving Ari a rosary when he's just buried someone alive in a coffin??? And the whole thing with Chloe & Father Matt is just so laughable. Anyway, I digress (lol) . . .

    LOVE the fact that Kate knows about Vivian!!! And, you GOTTA love Vivian's snappy one-liners today. Every time she spoke, I literally laughed out loud!

    Can't wait to see tomorrow's show. I feel things are really heating up, and I'm enjoying it! Hope others are too!!!!!!!!!! Chat with you all tomorrow

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