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    A Sudden Reversal.

    Tuesday, October 26 2010
    Family and friends say goodbye to Arianna.

    Kate and Stefano discuss how family is everything when Chad shows up at the door. He thanks Kate for sticking her neck out for him and getting him a job. He apologizes for rudely running off on Stefano but again says he’s not sure this job would be a good idea. Stefano leaves and Chad and Kate rehash the first time he turned down Kate’s job offer. He leaves thinking he can go it alone. Kate’s certain he needs her more than he knows. She finds Chad’s birth certificate and apologizes to Madeline but if she didn’t want her secret to come out, she wouldn’t have left Stefano’s name on it. Chad deserves better than the one he had. She packages the birth certificate after donning a pair of gloves and has it sent out anonymously.

    Will rifles through Arianna’s purse at the pub but the camera’s not there. Gabi finds Will on the floor with the contents of the purse all over. He lies that the purse fell when he brushed it. He wishes he could tell Gabi everything was going to be alright. Will reassures her that Arianna’s being well taken care of with the University Hospital staff.

    Ben explains to Rafe that he could put Arianna off life support but wouldn’t be able to wean her off. Arianna’s lungs are so weak. Too weak for a transplant. She’s going to die. Ben calls this a sudden reversal and tells Rafe to call a priest. Rafe goes into Ari’s room to reminisce with her about a time when Arianna saved a cat’s life. He breaks down crying and asks her to ask God for a miracle. EJ remains outside moping about Ari being the only person to help him figure out who shot him. He asks a nurse for Arianna’s phone in order to contact Ari’s friends to fill them in. The nurse can’t find the purse. Inside Ari’s room, Ben examines Ari while Rafe calls for a priest. Ben’s apologetic and caring. Rafe calls Gabi with the bad news and breaks down again, apologetic to Ari for their recent arguments. Outside the room, Stefano arrives and EJ shares that it’s only a matter of time. EJ says Ari knows who shot him and tells his dad she’s one of the best friends he has ever had. Stefano figures Will might have it.

    At the pub, Gabi goes to powder her nose. She doesn’t want her sister to see she’s been crying. This gives Will a chance to leave a message for Sami to call Rafe.

    Vivian watches from her sarcophagus as Maggie asks Victor if he was "taking one for the team" by marrying Vivian. Brady interrupts and Vivian is thrilled. She hopes Brady will spill everything. Maggie takes off and Victor says he isn’t having second thoughts about leaving Vivian locked up. The man he has become is much more sensitive, Brady points out. Vivian thinks to herself that when she’s out of there she’ll put Maggie in there. Brady thinks they should let Vivian out. He doesn’t think Victor and Maggie will have much of a future with Vivian locked in there but Victor knows Vivian won’t change. Vivian’s about to throw up with all of this talk about Maggie and vows to get even with her. Brady receives a call from EJ, telling him to get to the hospital quickly. Once Brady has left, Vivian enforces Victor’s worries that Maggie won’t give him the time of day once she finds out. Victor will simply not give her a chance he says but Vivian has other plans. Victor leaves and Vivian finishes two "100 bottles of beer" songs. She’s bored but perks up when Nicole enters the mausoleum.

    Will arrives at the hospital with Gabi and Father Matt holds Ari’s hand and asks if she wants to be forgiven for her sins. EJ wants justice for himself and for Arianna who has had a rough time this past year. Brady arrives at the hospital to see Ari and is thrown that EJ wasn’t lying. He’s sorry and asks for a minute with Ari. Rafe leaves and Brady asks what happened to them. He remembers their dreams and his happiness with her. He starts to cry and tells her he still cares for her. Kate walks in and eavesdrops as Brady admits he’s been ignoring her and torturing some woman. Outside, EJ brings up how Ari urgently wanted to tell him something. He asks Rafe for the truth.

    Will finds Gabi crying at the pier. He tells her he never meant for this to happen. Gabi blames Will if something happens to Ari.

    Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days Of Our Lives:

    "Oh my God it’s you." Kate says as she sees Vivian on the screen in Vivian’s room.

    Sami tells Will they’ve got to find a way to make this right.

    EJ yells to Rafe, "You’re denying your dying sister her wish."

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    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 26 2010 12:32 AM

    Hi all,

    I know EJ is anxious to find out what Arianna knew that could help him gets his kids back, but i don't think he needs to keep complaining about it considering Arianna is dying

    Glad that the Chad/Stefano story is moving again, although i'm not very interested in another son for Stefano i still want to see it moving at a reasonable pace, i'm more interested in Chad's reaction to the revelation that he's a Dimera than i am Stefano's, who's already been through this kind of situation before

    I have to strongly, strongly disagree with people's comments yesterday about Syd and Nicole, while they are cute together i really don't want to see Nicole stuck back on a child that isn't hers, i don't want to see her going backwards i want to see her focus on the future and i would rather see the writers give her a child of her own. I really hope the writers aren't going to do something unbelievable like have Sydney turn out to really be Nicole's, lets just finally wrap up that story and have all characters move on.

    Kinsey's description of Sami's mothering on yesterday's show was amusing, but i also feel that Sami's mothering of Sydney, and Johnny and Allie lately, is out of character for her, when Will was little she continued to look after him no matter what was going on in her life, sure she used him to try to get/keep Austin but she was almost always looking after him, when Allie and Johnny were babies she always looked after them too, now her kids are really Caroline's kids, i've always liked Sami and i've always felt like Sami was a quite good mother, soap opera wise, but lately not so much

    Anyways all have a super-duper day

    Posted by little bear at Tuesday, October 26 2010 01:04 AM

    A quick addition, i absolutely love Victor's infatuation with Maggie, i have never been a Victor fan but lately with his interactions with little Ciara and his adoration for Maggie he's really starting to grow on me!

    Posted by bghwme at Tuesday, October 26 2010 04:50 AM

    Maybe it's not Sami. Maybe the horrible person we are seeing on our screens is some "clone" of Sami that Stephano sent in to take her place. Maybe he has the real Sami locked up somewhere.

    Posted by charj at Tuesday, October 26 2010 07:46 AM

    I have to comment on Sami as a mother. I know this is a soap but for a mother in such pain over a kidnapped child she doesn't have them around much. I think she is more interested in getting even with EJ than she is at having Syd back. I hate the RAFE couple, NO chemistry!!

    Posted by 1anita at Tuesday, October 26 2010 09:36 AM

    Sammi, Rafe and Will make me sick. mostly Sammi. Arianna I wished didn't have to die so she could take Sammi down. Will is going to be just like his mother. Will leave Gabby alone. I hope Gabby finds out and gives them heck for it.

    Posted by 1anita at Tuesday, October 26 2010 09:39 AM

    EJ does need to chill out a bit. Arianna is dying, I get that he's desperate but be a little more considerate of the fact that she is going to die and she was trying to be a friend to him. Sucks for Rafe. His sister dies right after he calls her a liar and says he'll choose Sammi over her. Rafe get a grip and don't quit your day job- OH WAIT, already did that. fool.

    Posted by tweetybird21 at Tuesday, October 26 2010 09:55 AM

    EJ doesnt want just his kids back, he wants Sami and the kids back. He cant stand the fact that Sami has chosen Rafe over him, and dont blame her. He treats womean like garbage just like his father. Sami didnt make those boys cover up for her, they did it on their own. She even tried to stop them, to no avail. Wonder what will happen when Stephano finds out that Chad is he other son , he will go ballistic. He does have many children out there that no one knows. I hope EJ backs off of Rafe and Sami, he has no passion for anyone. He was using Arianna and she felt for it, how sad!!!!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Tuesday, October 26 2010 10:08 AM

    I am so glad to see that the stories are moving along well enough for us to have passionate comments about the show and characters and not just about the frustrating writers...LOL!

    I agree that I do not want to see anymore of the Nicole and Sydney story line. That's really just not cool for either character after all that's happened.

    I agree that EJ is being totally lame...he is only concerned about what Arianna will now not be able to do for him and not about her, and hello, the fact that she's dying...lamers.

    I do hope that Rafe feels responsible and sick to his stomach about how he treated his sister before she died. I didn't like that Arianna was going to sell him out, but that doesn't give him the right to treat her poorly and say that he would wrongfully call her a liar to save someone else's tail. She is his sister for Pete's sake!

    Tweetybird21, I don't think that EJ actually treated Sami poorly when he was with her. I can see why he kidnapped Sydney (don't agree with it) but he thought he was was just doing what she did to him. He also treated Nicole really well when he was with her too. Not really sticking up for him, but I don't really see that he treats women poorly in general. It appears to me that he always has a reason for his actions even if it is not justified.

    After the events between Ari, Sami, Will and Rafe, I am not sure how people can still hold Rafe up on a pedestal as a great guy. Kinda tainted for me now, not that I was ever a Rafe fan. But before this, no one could doubt he was the good guy. Now the lines are blurred.

    Still and will always be an EJami fan, but I really don't see how the writers could ever put them back together after this. So sad!

    Have a great day!

    Posted by coconut2 at Tuesday, October 26 2010 11:25 AM

    Who is this Dr.Ben?I hope he isn't one of those Dr.Death peoples because there is something strange about him.I know Ari is leaving the show but what if he had something to do with it,he always seems to be around when somebody dies.I notice the Spoiler said that Nicole will find the camera,in a way I'm glad because I didn't want Sami,Will or Rafe to have it.Now the Question is what is she doing to do with it.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Tuesday, October 26 2010 12:35 PM

    Totally NOT cool that Nicole finds the we go again. Nicole is going to use this to leverage EJ and Sami and somehow in relation to Sydney...LAME!

    I was really hoping it was Caroline who finds the camera. Maybe she does and erases everything and then Nicole finds it... maybe, please?

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