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    Monday, October 25 2010
    Ben tells Rafe Ari isn't going to survive, Nicole bumps into Sydney and Kinsey, and Vivian attempts to make a deal with Victor.

    Victor calls Nicole and sends her to Maggie's place to tell a sob story about him so Maggie will reconsider dating him. Nicole goes to Maggie's door and Maggie provides her cake while asking why she's there. Nicole says Victor sent her over because he thinks he’s in love with Maggie. She’s supposed to influence her to love him back! Victor has given up attempting to run everyone’s lives Nicole goes on to say and lies that all he does is mope around the mansion in his robe. It has to do with Isabella considering he’s been spending a lot of time in the mausoleum. Maggie seems to sympathize with that. Nicole leaves and updates Victor by phone that Maggie’s on her way to the mausoleum now. Victor will take it from there and hangs up on her.

    In the mausoleum, Vivian daydreams stabbing Maggie in the back. Victor arrives and they argue. Vivian apologizes to Victor for saying Maggie couldn’t love somebody like him. Maggie probably already has. Vivian’s just jealous. Victor tells her he only married her because Bo would have killed her if he didn’t. Vivian understands. Victor doubts it and reminds her if he let her out, she wouldn’t 'go gently into that good night' anyway. Vivian chirps that she doesn’t think he deserves a woman like Maggie and thinks their romance would end if Maggie knew he left her to rot in the sarcophagus. Vivian tries to make a deal. She won’t go to the police if she can return home. It's not like she can go to the police. Victor realizes he can't keep this from Maggie. In she walks, angry that he sent Nicole on a mission to tell her how he was feeling. Maggie says they're friends and he apologizes for sending Nicole over. He’s sorry he did because of her reaction and doesn’t think that this could work. He asks her to leave and never return while Vivian’s jaw drops. Maggie refuses to leave. Victor gets into how he’s glad Isabella’s not around to see some of the things he has done. Maggie’s certain she’d love him in spite of it and takes his hand, warmly. Victor’s impressed that she always knows the right thing to say. Vivian starts to howl after hearing this.

    At the hospital, Dr. Ben explains to Rafe that Ari may have issues speaking and may have no memory of the accident. He thinks memory loss may be the best thing for all of them and explains to the doctor he and Ari haven’t been getting along. He thanks the doctor for helping Ari. Inside Ari's room, EJ tells Ari she’s such a loyal friend to him. Her eyes roll in her head a little and he tells her to keep quiet and let him do the talking. He asks if she has proof that Will or Samantha shot him. She has nothing she says, with tears running down her face. Outside Ari’s room, Will concocts a story about a person creeping around the nursery. She goes to check on it while he takes Ari's purse. Gabi shows up and takes it from him, saying she'll keep it for her sister. They decide to take a walk. Back inside her room, Ari’s about to tell him who did it when Rafe interrupts. He kicks EJ out but Ari asks him to stay. Ari codes and the doctor kicks Rafe and EJ out. EJ tells him what Ari was about to admit but Rafe maintains his composure. EJ says if Ari dies in there, Rafe’s to blame. Rafe throws a punch and they start fighting. Lexi and security arrive and pry the men apart. Lexi goes to check on Ari and Ben returns and explains that Arianna has taken a turn for the worse. Her lungs are too weak for a transplant. She’s not going to make it. It’s just a matter of time so Ben suggests he call a priest. EJ’s livid.

    Abe and Theo arrive at the park with a pumpkin they got from the pumpkin patch. Abe explains that a carved pumpkin is called a Jack-o-Lantern. Lexi drops by and they discuss Ari's accident. Lexi is emotional. This has made her realize how precious life is. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him and Theo.

    Caroline bumps into Kinsey at the pub. Kinsey offers to take Sydney to the pumpkin patch so that Caroline can go see Sami. Caroline warns Kinsey not to let Sydney near EJ DiMera. After they’re gone, Will and Gabi drop by. They find Caroline who tells them she has taken communion and has prayed for Ari. She excuses herself and Gabi breaks down thinking about the person who hit Ari. Will hugs her while staring at the handbag. When Gabi goes to the restroom, he rifles through it but the camera is not there.

    Kinsey and Sydney come upon Nicole in the woods. Nicole's thrilled to see Syd and asks if she remembers her. Sydney’s shy but has a big smile for Nicole, who is in awe just being in her presence. Kinsey notices that Sydney looks as though she misses her. Nicole is surprised but Kinsey says Caroline has the kids most of the time since Sami’s too fragile to take care of them herself. She’s positive Sydney misses her and tells Sydney that she’ll take her for a walk in the woods tomorrow, hinting that Nicole should meet them. After they leave, Nicole tells herself to stop pining over Sydney but she can’t help herself. She tells herself to keep truckin’ and starts to cry.

    Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days Of Our Lives:

    "She's going to find out. I'll make sure of that," Viv vows.

    Rafe talks to his sister. "Any news? Yeah and it’s not good."

    "She knew something and I’ve got to find out what that is," EJ says to Stefano.

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    Posted by DOOLfann at Saturday, October 23 2010 09:17 AM

    Hello everybody,
    I told you all that I will post my thoughts about DOOL today, so I will. But first I have to thank you all, I will miss reading all of your comments, please keep them coming. I'll definitely read them when I come back. One week without Days is hard for me, I think it's really exciting at the moment.

    Posted by DOOLfann at Saturday, October 23 2010 09:17 AM

    So I liked the Chad/EJ/Stefano scenes at the beginning of this week, the comment from Stefano that Chad reminded him of EJ cracked me up. I don’t know if Stefano will forgive from this huge secret she keeps from him, but I hope he will. I really like the actor that plays Chad, I think he’s very talented. Him being a Dimera could give many new storylines, How will EJ & Stefano handle this? How will Chad react about being a part of this family? How are they going to find out about this, and what are the consequences for Kate? Looking forward to finding all of that out.
    I really enjoyed it that Arianna stood up for EJ, and how she told Sami how she felt about her. I hated it how Rafe lied to his sister, asking that she needs to prove her accusations (that Sami is the shooter). But I’m glad that he eventually told her that it was true, we all have to agree that EJ did horrible things but Sami went way to far, I still can’t believe how she could shoot her children’s father in the head? Rafe is really protecting his so called ‘love of his life’. How he said to Will that if Ari goes to the police they need to tell them she’s lying and that she has a criminal record was just harsh.
    Why does Sami always puts her kids with Caroline. I think they’re very confused now, especially Sidney, she could think that Caroline/Nicole/Anna or Sami is her mother.
    I loved the BO/EJ scenes, give us more of that. I love the way Bo treats him, it’s great to see such scenes.
    The moment that Sami told every single detail about the shooting to Ari was one of the highlights of the week, those scenes rocked. I found it very clever of Ari to record that whole conversation and it’s only a matter of time before someone would find that, I wonder who? Sami/EJ/Will/Gabi/Kate/Victor/Bo or even Caroline? There are so many possibilities here.
    How amazing was the fight between Sami and Ari? They brought a lot into those scenes, really one of the best things that happened this week. I loved it how Kayla was the one to stop it, I would thought that Rafe would, or Will/Gabi, maybe even EJ, wow would love that idea.
    Why didn’t Ari go immediately to the police to give them the evidence? If I were her I would’ve done that. I was kind of disappointed that we didn’t saw her get hit by the car. I wonder if someone intended to run her over? But that remains to be seen.
    Loved the heartfelt moment between Rafe/Gabi/Ari, it really did something to me. It is a shame that we didn’t saw this before and how they are getting rid of Ari when she gets interesting. But I can find myself in that decision they didn’t develop the character. And with her and Brady together it was like I was watching Ethan and Theresa.
    I really hope that Arianna is able to tell EJ everything before she dies, it would be devastated for me if she will not. That would mean that this story will be dragged out again.

    Posted by DOOLfann at Saturday, October 23 2010 09:17 AM

    So Vivian is definitely getting nuts into that sarcophagus I really enjoy this. Those dreams she has are hilarious. Vivian climbing out of a coffin at Magic’s wedding. So much humor, I can’t stop laughing. How great was it that Victor found out about Vivian’s new home, a sarcophagus. Hilarious scene how Victor stood there, so calmly after he found out.
    Love it that Brady and Nicole are bonding together over all of this. I was surprised when they brought the theme, children on the table. Does Nicole want Brady’s child? I don’t know what to think about that. How adorable was Sydole this week, and how sweet is the new girl that plays Sidney. I really loved it how she started to smile when she saw Nicole.
    The confrontation between Victor and Brady was great. The way he told Brady what he had discovered was hilarious. I love it how Victor said to Brady that he needs to leave Vivian to him, I wonder how this will continue. And well one of the great things this week were the Nicole/Victor scenes, how they bonded, loved it. I wonder what Nicole could do for him, that involves Maggie.
    So how fantastic was it to see Isabella again. I loved it, and she still looks gorgeous. I thought that his mother was the perfect person to get Brady out of his dark side, but it didn’t look that way. I hope the actress could make more appearances like this.
    If I were Victor I would’ve agreed to Vivian’s proposition she gave him, divorce him and leave town. I think that Vivian paid enough but I really don’t want it to be over yet, I enjoy it very much. I wonder how this will go on, will more people find out? Will she be saved in time? Who will save her, and what is she going to do once that happens? So many things to look forward to.

    Posted by DOOLfann at Saturday, October 23 2010 09:40 AM

    So there sure was a lack of balance this week, we hardly saw, Kate/Philip/Chloe/Maggie/Hope/Justin/Adrienne. I don’t like that, I think that needs to change to make this show better. Some of the above weren’t even on this week. Also more storylines would help to increase the ratings. This was a week full of Sami/EJ/Arianna/Rafe/Will/Gabi and Vivian/Victor/Nicole/Brady. Not that it bothered me that much but it needs to be noticed.
    But there were other things going on this week. Remember the Carly/Melanie/Daniel/Chloe/Nathan/Stephanie/Kayla storyline? I love the mother daughter interaction between Carly & Melanie, I’m sure that Mel will forgive Carly soon, I mean she is nothing better than her. I think Melanie is egoistic because she’s also hiding the truth, just as Carly does. So she can’t stay mad at her mother.
    I loved the scenes between Melanie and Maggie, how Mel told her that Maggie’s her only real mom. It was a lovely moment. I always love the two in scenes together, it looks so natural, great acting !
    I liked it how Sister Anne confronted Carly about Chloe’s identity. So Kayla overheard everything Carly told to Sister Anne, I wonder what she will conclude from what she had heard.
    So will we finally get Melanie and Nathan? I hope so, I love this couple, I see the sparks fly every time. How sweet was it that Nathan wanted to protect Melanie from the truth ! I love their scenes and I think they will be together soon.
    I’m not very interested in how this will unfold, because it has been on way too long. The longer a story runs the less you get interested, at least in my opinion. I’m only curious who switched the results and who’s the daddy?

    Posted by DOOLfann at Saturday, October 23 2010 10:00 AM

    I hope you enjoyed my posts, it took me a long time to write it down. I just read the spoilers and I like most of it, couldn't resist it, but I regret that I looked. I don't usually read them and try to avoid them but, since I'm not here for a week I couldn't stop myself. Well I hope you all continue to post your thoughts about Days, especially so that I can read them. LOL, that was a joke, have a great week everyone and I will be back next week !
    Take care of yourselves.

    Posted by lovingDOOL at Saturday, October 23 2010 12:26 PM

    - DOOLfann, it took me a while to read your entire post, I enjoyed it. I hope that you'll have a great week. Until next week !

    Posted by peprmnt at Monday, October 25 2010 06:44 AM

    after watching Friday's show,I'm happy to see that it wasn't Rafe behind the wheel. Also, seeing Ej lurking around Ari's room, I can't believe Rafe didn't ask Bo to put a guard at the door not allowing any visitors knowing what Ari might tell Ej.

    spoilers say that Caroline commits a crime of sorts....
    I bet (hope) she has the camera.

    spoilers also say that Ej blackmails Sami for custody of the kids. I thought she would have learned her lesson by now, she even warned Ari about how Ej reals people in.

    I hope she doesn't give in to him again like she did with the ransom notes.

    same ole stuff.... over & over & over again.

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, October 25 2010 10:25 AM - Screen caps! From SOF Matt's Musings!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Monday, October 25 2010 10:47 AM

    OK, even though I don't like Arianna's character, I have to say her acting has gotten way better. The problem now is that I do not like that this is how the story turned. I don't like that this is how she is leaving the show and I don't like that her dying is how Rafe and Sami get her to keep the secret. I would much have preferred that EJ show his true colors and then she could be the good sister and stand by her brother.

    I really hope that it is Caroline who finds the recorder. She would certainly take that secret to the grave!

    Posted by InamedmycatafterVivian at Monday, October 25 2010 01:21 PM

    Okay I don't have much to say because today was the same old stuff. However, the Ej/Rafe fight was hilarious. I think Ej(James) could easily take Rafe(Galen) because of the size difference. I guess Days wanted to make it believable since Rafe was in the FBI. I just found it hilarious because I don't think anyone could budge James. He's HUGE!

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