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    Cautiously Optimistic

    Friday, October 22 2010
    Kayla eavesdrops as Carly begs Sister Anne to keep her secret, Nathan tells Melanie he'll never hurt her, and Sami defends Will to EJ.

    At Rafe's place, Gabriella asks Sami and Rafe why they're worried about Will speaking to Arianna. Rafe says he needs to get a hold of Arianna. Gabriella leaves as Sami tries to call Will.

    In front of the pub, Will pleads with Arianna to keep Sami's secret as EJ arrives. Arianna runs into the street and a crash is heard. Later, Bo arrives and questions Will and EJ. They explain a car hit Arianna and drove off. From the stretcher, Arianna tries to tell EJ something. The paramedics wheel Arianna away. Sami calls Will and he tells her about Arianna's accident. Sami turns to Rafe and tells him about Arianna. Rafe takes the phone and Will tells him he's sorry.

    At the hospital, Sister Anne reprimands Carly for lying about Chloe's identity as Kayla overhears. Across the room, Nathan asks Maxine if Melanie is scheduled to work, and she tells him Melanie is in tomorrow. Nathan checks his phone and tells himself he's done trying to reach Melanie to apologize.

    Melanie arrives at Stephanie's apartment and asks her to keep Chloe's secret. Melanie explains that Chloe had a paternity test and Daniel's the father. Stephanie agrees not to say anything. Melanie's surprised that Stephanie is cooperating. Stephanie asks how she and Philip are doing. Melanie says they're great and asks the same of her and Nathan. Stephanie says they're both happy as Nathan arrives. He asks Melanie what she's doing there. Stephanie excuses herself and Melanie apologizes to Nathan for saying mean things to him when she found out the truth. Nathan says he cares about her and was trying to protect her. Melanie says she understands, and is keeping Chloe's secret to protect Daniel. She asks Nathan not to tell anyone, and Nathan promises. He adds that he'll never hurt her. Stephanie returns and Melanie leaves. Nathan feels horrible about lying to Melanie. Stephanie assures him everything's fine.

    Carly follows Sister Anne to the lake and begs her not to tell Daniel. Kayla follows and eavesdrops as Carly explains that she helped Chloe because it was her fault that Chloe was manipulated into having the affair. Sister Anne scolds Carly's immoral actions, but Carly begs her to think about Daniel and Chloe's baby. Sister Anne asks Carly to leave. When Carly goes, Kayla emerges and sees that Sister Anne is holding a clipping of Daniel and Chloe's wedding. Sister Anne asks Kayla to reschedule. When she leaves, Kayla wonders if Carly changed the paternity results.

    The paramedics bring Arianna to the hospital and into the operating room. Rafe, Will, and EJ arrive. Rafe asks Will why Arianna ran into the street. Sami arrives and Rafe walks off to take a call from Gabriella. Sami asks Will what happened, and he blames himself for Arianna's accident. Sami admits that she confessed to Arianna, and she got it on tape. Will says EJ was there and wonders if Arianna told him the truth. Will says Bo is questioning him.

    In another room, Bo takes EJ's statement as Will and Sami enter. EJ tells Bo to question Will even though he'd lie. Sami scolds EJ for making accusations against Will. EJ asks what Will said to Arianna to make her run into traffic. Maxine arrives and says Arianna's out of surgery.

    In the hall, Rafe fills Gabriella in on Arianna's accident as Lexi returns. Sami, Will, Bo, and EJ return and Lexi announces that Arianna is recovering. Bo and EJ ask to see Arianna, but Lexi restricts visitors to family only. She takes Rafe and Gabriella to see Arianna. EJ warns Bo to keep Will and Sami away from Arianna. Bo, Sami, and Will walk off. EJ grabs Will and warns him that Arianna will tell him everything.

    In Arianna's room, Rafe and Gabriella tell Arianna they love her. Rafe asks Gabriella to call their mom. Rafe recalls his argument with Arianna and tells her they'll make it through this.

    Back out in the hall, Bo asks Sami about her fight with Arianna, and Sami says it was just sisters-in-law arguing. Will explains that he was just asking Arianna about the fight when she ran off. Bo warns them he'll interview Arianna when she wakes up, and leaves. Sami and Will hope that no one finds the camera. A cop brings Arianna's purse and Bo tells her to leave it with a nurse. Lexi tells Bo to question Arianna later. EJ tells Lexi he needs to see Arianna because she may have the evidence he needs to get his children back. Bo tells the cop to call when Arianna wakes. Bo tells Sami and Will to call him if they want to add to their statements. He leaves as Sami recalls her fight with Arianna. Maxine puts Arianna's purse under the desk. Sami tells Will they need to get the camera from the purse. Will pretends he's a hurt student and asks Maxine for an ice-pack. When Maxine goes to get one, Sami sorts through the purse. The cop catches her and Sami explains she's Arianna's sister-in-law and wants to keep her purse. Maxine says she can't take it without Arianna's consent. The cop tells Maxine that Arianna's things were scattered by the pub. Sami tells Will she's going to check the pub for the camera. Sami tells Rafe she's going to check on the kids. A doctor tells Rafe that Arianna's condition isn't stable yet.

    Bo meets Carly in front of the pub and tells her about Arianna's accident. Bo thinks Will and Sami are involved and covering for each other. Carly says family has to look out for each other.

    EJ enters Arianna's room. She opens her eyes and mumbles that she has to tell him something.

    Salem Spoilers for Monday's Days of Our Lives:

    Maggie asks Nicole, "Now, do you want to tell me the truth?"

    Vivian asks Victor, "Does that mean you'll let me out?"

    EJ tells Rafe, "If she dies in there, that's on you," and they fight.

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    Posted by at Thursday, October 21 2010 02:53 PM

    This is Rolla Bahsous subbing for Christine...hope you enjoy my update today!

    Anyone else enjoy having scheming Sami back today? It's actually cute seeing Will and Sami work together!

    Posted by lovingDOOL at Friday, October 22 2010 12:50 AM

    Please Arianna tell EJ already ! I can't wait to see this episode !

    Posted by little bear at Friday, October 22 2010 01:09 AM

    Hi all,

    With so many other people knowing Chloe's secret it makes Daniel look like an idiot

    EJ always says he wants to love Sami's other kids as his own, but he turns on them in a second, not saying that he has to support Will if he thinks he shot him, but even though he loves Johnny and Sydney if he and Sami end up together i don't think he'd be a great father figure to Will and Allie

    25YRSOFDAYS - i love your idea of Sami and EJ in jail together, i do think that would be amusing

    coconut2 and ypham3000 - i think it would be very interesting if Rafe went off the deep end and became obsessed with Sami, maybe that's what happened with his dead fiancee (by the way i hope the writers come back and finish that story off soon and explain what happened there), then either EJ could save Sami and they could be together, or Sami could realise that Rafe loves her completely and they could be like a quirky couple, cos right now he's too much of a goody goody for her

    The Engineer Mom - completely agree with you about Arianna, i just can't like her character

    Rolla - it is funny seeing Sami and Will working together after how strained their relationship has been at times, and with Sami and Lucas as parents Will would have to turn out as a schemer, a too good kid wouldn't have suited them

    day2day - Vivian just isn't the same to me without Ivan, they were a great match!

    Anyways have a super day everyone

    Posted by day2day at Friday, October 22 2010 06:02 AM

    Wow - Will has always been so ANTI-SCHEMING, especially against Sami scheming, It IS fun to see him and his mom in the arena together...Ya just never know.
    I think there needs to be a campaign to BRING BACK IVAN! (wonder what he's up to these days?)

    Posted by sandee1977 at Friday, October 22 2010 08:12 AM

    I really want to know the twist to this paternity test s/l. Now we know that Carly got something to do with it. But it was changed more than once. Who else had their hand in the DNA jar? I think that the baby is actually Daniel's. Plus honestly Daniel can't get mad he was cheating with her when she was dating then married to Lucas. So.....duh Chloe is a cheater. The only person who is going to be hurt in this whole ordeal will be Melanie,and her dramatic self.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, October 22 2010 10:42 AM

    I haven't been watching days nearly as long as half of you on here, so I really have no knowledge of Ivan. But from the comments it seems like it would be hilarious to have him back and interact with Viv.

    I am getting caught up on the last 4 episodes since I was on vacation. I have to tell you...I love me some EJ. AND yes, his guns are mighty big these days...LLLOOOOVVVVEEEEE IT!

    OK, so when he said 'I will get you back Samantha' was he talking revenge, or get her back cause he still loves her. I think he means get her back as his woman cause he still loves her and that makes me love him even more...I could just gobble him up...can I say that? LOL

    I love him and Sami together. Forgive me all of you safe fans. For me, there is no one on this soap that is really a goody goody except for Maggie. So, I don't care about who anyone roots for as far as morals go I mean, if you want to talk morals, there is no way that Sami should be with Rafe. Although she is certainly rubbing off on him, now he is an accessory after the fact. Sorry Rafey Raferson! Sami has turned you to the dark side...LOL. I crack me up today.

    Have a great one!

    Posted by donnad1947 at Friday, October 22 2010 11:10 AM

    I think that Daniel is the one who changed the results of the test. He somehow overheard someone talking and wanted to change it to be with Chloe.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, October 22 2010 11:45 AM

    OK, the baby switching s/l is a little lamers for me. No matter what the consequences are, I think that every child/parent deserves to know who the biological parent/child is. I understand the reasoning behind the secrecy, but I totally don't think it is right.

    Poor baby Danloe/Phloe!

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Friday, October 22 2010 12:21 PM

    Yeah!!! Got to see DAYS early today!!!

    Okay, so just looked up Ivan G'Vera on IMBD (the actor who plays Ivan Marais on DAYS), and it doesn't look like he's been doing anything but bit movie parts here & there, so I think they should definitely try to bring him back . . . along with Stefano's sidekick, Rolf!!! I think he was killed off the show, but you know those Dimeras (always rising from the ashes). He was so good too - lol, just thinking about those two goofy sidekicks!!!

    Engineering Mom - TOTALLY agree with you!!!!!

    I'm finding the paternity s/l so boring these days. Let's just move on. As someone else noted . . . the only person it's really going to hurt now is Melanie (and Daniel & Carly cuz they're her parents and won't want to see her get hurt by this). Time to move on. Whatever it's going to be, let's just put it out there already so these characters can deal with it once & for all!

    On the topic of paternity s/l's . . . here's a question for anyone who started watching well before my time . . . when did Caroline know that Bo was Victor's son & not Shawn's??? Was he really Shawn's son all along, and then many yrs down the road the writers decided to stir things up by suddenly making him the product of an affair between Vic & Caroline; or did Caroline know from the moment she was pregnant that Bo could be Vic's & not Shawn's child??? Just curious about how long viewers had to wait to find out the truth about that one ;-)

    I sooooooooo want Ari to tell EJ the truth while she's lying there almost unconscious. BUT, I don't want anyone to find the video recording except for Bo. I think that would play out best to have a cop, particularly Bo, find the evidence & be the one to arrest Sami. Then, Sami & EJ can enjoy some prison time (together - lol), work out their issues while Caroline continues to raise the kids, get back out & get it together - once & for all!!!

    I'm actually not liking Will working for (instead of against) Sami this time. I think the only reason he's not mad at his mom this time around is because he's MORE mad at EJ for what he did to Sydney. Every other time, he hated his moms lies, crimes, manipulations, and it's kinda weird after all these yrs of battling each other, to see him supporting her now in her wrongdoing. And, I really don't like the fact that she has him in on it. I compare it to Hope's case where she fully took the blame for what she did and didn't drag anyone else (innocent) into the mess she created. But, if Sami took that route, it just wouldn't be Sami.

    About Rafe's ex wife Emily . . . As much as I'd love to believe there's something darker here, wasn't Emily's sister Meredith proven to be somewhat of a nut job who simply imagined there was more to her sister's death (i.e. a Rafe conspiracy crime) than just a tragic accident??? I could be mistaken, but I kinda thought this "was" resolved. Please someone clarify for me cuz I tried to look it up online quickly but couldn't find any details.

    I know this is gonna sound totally cruel, but I kinda hope Rafe ends up doing something that causes Ari to go unconscious, and then he becomes the one responsible for her ultimate death because of his insistence to defend Sami. After the way he treated his sister, I feel like he needs to have something like this on his head, AND, I think it would make his character a bit deeper, more complex, and more interesting. So, I only want this for the sake of his character being more interesting . . . not cuz that's the kind of person I am - lol! Don't want to continue to scare Ms. Toni Gail Brady any more than I already have ;-)

    Hmmmmmm, really curious about what Vic asked Nicole to do for him that involves Maggie! Monday's should be a great show . . . I hope!!!!!

    Have a super weekend everyone!

    Posted by little bear at Friday, October 22 2010 03:49 PM


    I have just read the spoilers for the coming month and i am not pleased!!

    It seems like we are back exactly where we were a year ago, Sami and EJ fighting one another and Nicole obsessed with Sydney.

    I do NOT want to see Nicole pursue a relationship with Syd, too confusing for the poor child and it's going backwards for Nicole, i thought she'd moved on from that and realised that she is not the little girl's mother.

    I want to see Nicole with a child of her own, one that she can raise from birth and that she can just enjoy and not worry about loosing

    It also says that EJ is going to blackmail Sami for custody of their kids and then has a proposition for Nicole, i do not want to see EJ and Sami fighting over their kids this is a repeat of 15 odd years of stories for Sami always having custody battles for Will

    I am interested to see Victor and Kate work together once she finds out that Victor has Vivian in the coffin, and i'm thrilled to have Jennifer back and a hopefully good ending to the Hope in prison story

    Still if the EJ/Sami/Nicole/Sydney/Johnny/Rafe story is the one in the forefront as it usually is then i think i am going to have to take a break from Days until the writers start using their heads again and stop recycling old stories over and over again

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