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    Break His Heart For A Box Of Popcorn.

    Monday, August 23 2010
    Rafe stops the wedding just in time, and somebody switches the paternity test.

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    Posted by 4everDaysFan at Monday, August 23 2010 04:51 PM

    Let the snoozefest begin. SAFE is sooooooo boring. Once again the writers are messing things up. If they even think of turning Sami into (what Rafe wants) a good girl, they’re crazier than I thought. Since the beginning she has been a feisty, manipulative, ornery, lying little schemer. And that’s what Sami fans have fell in love with. So with that said, her and Rafe put me to sleep. In fact, barf-barf, I am dreading the hard forced kissing bed scenes that are probably in the near future for SAFE….barf-barf!

    EJAMI fans…. On a positive note…. I’m hoping that maybe Rafe’s mysterious past will catch up with him and EJ will turn out to be the true hero that rescues Sami. Time will tell.

    So if Sami can’t have EJ, I’m voting for her to be alone for awhile so that her evil plotting self will come back full force!

    Posted by CGabriel510 at Monday, August 23 2010 05:54 PM

    In today's episode, She was singing the same tune, she has always sung to her daddy "I just want to be happy" I just want a family" HELLO, SAMANTHA, YOU HAD THAT WITH LUCAS, and you EFFED that up! (Yeah, I know Lucas was in Prison for attempted murder,and he did tell you to go on with your life), but he didn't mean to run to the rapist-killer that HE tried to kill)!! Can't you see he was trying to PROTECT you from a KILLER (DUUUUUUH), So you got "lonely" and ran to E- Jack ASS, (because you felt sorry for someone who RAPED you)? WAKE UP, HONEY, E-JACK @SS IS NOT the man for you. I guess you will soon see that!! What is this, her 3rd marriage?

    Posted by scarlett1939 at Monday, August 23 2010 06:14 PM

    The words EJ and "true hero" in the same sentence just do not compute for me!!! I'm just glad my "snoozing days of scenes between Mr. Smug and Sami are coming to an end (even if it may be just for a short while), at least I won't have to look at her pretending to have feelings for that smarmy creep, and her uncomfortable scenes with him. He is, IMO, one very cold-hearted man. The word "creepy" fits. IMO.

    On the other hand, her scenes with Rafe keep me wide awake!! Their chemistry is realistic and fun to watch. It's fun to watch Sami be feisty and stubborn, etc. but I've never enjoyed her past nastiness and scheming. She hurt a lot of people--I'd like to see her grow up and I think her relationship with Rafe may give her an opportunity to do so if the writers give it a chance and move forward with the storylines. If she had married Mr. Smug, all I can see her as is another Carmela Soprano. Talk about boring!!

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Monday, August 23 2010 10:14 PM

    Okay, so from the comments thus far, I gather that I'm rather alone in this opinion, but I have to say that today's episode was the "first" that actually made me interested in the Danloe s/l. I thought it was incredibly clever to pull every single related character into it and to leave us all wondering what on earth just happened? Finally, I'm curious as to how this will play out! @ Steph . . . I haven't liked her character since they brought her back on the show (as a race car driver - lol), but I have to say I really like the actress who plays her. I just wish they'd make her character more interesting, somehow.

    I really thought Sami looked gorgeous - esp her hair!!!! Loved the wedding . . . and all the disapproving looks that went along with it. Sami & EJ are just so "right" for each other. When Rafe came barging in at the end, I was kind of happy cuz I'm looking forward to Sami telling him off. As someone else posted, if he wanted her so badly, all he had to do was say so instead of constantly pushing her away. I hope she tells him off good and doesn't listen to a word he says. He had his chance, and he blew it. I absolutely love him with Nicole. IMO they are totally hot together and would make such a cute, sexy, fun couple with great storyline potential.

    A few things that still bug me with this s/l . . . how come no one (on the show) cares about Will being Stefano's new BFF, and yet no one can comprehend Sami loving and marrying the father of her 2 children???

    If keeping one's own child from its parent is a crime that requires jail time, how come Sami never went to jail for keeping Grace from EJ? In "soap" reality, I think it's perfectly logical that EJ would retaliate in the same manner by keeping Syd from Sami/Stefano/Nicole/Rafe - everyone who played him and made him look like a total fool. I just wish that EJ would have come clean with Sami from the beginning cuz that's the last "secret/lie" standing in their way. And just as he forgave her for what she did (even allowing Rafe to play "daddy" to his daughter - going so far as to name the girl after Rafe!!!! OMG - what man would stand for that???) . . . I'm sure Sami could forgive EJ. It wouldn't make sense if she didn't because what she did to EJ was equally horrible!!! Anyone remember when EJ actually saved Rafe from being murdered by Stefano??? You see??? He's not so bad after all ;-)

    Lexi is a DiMera, and she's okay. Sami will be too. She can hold her own. She's made A LOT of mistakes she regrets, and so has EJ. They are perfect for each other, and I can't wait to see their chemistry come alive again . . . assuming the writers don't screw it up!!!!

    Clarification - EJ didn't rape Sami . . . he made her an offer, and she accepted it. Also not sure if EJ ever killed anyone. I know Stefano has, but I don't recall EJ's character ever going through with a hit on someone. Sami DID rape Austin - no question about it whatsoever. And, I'm pretty sure she also tried to kill ppl in her past as well (don't recall if she ever tried, but I know she "wanted" to), so if it's fair to call EJ an evil/rapist/killer based on his past, then I think it's also fair to call Sami an evil rapist/killer based on her past as well ;-) Again, they are perfect for each other - both having darkness in their pasts and both struggling to move away from that and become better people. Both of them will always have that internal struggle going on inside - right vs. wrong - and that's what makes them interesting, complex characters!

    Plus, they're SOUL MATES - SANTO/COLLEEN!!!!!

    Posted by 25YRSOFDAYS at Monday, August 23 2010 10:17 PM

    I agree 100% with 4everDaysFan!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth and gave me something to look forward too!!! Also agree with MustComment and NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved how Ari was explaining the whole Sami/TrainWreck thing to EJ . . . totally cracked me up!!! EJ is the only guy who loves Sami for the trainwreck that she IS - lol!!!!

    I don't see EJ as being cold-hearted at all in terms of his love for his family, his children, and for Sami. He is someone who will do whatever it takes to keep his family together, so his stern phone calls to make sure things are "getting done" are to be expected. But when it comes to expressing his love, I don't find him cold or creepy in the least. When he was courting Sami the past few weeks, his words & gestures were melting my heart! I have never heard Rafe talk like that and express his feelings like that. IMO - Rafe towards Sami is cold & stiff, and I cannot stand their make-out sessions. I think he'd be dynamic in a relationship with someone like Hope . . . the writers just need to come up with that character, and they'll have another supercouple in no time!!! Or maybe Nicole could get with Rafe & turn good. I love their chemistry together.

    Enough rambling for one night (lol) . . . can't wait to see Sami blasting Rafe tomorrow! Hope it turns out good!!!!!!!

    G'night everyone!!!

    Posted by DaysGirl2010 at Tuesday, August 24 2010 09:26 AM

    New storyline please, put nicole with Rafe something together for the good salem. Pushing Sami back to EJ and more romance for both couples. Push off the blame on Stefeno!!!

    Posted by Sunnydaz at Wednesday, August 25 2010 08:34 AM

    For anyone who doesnt think it was rape go to youtube and look for the video part 1 of 3 and watch all three. He had a gun and if you see the look on her face it looks like someone that is a victim. Sometimes i think people forget what that horrible scene was all about. And believe me LUMI/SAFEs dont forget.

    Anyway on to more positive things. There's a party tomorrow in the SAFE thread on the message boards. EVeryone is invited, its a peaceful party, no bashing, just fun. Thurs, Aug 26th ~

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