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    Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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    Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

    Thursday, May 28 2015

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    Check for late-breaking Days of our Lives News.

    Days Rumor Mill: Updated April 28.

    Friday's Days of our Lives rant! "Chilling. The acting was superb."

    Week of May 25:

    Monday May 25:

    "Days of our Lives" is pre-empted today. Here's the Days pre-empt poll.

    Tuesday May 26:

    Days recap: Don't Get Your Knickers In A Knot.

    Ben confronts Abigail about he saw between her and Chad.

    Theresa realizes Kimberly has given her the perfect opportunity to come between Melanie and Brady.

    Rafe and Chad are both eager to get their hands on Will’s research on Clyde.

    Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

    Wednesday May 27:

    Days Recap: You'd Kill Her For It.

    Serena realizes Nicole may be in grave danger.

    Theresa gives Melanie a devastating ultimatum.

    Kimberly and Brady battle for Theresa and Tate’s future.

    Aiden starts to see Clyde in a new light.

    New! Read Days Stars: Where Are They Now? This week we've got Victor Alfieri, Trevor Donovan, Charles Shaughnessy and Brody Hutzler.

    Thursday May 28:

    Days Recap: Back To The Land Of Botox.

    Serena tries to warn Nicole she’s making a huge mistake!

    Brady rips into Theresa after he learns what she’s done.

    Adrienne and Lucas prepare to take their relationship public.

    Kate is livid when Victor forces her to work with someone unexpected.

    Friday May 29:

    Eve and JJ clash as they blame each other for Paige getting hurt.

    Week of June 1:

    Monday June 1:

    Brady is stunned by Melanie’s huge sacrifice.

    Eve and Jennifer get into a heated argument, which turns physical.

    Tuesday June 2:

    Eric uncovers an incriminating photo of Serena!

    Brady is forced to bid an emotional farewell to Melanie.

    (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Wednesday June 3:

    Things heat up between Abigail and Chad!

    Thanks to Parker, Daniel makes a surprising discovery.

    Thursday June 4:

    "Days of our Lives" will be pre-empted on Thursday, June 4.

    Friday June 5:

    "Days of our Lives" will be pre-empted on Friday, June 5.

    May Sweeps!

    Will’s next article about Clyde lands Will and his family firmly in Clyde’s cross-hairs.

    Kimberly and Brady are at odds.

    Justin’s return to Salem has ripple effects on Lucas and Adrienne’s burgeoning relationship.

    Nicole discovers her suspicions about Serena were correct as more information comes out. She works to save Eric from getting hurt.

    Hope and Rafe work to uncover dirt on Clyde. This causes issues between her and Aiden since Clyde's his client.

    Summer previews:

    Marlena and John work their way toward reuniting.

    Hope and Aiden enjoy romance.

    Rafe starts having feelings for Hope.

    Nicole finds that she's in danger when Xander catches on to what she's up to.

    Eric's angry when he learns the truth about what happened in Africa from Serena.

    Serena stumbles upon a secret about Nicole and Eric's encounter that could destroy Nic and Daniel's relationship.

    Chloe returns and has a really big issue with Nicole being around her son Parker.

    Stefano returns to Salem with a secret agenda and makes things hard on Chad.

    Ben asks Abby to move in with him. She hesitates because she's interested in Chad.

    Chad and Abby make love but afterward, Chad pushes her away.

    A darker side of Paige comes out and she plans on hurting Eve and JJ.

    JJ does his best to move on from Paige but when a new drug dealer in town is interested in Paige, JJ tries to keep her safe.

    Theresa move into the Kiraikis mansion with Tate. She tries to win Brady back.

    Thaao Penghlis' return is as Andre. Fans will see a face-off between Andre and John.

    Late August is when Dena Higley and Josh Griffith's writing begins to air.

    Header photo courtesy: (NBC Universal Inc.)

    - Christine Fix

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