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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Friday, October 31 2014

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Weigh in. Friday's Days Poll: Should Sami do a movie?

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Check out Friday October 24: Deconstructing DOOL "Guilt ran rampant throughout the town as Salemites mourned EJ’s death, the viewers mourned over the loss of what once was Jennifer’s wardrobe..."

Week of October 27:

Days of our Lives Spoilers from October 27 - 30 differ from the ones you see below.

This week's Days spoiler video for this week shows Kristen in bed with someone shocking!

Monday October 27:

Lucas and Sami share a warm moment as she makes plans for the future.

Thanks to Sami, Will is offered an opportunity of a lifetime.

Paige demands answers from Jill.

Chad kisses Jordan for the first time.

Tuesday October 28:

Read today's Days Recap: Slow and Easy.

Jennifer lashes out at Daniel – and ends their relationship for good!

Kristen drops a bomb on Brady.

Wednesday October 29:

Days Recap: The Cool Uncle.

John puts the screws to Theresa.

Kristen’s plan backfires in a major way, leaving Brady furious with her.

Sami shares a tearful goodbye with several family members.

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Thursday October 30:

Days Recap: I'll Be Back In A Flash.

Kristen and Daniel go at it...

Brady reels after learning his father lied.

Sonny’s heart breaks even as he encourages Will to follow his dream.

Sami bids an emotional farewell to her family as she and the kids leave Salem.

Alison Sweeney's last airdate is Thursday October 30. Read more about why Alison Sweeney is leaving Days of our Lives...

Friday October 31:

Days Recap: Pregnant!

Deconstructing DOOL "If we flash forward a few more days, we might see Eve and JJ in bed together. You know how things always happen when a couple is on a break. Ross and Rachel from “Friends” remember it well."

Days Recap: Spine-chilling.

Marlena is taken aback when she finds John and Theresa angrily blaming each other for the situation with Brady.

Eve blasts Kayla for defending Jack.

Brady’s shocking discovery leaves him hurt and angry.

Week of November 3:

Days of our Lives spoilers for November 3 - 7 differ from those you see below.

Monday November 3:

Bev stirs up major trouble for Paige and JJ.

Tuesday November 4:

Pushed to the edge, Kristen makes ominous plans regarding Theresa.

Wednesday November 5:

JJ commits a shocking act.

Thursday November 6:

Daniel and Nicole inch their way towards mending their friendship.

Friday November 7:

Abigail is surprised when she learns what Chad has done for her.

Daniel gets a hush-hush new patient.

Coming up:

Melissa Archer is joining Days of our Lives as Serena, a woman with ties to Salem. She'll first appear December 5.

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