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Days of our Lives spoilers

Friday, July 31 2015

Week of July 27:

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Monday July 27:

Days Promo: Ben's proposal to Abigail

Read today's Days recap: Serena pays Daniel a visit, armed with a recording.

Armed with an incriminating recording, Serena decides to get revenge!

A vulnerable Paige opens up to JJ.

Sonny is pleased when it seems Will is making an effort with Paul… but Will once again has an ulterior motive.

Tuesday July 28:

Days recap: Aiden's becoming suspicious of Clyde

Chad asks Will for a favor regarding Abigail.

Theresa and Anne plot to find Theresa an ally in the Kiriakis household.

Clyde fumes when he learns Aiden is asking questions about Ben’s past.

Serena drops a bomb on Daniel!

Wednesday July 29:

Daddy Warbucks and Theresa hire a nanny

Daniel gives an unaware Nicole a chance to come clean. Will she take it?

Theresa’s plans hit a major snag.

Will urges Abigail to hear Chad out, especially before she learns the identity of her baby’s father.

Clyde takes steps to ensure Abigail’s paternity test comes out the way he wants.

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Thursday July 30:

Daniel has a surprising response to Nicole's betrayal

Unable to keep his true feelings hidden any longer, Chad bares his soul to Abigail.

Nicole is completely stunned by Daniel’s reaction to her news.

Will helps Derrick make inroads with Paul.

JJ burns when he sees Paige and Kyle growing closer.

Friday July 31:

Read today's Days Recap: Ben proposes to Abby.

Deconstructing DOOL: Deconstructing DOOL: The worst proposal fetches the worst response

Will, Sonny, Paul, and Derrick’s night out ends in violence.

Chad tries to convince Abigail they should be together.

Clyde urges Ben to make a big move.

Hope and Aiden turn up the romance.

Week of August 3:

Monday August 3:

Nicole is shocked when Chloe returns to town for a major showdown.

Tuesday August 4:

JJ sneaks into Kyle’s apartment, hoping to find enough evidence to nail him.

Wednesday August 5:

Theresa uses the upheaval at the mansion to her benefit.

Thursday August 6:

Abigail has mixed emotions about the results of the paternity test.

Friday August 7:

Caroline has a major health crisis!

Kate begins to realize everyone’s warnings about Clyde may not be far off base.

Summer previews:

In a July interview SOD conducted with Ken Corday, the executive producer said this in regards to bringing back the dead: "From September 1 on, when someone dies, they are dead."

Find out which soap stars are returning to Days of our Lives this summer and fall for the 50th anniversary.

Steve returns with a runaway Joey.

Steve wants Kayla back.

Abby makes a choice between Chad and Ben.

Chad blacks out and finds himself in deep trouble when he can't recall the events of the previous evening.

Hope tells Steve about Bo's prolonged absence, giving Steve pause for concern.

Aiden proposes marriage to Hope.

Nicole finds roadblocks on the way to happiness with Daniel due to Eric, Serena and Chloe.

Marlena's worried when John makes a huge decision about his future.

Caroline's major health crisis brings Victor back into her orbit.

Nadia Bjorlin returns to Days of our Lives as Chloe returns to Salem. She has a really big issue with Nicole being around her son Parker.

Thaao Penghlis returns to Days of our Lives this September as Andre. Fans will see a face-off between Andre and John.

Late August is when Dena Higley and Josh Griffith's writing begins to air.

"Days" writer tweets a teaser!

Monday November 9:

The Salem Bicentennial celebration begins.

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